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How to buy weed online in Canada. Read on to find out the why, where, what and how of buying weed online.

First Off, What is Weed

Weed, (also commonly referred to as cannabis, marijuana, pot, herb, greens, and ganja) is one of the oldest and most popular drugs in the world. It has been used for centuries for its ever-expanding therapeutic benefits.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is known as a cannabinoid and is the main ingredient in weed that is responsible for causing the euphoric sensations normally associated with marijuana use. THC works in unison with other cannabinoids and other therapeutic compounds to provide users with a nice balance of effects such as increases in happiness, relaxation, euphoria, sedation, creativity, and overall well-being.

With the legalization of marijuana in full effect, the cannabis Canada community is growing at a rapid pace. This means more supply of weed, increased quality of products, lower prices and more weed shops to choose from. The good news is, the search is over. is gaining a reputation for being the best online dispensary in Canada, and for good reason. 


Why Buy Weed Online at Daily Marijuana


Image 1 is a BC based weed shop and is one of the fastest growing online cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Having been in the Canada cannabis industry for over 25 years we have formed strong relationships with top cannabis farmers and producers, who all have a similar goal of providing the best quality weed products to all of Canada. There are countless reasons to choose Daily Marijuana as your go to online weed store, and below we have outlined the 10 best reasons to buy weed online at Daily Marijuana:

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At Daily Marijuana, we have worked hard to bring our customers a wholesale pricing structure when you buy weed online with us. We understand that means less profits for us, but it also means more savings for customers, and that is what is important. Come check out our great prices on premium AAAA weed and AAA weed or for those looking to save, we have budget buds as low as $99 per oz regular retail price. Not online that, our great prices can be found on all our other cannabis related products, as well as our magic mushroom stock.

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You might Yes you heard us correctly, 15% off already wholesale be asking yourself, “what could be better than wholesale weed prices?” Well, the answer is more savings by way of additional deals and promotions. For example, all first orders receive 15% off instantly! Yes you heard us correctly, 15% off already wholesale, 15% off already wholesale pricing for all new members. This is a great start in why it is such a good idea to buy weed online at

In addition, we offer a new special deal every week. Some of our most popular event specials include $89 oz weed deals (no need to check your eyes, you read right), and special mystery boxes filled with a variety of ganja 

Also, there are always items on sale and new items are always being discounted, so check in often so you don’t miss out.Sale items can be up to 50-75% off at times. It is our goal to keep all items fresh, so some-times, we have to take a hit to our pocketbook to make this happen.

One of our most popular promotions is our Mix & Match weed.Basically, we offer the opportunity for our customers to pick a variety of different weed strains and save while doing so. This means that customers can have a larger amount of weed and not have to just settle for one type. Our mix and match deals start at just ¼ pound of weed.

Have a friend? Well then refer them to us and receive $20 store credit after the friend has made their first order. On top of that, your friend will get a $20 store credit as well. Not to mention the 15% off for being a new member. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Lastly, all orders of over $100 will receive free express shipping. 

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When you buy weed online, great prices and generous deals mean very little if the quality of product is not up to standards. Luckily for you, the Daily Marijuana team has spent decades sifting through cannabis farmers and producers of related weed products, and we have narrowed down the best of the best to work with. We have built up strong relationships with craft weed farmers who love what they do, and take pride in providing the best quality and service. We have high standards when vetting who we work with and this translates into higher quality cannabis products for all weed enthusiasts.

As with our growers and producers, all products are put through intense testing to ensure no harmful contaminants are present, and to ensure all products exceed industry standard guidelines. Make sure when you buy weed online, you know the weed store takes quality control seriously.

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Just for a little buy weed online update. We have low prices (check), excellent deals (check), premium quality (check). Now what about product selection? The good news is that when you buy weed online for cannabis dispensaries like Daily Marijuana, the selection cannot be matched.

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AAAA Weed to Budget Buds    

We carry a massive variety of cannabis related products such as top shelf weed that includes some of the most popular indica flower, sativa strains, and hybrid weed in Canada. We also offer a wide range of quality marijuana from premium AAAA weed, to budget buds. But not to worry, the budget buds are cheap weed in price, but not in quality. Budgetbuds are more like value buds, all things taken into consideration. Not only that, we offer bulk weed pricing when making larger orders. That means wholesale weed pricing added to already great weed prices. And as previously mentioned, we offer a chance for our customers to enjoy a variety of weed strains with our Mix & Match.

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Weed Concentrates    

For those wanting to try something different and more potent, cannabis concentrates are very popular in Canada. Some of the most popular weed concentrates we carry include budder, hash, kief, live resin, shatter, THC capsules, THC distillate, THC oil, and THC phoenix tears. We even have THC topicals, such as THC cream, that is meant for external application to the body.

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Weed Vapes    

For weed vape enthusiasts out there, we carry a large selection of weed vape products. We carry weed pens, thc cartridge refills, and THC E-juice. With vaping becoming ever so popular in Canada, we have made sure to provide them with a wide selection to choose from.

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Weed Edibles    

For non smoking options, or for cannabis users with a sweet tooth, there are weed edibles such as THC baked goods, THC syrup, THC drinks, THC chocolate, THC gummies, and THC tinctures. We even carry vegan and gluten free weed products for all you health nuts.

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For those who do not wish to get high, or for those who want something to supplement their THC products, there are CBD products. We carry a large selection of CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD cream, CBD edibles, CBD phoenix tears, CBD Gummies, CBD vapes, CBD isolate (full spectrum CBD oil). We even have CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for Cats.

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Magic Mushrooms   

For a more psychedelic and out of this world experience, we also have magic mushroom products for sale. We offer a variety of dried shrooms, shroom chocolates and gummies, and shroom teas. Or for a more controlled medical approach, microdosing mushroom pills are a more ideal option. 


Vendors / Brands

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As previously mentioned, our team has been working in the cannabis Canada industry for over 25 years. We have gone through many ups, as well as many downs, but we have persevered and continue to strive to become the best online weed dispensary in Canada. During our time, we have spent many years working with and vetting the top cannabis farmers in BC. After quite some time, we have amassed a group of some of the best craft weed growers in British Columbia.

Same goes for our staff. When we hire we look for experience, personality and a genuine love and appreciation for the weed industry. Each member of our team is very friendly, knowledgeable, and are always ready and willing to provide any assistance needed. However, we understand there is always room to grow, and there are always new and exciting things to learn, and we are committed to continuing to learn and grow with our customers.

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Maybe the most important goal for us is to make sure that any time a customer chooses to buy weed online at Daily Marijuana, they have a positive experience. We are in the weed business to help enhance Canadian lives. In our eyes, the happier we can make a customer, the greater the chance our weed products will provide the therapeutic benefits desired. At any time should there be any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Daily Marijuana. All team members are very friendly and are here to make sure all needs are fulfilled.

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Now comes the tricky part. Is buying weed online safe, and can it be trusted? A good thing to look for when choosing an online weed store is by far the reviews. There is no better confirmation than reading what others who have gone through the experience have to say. At DailyMarijuana, we make sure all transactions are safe, and that all personal information stays secure. Protecting customer information is just as important for us as it is our customers. The best way to know for yourself is to just make an order. There’s not much to lose.

Reddit and Weedmaps is another great source for reviews. Or for more information on what existing customers think, you can view ratings on each product page, or visit our reviews page to see what people are saying as a whole. There are currently thousands of 5* reviews, so it can be safe to expect a great experience. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Melanie G. Toronto, Ontario

“I’ve been buying my medical marijuana for over a year now, and the Daily Marijuana team has changed my life. I don’t make a lot of money, and i used to buy weed that was very low quality because that’s what I could only afford. But this company has given me such great deals and such good quality products. Only had 1 issue in 12 orders so far and they fixed the problem so quickly! Also, I’m a huge fan of the $89 oz specials and they have given me free gifts out of nowhere sometimes because I order with them a lot. Ever since I made them my go-to online weed store, I don’t have to ever worry about my finances when it comes to weed. Thank you Daily Marijuana team!

Joshua O. Sussex, NB

“I live in a remote town in NB and there is not a single marijuana dispensary within a 3 hour drive of where I am. I’m so lucky I found out that I can buy weed online so easily. I wasn’t sure if anyone would deliver to where I am, but Dailymarijuana does and they sent my order so fast. I loved all the weed strains I bought, and I like that I got to choose different strains with their mix and match weed. 15% off, free shipping and a free pack of gummies! I’m sold! Can’t wait until I get my next paycheck so I can make my next order. My goal is to try all your strains LOL.

Quinton P. Vancouver, BC

“Got me some gas mask, death bubba, wedding cake, gorilla glue, trainwreck and red congo. On top of that I had about $100 in savings that I spent on my last girlfriend who is now my ex. Should have just bought more weed =). But seriously, these guys are legit. They know what they are talking about and I really believe they care about fulfilling my needs (unlike said ex girlfriend). You guys get 5 stars, two thumbs up and my business for the future. :

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We want to take the time to make it known that when you buy weed online with us, we guarantee delivery.  If something were to go wrong with the delivery, contact support and we will help solve the issue. It must be understood that we will do whatever it is in our power to do, but sometimes certain issues are out of our control.  In addition, all orders are sent via Canada Express Post, and shipped in discreet packaging. This will help keep nosy neighbors out of your business.

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Now that we know to buy weed online at DailyMarijuana is a great option for a mail order marijuana site, it should be known you can order weed from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, all that is needed is a few clicks at your computer or phone. Then we receive the order and ship your order to anywhere in Canada of your choosing. This includes right to your door. What’s not to love about purchasing and receiving cannabis without having to leave home? 

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At, we are constantly staying up to date on the latest news and information in the cannabis Canada industry. The weed industry has been going through a lot of changes in the past few years, and we feel it is important to keep our customers up to date. In addition, we make it a goal to ensure that all visitors to our website are provided with all the relevant information needed to make the most informed decisions possible. If at any time there is any information that cannot be found on our site, our knowledgeable staff are always waiting to provide assistance.

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For more information please visit our Education section, where you can find a plethora of resources relating to:Weed, Cannabis Concentrates, Weed Edibles, Weed Vapes and CBD. Our news section is updated regularly, so be sure to check back in from time to time to see what’s new in the marijuana Canada community.

How to Buy Weed Online at

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For a more detailed breakdown of how to buy weed online at Daily Marijuana, visit our FAQ/How To Order Weed Online Page

Who Can Buy Weed Online at Daily Marijuana?

Anyone of legal age in Canada can buy weed online at Daily Marijuana. As of October 19, 2018, cannabis was made legal for both medical and recreational purposes. The following year, cannabis concentrates and weed edibles were added to the list of weed related products that were legalized. It is important to note that the legal age to possess and consume cannabis is different from Province/Territory to Province/Territory. It is therefore important to know the local laws and regulations regarding cannabis.

We currently ship to anywhere in Canada. For more information regarding the purchase of online weed for your particular Province or City, please visit our Online Dispensary Canada Page.