Edibles 101

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

Welcome to our guide on “How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?” [...]

What are Weed Cookies?

Weed cookies, also known as marijuana edibles, are a popular form of consuming cannabis. Unlike [...]

What Is Cannalean (aka THC Syrup)?

THC syrup is a sweet and viscous liquid comprising sweeteners, vegetable glycerin, and some cannabis [...]

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

Many people would rather consume marijuana in edible form than other consumption methods. That’s because [...]

What are Weed Gummies?

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How to Make Cannabis Oil Tinctures 

Nowadays, homemade cannabis oil tinctures are among the most popular DIY marijuana concentrates on the [...]

How To Make Cannabis-Infused Truffles?

  A delectable chocolate truffle can be a treat to remember, even more if it’s [...]

Easy Way To Make Cannabis Candy At Home

There are a majority of ways that one can consume cannabis. However, choosing the best [...]

How To Make The Best Vegan Cannabis Infused Gummies?

Gummies are an incredibly delicious way of dosing on cannabis. While the rich flavours effortlessly [...]

Weed Edible Dosage

Weed edibles are widely known as a safe, effective, and potent way to consume Cannabis. [...]

What are the Effects of THC Edibles, and How Much Edibles Should I Take?

Effects of Edibles Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity. These Cannabis-based products are available in [...]

How To Make Weed Edibles: Baking With Cannabis

Any pot lover knows that there are many ways to consume the plant. Cannabis edibles [...]

How To Make Weed Brownies In A Jiffy

Everyone from children to adults loves brownies. These classic desserts are full of rich, delicious [...]

How Long Can You Store Cannabis Edibles?

You should enjoy weed edibles when they’re new because these products have a short shelf-life. [...]

How Long Do Weed Edibles Last?

The edible cannabis category includes any food or beverage product that contains THC or CBD. THC [...]

An Ultimate Guide For Choosing Weed Gummies

There are different cannabis-infused products available in the market today. What one chooses to use [...]

What are the Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles?

Since eating cannabis has become increasingly popular over recent years, let’s cover the types of edibles [...]

What Are Edibles?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar What are edibles anyway? If you’re talking about marijuana, [...]

So What Happens When You Eat Weed?

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar Smoking, vaping, capsules, tinctures, and edibles are the most [...]

How To Make THC Weed Butter

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How To Make Weed Cookies Step By Step

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How To Make THC Weed Gummies

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How to Make Cannabis Coffee

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Shroom Gummies: The Future of Edible Magic Mushrooms

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A Guide on How to Make Weed Syrup

You might not have realized that it is easy to make your own marijuana syrup. [...]

Marijuana Edibles: How to Dose and Ingest Properly

One of the many ways to consume marijuana is via edibles. This is a popular [...]