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Get massive savings and excellent value when you buy THC weed edibles online in Canada at Daily Marijuana. 20% off first orders, rewards points, and complimentary gifts await! Experience the fine taste and potency of our top-grade cannabis edibles.

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Updated February 17, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 17, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Why Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

Are you looking to try some of the most potent and tasty cannabis edibles in Canada? Then join DailyMarijuana’s Canadian edible community because we got you covered. At Daily Marijuana, we cater to all customers, small and large, new or experienced. Whether it’s your first time eating an edible or your hundredth, our online dispensary has the perfect mouth-watering infused treats for you. Don’t wait any longer to experience these potent treats! Take advantage of our value pricing and buy THC weed edibles online and save big. Get 20% off your first orders and exciting gifts while supplies last! 

On top of our incredible deals and high-quality edibles, we offer a chance to mix and match your favourite marijuana edibles brands so that you can experience a wider variety of our top products. Also, all pot edibles are lab-tested to ensure quality and potency. This way, you can have faith that what you’re buying is what you’re expecting. At Daily Marijuana, we offer our valued members access to a wide range of cannabis edibles such as weed gummies, THC chocolate, pot cookies, and so much more! 

Cannabis edibles are perfect for those who are looking for a non-smoking alternative for taking cannabis. They are ideal for pot users who have a sweet tooth, too. (Though there are plenty of savoury edibles out there for those who are interested.) Weed edibles are any food item infused with THC. With marijuana legalization in effect, weed edibles are quickly becoming a mainstay in the cannabis Canada community.

The Daily Marijuana team takes pride in offering some of the freshest, tastiest, and most potent weed edibles in Canada. We also provide a wide variety of products, including THC gummies, cannabis chocolate, baked goods, cannabis drinks, syrups, jams, THC tinctures, and even vegan and gluten-free items. 

We carefully vet our weed edibles producers to ensure they exceed the high-quality standards our company has set. What remains is a group of experienced and talented individuals who put in the effort and care it takes to make a quality edible product. We ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used and offer our edibles at bargain prices. We hope these savings provide our customers with as much value as possible. So take advantage of one of our many great deals on our cannabis edibles. Just sit back and enjoy all the fantastic benefits that lie ahead.


Massive Menu of Premium-Made Cannabis Edibles

The Daily Marijuana weed edible menus consist of finely crafted products made from the best recipes. Each of our cannabis edibles comes from the highest-rated and most trusted brands in Canada. You can find a massive selection of top-grade THC edibles categories such as weed gummies, chocolates, baked goods, drinks, and syrups. We even have a wide selection of THC capsules and tinctures that offer a more medical approach to taking cannabis edibles.

Our marijuana edible suppliers extensively test their products, and we conduct our independent tests to determine the quality meets our high standards. Also, our state-of-the-art facilities are customized to provide the ideal conditions for storing cannabis edibles. We take the necessary steps to ensure that our THC weed edibles remain just as fresh as the time of arrival. 


Outstanding Deals on Our THC Edible Products

Be sure to check to see if any of our cannabis edibles are on sale before making any orders. You can do this by visiting our promotions page, as we hold weekly deals that offer remarkable savings. If you sign up with our site, you will be notified via email whenever a new deal hits our online dispensary. 

If this is your first time purchasing weed edibles with us, then we have great news for you. All first orders receive 20% off as a welcome to new members. Also, all orders earn rewards points that you can redeem for savings on future purchases. 

Furthermore, you will get nationwide free shipping when spending over $100. You can also unlock complimentary gifts by paying over a certain amount ($250 or $350). Lastly, we will price match any of our brand-named edible products if you happen to find a lower price elsewhere. 

Our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. So browse through our shop and see if anything catches your eye. We want you to buy THC weed edibles online in Canada with confidence when shopping with our marijuana shop. Continue reading if you would like to learn more about THC weed edibles.


What are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles (aka cannabis edibles) are food and beverages containing decarboxylated cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. THC and other therapeutic compounds are extracted from marijuana flowers and are added to the food item itself. Cannabis-infused food and drinks are a popular choice for people not wishing to inhale any carcinogenic chemicals into their lungs. This lower level of material will help keep your lungs nice and clean, not having to smoke weed. 

Weed edibles are unique due to their substantial potencies and long-lasting highs. Edibles have relatively high THC percentages, with effects that span all across the body. You must keep in mind with weed edibles, though, that they take some time to kick in. So, be patient before trying to eat more of your tasty infused snack. 

Why Use THC?
Reasons Why People Take THC Weed Edibles

THC weed edibles in Canada are becoming more widely accepted with each passing day. This support is due to the countless benefits that cannabis provides to millions of Canadians across our Country. With marijuana legalization in Canada in full effect, cannabis edibles are gaining popularity, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of this edible form of cannabis.  

The main advantage of cannabis edibles is that you don’t need to smoke anything. This lack of inhalation means cleaner and healthier lungs and a more convenient way of consumption. Edibles are a fantastic option for those who cannot smoke or simply don’t want to. Not to mention, they don’t smell or taste like typical flowers, hiding the plant-like profile that can be unappealing for so many.

Another advantage is that weed edibles don’t smell like marijuana, so that you can take them stealthily. An additional benefit of THC edibles in Canada is that they are very potent, and fewer edibles are needed to reach the desired effects. Furthermore, marijuana edibles take longer to metabolize so that you will feel the impact for a longer duration.

Weed Edible Characteristics

Weed edibles look precisely like everyday foods and beverages. They are food infused with THC and CBD, among other cannabinoids. While you can infuse practically any food or drink with cannabis, some foods work better with THC than others. People commonly prefer THC gummies, chocolates, and baked goods due to their fatty composition. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning they break down best when paired with fats; thus, foods or drinks without fats make it a bit more challenging to infuse properly. The Edibles Canada community is multiplying because of delicious products like these.

THC cannabis edibles will be much more potent than typical cannabis flowers, but they won’t be as powerful as concentrates. Edibles land somewhere in the middle. The highs that edibles bring are incredibly long-lasting– some of the most long-lasting highs that cannabis forms bring. Even as these products bake and lose some potency, edibles stay some of the most potent on the market. 

Weed edibles can be even more powerful if taken in larger quantities. This can potentially cause side effects, so it is essential to start slow and work upwards over time. Wait at least one hour before consuming more; it typically takes between 60-90 minutes for full edible effects to kick in. Also, the end effects will depend on how much THC is in the food item. Another challenge is that sometimes THC is hard to portion out evenly when making weed edibles.  We highly recommend taking small doses and wait awhile before the next. This suggestion is especially valid for homemade THC weed edibles. However, if you buy THC weed edibles online in Canada from a trusted marijuana shop like Daily Marjijauna, you can be more confident the doses will be much more accurate.

Difference Between THC Edibles and Ordinary Bud?

The main difference between weed edibles and marijuana flowers is that you can smoke regular weed strain buds while weed edibles you eat. The different forms of ingestion result in different ways the cannabinoids interact with receptors in the body. Often, cannabis edibles cause more of a body high, and effects will last much longer than a typical flower. Another difference is that weed edibles don’t possess the aromas and flavours generally associated with marijuana buds so that you won’t pick up on the cannabis flavours nearly as much. This tastiness is excellent for those who don’t particularly enjoy the taste of herbs

How to Take Cannabis Edibles?

You should not eat THC edibles like everyday food items. However, while you might eat a full regular candy bar, you should only take a bite or two of your cannabis edibles, depending on the THC levels. Also, make sure to give plenty of time between doses when taking weed edibles; this will allow the effects to hit you fully. As previously mentioned, THC metabolizes more slowly when ingesting it and will take longer to leave your system.

How to Make Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabinoids need to be extracted from a cannabis plant and put through a process that decarboxylates the cannabinoids to activate them. Once activated, the THC can be heated and then mixed into any food or drink item to make a weed edible. 

For a more detailed breakdown on how to make weed edibles, you can visit the Daily Marijuana Weed Edibles Guide


Are Marijuana Edibles Legal in Canada?

As of October 17, 2019, weed edibles are legal in Canada. There are strict regulations on marijuana edibles. Currently, it is legal to buy weed online or at a licensed cannabis shop like Daily Marijuana. With legalization, thankfully, there is no more getting your weed edibles from shady dealers. Now you can be sure you are buying the best and freshest cannabis edibles in Canada.


Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?

Unfortunately, cannabis edibles do pose a bit more of a risk than other forms of marijuana. The danger of cannabis edibles is that they look exactly like typical food and drink items, and unsuspecting individuals can consume them mistakenly because of their innocuous appearance. This risk makes such items as THC gummies and pot cookies a hazard for children and pets. Therefore, any marijuana edibles must be clearly labelled and placed in a childproof container locked away somewhere safe.  

Also, weed edibles affect the body differently than smoked cannabis products. The highs can often be unpredictable and do pack quite a punch. Therefore, it is essential to consume weed edibles in a safe place and when driving is not required. Also, remind yourself that these edible highs will likely last all day long, so make sure you have plenty of free time to enjoy this full-body relaxation. THC edibles are legal in Canada, but there are still laws governing their possession and use. It is always a good idea to date on the latest regulations governing your local edible Canada community. 


Different Types of THC Edibles in Canada

Some of Canada’s most popular weed edibles include THC gummies, weed cookies, cannabis chocolates, caramels, and hard candies. Those items are for those with a sweet tooth; however, THC can be infused into virtually any food item imaginable. Some food items work much better with THC than others, but you can find practically any edible you can think of on our online dispensary shelves.

Here are some of the most popular weed edibles in Canada:

THC Gummies

Weed gummies are any gummy candies infused with cannabinoids. THC cannabis gummies are a psychoactive version of these tasty treats. Marijuana gummies are perhaps the most popular among the weed edibles in Canada because of their ability to break down in the body efficiently. Not to mention, these types of treats are super tasty and easy to consume for users of all experience levels.

Cannabis Chocolate

Marijuana chocolates are similar to weed gummies in that they are just regular chocolate mixed with THC. Weed chocolate is known to be some of the richest and creamiest cocoa confections in Canada, and it is ideal for those stoners with quite a sweet tooth

Baked Marijuana Edibles

The weed edible Canada community is home to a wide variety of baked cannabis goods. If you’ve ever seen a stoner movie, you have probably seen a pot brownie or weed cookie. Baked marijuana edibles are some of the first-ever infused confections, and they stay as one of the most popular. Baked edibles have been around for ages and have firmly entrenched themselves into Canadian cannabis culture. 

Weed Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are similar to cannabis oils, except that weed tinctures are meant to be ingested orally and not smoked. You can technically classify all THC tinctures as weed oil, but not all weed oils are tinctures. The main difference between the two is the extraction process and the solvents used. 


Where Can I Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada?

The best place to buy edibles online in Canada is Daily Marijuana, the best online weed dispensary in Canada. We carry top-name weed edible brands in Canada, such as Twisted Extracts and Ganja Edibles. We regularly restock shelves to ensure only the freshest cannabis edibles are ready for sale. All our cannabis edibles are lab-tested to ensure only the newest and most potent THC edibles reach your hands. With us, you never have to worry about low-quality products or mislabeled cannabinoid percentages. So, join the DailyMarijuana community and get updates on the latest products and news. Save 15% on first order and qualify for gifts. Make your order and receive free express shipping throughout Canada.


Marijuana Edible Alternatives

Other ways to eat weed include THC oils and tinctures. Oils and tinctures are easy to consume, and, when taken sublingually, effects will kick in quicker and more powerfully. If you’re okay with smoking cannabis, regular marijuana flowers or cannabis concentrates such as budder, shatter, live resin, THC distillate, and hash are great options. 

Of course, you can even get cannabis products that will not get you high. These items are known as CBD products, and they’re available in edible, flower, tincture, and topical form. Or, for a more intense and psychedelic experience, you can try shrooms or DMT products. Whatever you choose, make sure you order from a trusted dispensary such as Daily Marijuana. You want to be sure you are getting only the best quality and service.


For a more detailed breakdown of all things cannabis edibles, you can visit the Daily Marijuana Weed Edibles Guide.



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