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Shrooms is one of the alternative names for the magic mushrooms with either the psychedelics or psilocybin effects. Buckle your seats because the class is going to be wild but a safe psychedelic trip.

Magic mushrooms are popular illegal recreational substances in many countries. The plant is one of the easiest to get your hands on, and the youth mostly use it for spiritual uplifting. Shrooms have a long history of use as many cultures across the globe used it by ingesting to get into a trance in the hope that they will start communicating with the gods.

With more than 200 different mushrooms that can make you tipsy, more than half are friendlier and contain the psilocybin while the other group contains amantin. This very poisonous chemical can lead to fatalities. The more potent mushrooms have red and white spots and have the highest euphoria, dizziness, and nausea. The most likely mushroom you will consume to get high is one with psilocybin.

This Shrooms guide offers you an opportunity to know more about the magic mushrooms, their varieties, best strains, medicinal and side effects, and the magic shroom dosages.

First Off, What are Shrooms? what are shrooms

You have heard of many stories about mushrooms. Has the question of “what are shrooms?” ever crossed your mind? Shrooms are what you may also refer to as the magic mushrooms. Their name suggests that they contain Psilocibin- a psychedelic compound present in some mushrooms. Some consumers want to experience the mushroom’s magic by eating them dry due to increased potency.

Psychedelic mushrooms alter your state of mind for at least six hours in a dream-like state while hallucinogenic mushrooms with Psilocibin give you both negative and positive feelings that interchange so fast. Psilocybin is also associated with mystic feelings and peak experiences, which may be helpful in medical fields.

Shrooms also have a safety record because, in as much as they contain hallucinogens, they have a relatively low physiological toxicity and with no record of organ damage or damage to the human neurological functions. The guide is not an endorsement to the acquisition or use of illegal drugs. However, if you choose using magic shrooms, understand its usefulness and effects, so you do not derail it.

Brief History of Psychedelic Mushrooms history of shrooms

The belief that magic mushroom has been in use since 9000BC in the Northern parts of Africa. In Central America, some of this evidence is left in statues, Aztec and Mayan ruins. In Aztec, they called it teonanacatl directly translating to the “flesh of the gods,” which many believed to be the magical mushrooms. Other names synonymous with the Psilocybe are the morning glory seeds, peyote, and any other naturally occurring psychotropic. The shroomwas used to introduce a trance that leads to visions and possible communication with the gods. Some catholic priests documented the use of these psychotropic substances in the 16th century.

In the Western hemisphere, they started consuming the magic mushrooms in the late 1950s. Some researchers were witnesses and participants in these rituals in 1955 conducted by a shaman of the tribes. Albert Hoffman, the scholar behind the Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), in an experiment, isolated through extraction psilocin and psilocybin from the mushroom. In this generation, the magical fungi are gaining general acceptance in many cultures, with some consumers taking on microdosing that involves taking in small amounts of psilocybe and psylocybin in the form of dried mushrooms. The low dose does not take you on a full magical mushroom trip and instead boosts your mood and creativity, thus making you more productive and less anxious.

In the 1970s, there was a ban on psilocybin, and its use was to be on medical research. Until recently, in October 2018, the Food and Drug Administration granted permission to analyze mushrooms as a possible cure to manage depression as more studies are underway. Shroom consumers who want to experience the magical plant’s medicinal value are scouring shrooms online shops in the hope of finding happiness in the magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms Canada: An Origin Story

Let us start this section with a warning. Before you go looking for magic mushrooms Canada, please buy a shroom that you are certain of its edibility or potential dangers to humans. The best approach when in such a situation, deal with mushroom experts to guide you. Be extra vigilant when consuming wild mushrooms.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms came into the attention of British Columbia in 1957. In 1974, psilocybin was an illegal product and added as part of the Food and Drug Act. Possession of magic mushroom Ontario led to two convictions within the first year, the following year possession of magic mushrooms BC led to two convictions and three in Alberta. The increasing number as the years move to the present, indicates the popularity of magic mushrooms across the country.

Despite the increasing popularity, they do no longer seem to create legal and social issues as it was in the initial years. The wild psilocybin appears to have been replaced by the Psilocybe, which has taken advantage of the legal regulations and is readily available to individuals. The earlier problems that were at one point led to the restriction, selling and distribution of magic mushrooms are no longer significant.

However, these laws do penalize dried or fresh mushrooms, but you can buy mushroom growing kits and spores. You can purchase the spores and growing kits to grow your magic shrooms at home. The only problem is that the law starts catching up with you when mycelium starts to form.

Growing Mushrooms at Home growing magic mushrooms

Grow your own mushrooms at home once you acquire the growing kits because that is all you need. The kits usually carry the spores in the water substrate where they can sprout. At this point, the spore syringe does not have any traces of psilocybin until when the mycelium starts to show. The growth of mycelium is the beginning of your entry into the illegal territory. The vegetative part (mycelium) acts as a food reserve that helps in the development of the whole plant. 

The shrooms Canada community has been trying to fight the 1971 Vienna convention on psychotropic substances designed to regulate psychoactive drugs. Many jurisdictions, including Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that limits you to buy magic mushrooms online, are fighting to uphold the convention. There is a loophole in the Vienna law because psilocybin is a drug not mentioned anywhere in the act, nor are the words mushroom or shroom, which opens more debates across different Canadian provinces.

buy magic mushrooms

Dispensaries are Open despite the Existing Legal Status

You canbuy magic mushrooms Canada from some dispensaries after city officials in Vancouver quashed several attempts by concerned citizens about the sale of psychedelic mushrooms. The rejection went against the illegal status of the drug in Canada. In May 2019, Shrooms online Canada started opening more dispensaries. It becomes possible to get magic mushrooms Toronto, Ontario, BC, Oakland, etc.

After the decriminalization of the possession, non-commercial distribution, and cultivation of mushrooms with psilocybin compounds, following these events, it was now possible to buy magic mushrooms online Canada for medicinal reasons.

What is Psilocybin? What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is one example of a psychedelic substance that has been in use for centuries to induce spiritual awakening in religious ceremonies and cultures worldwide. Psylocybin occurs naturally in some mushrooms that go by many names like shrooms, Magic mushrooms, boomers, purple passion, and little smoke.

Psilocybin mushrooms are found in both the tropics and sub-tropical regions of Mexico, the United States, and South America. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), these particular mushrooms describe them as mushrooms with long, thin light-coloured or white stems with dark ridge grills on the lower side of the caps. The caps are usually dark brown on the sides with a tinge of light brown or whites on the centers. The magic mushrooms are sold as either fresh or in dry form. When dry, they take a rusty colour with white patches. You can consume them as food additives, brew; make a beverage to mask their bitter taste.

Due to the hallucinogenic nature of psylocybin mushrooms, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Classifies it under a Schedule I substance and thus marked illegal. The DEA states that the psilocybin mushroom is consumed as a recreational drug by the youth and is common in the club scenes and campuses. Dose and the effects vary depending on the type of mushroom, the method of consumption, and the individual tolerance levels. Despite all the information we have on psilocybin, it is indeed a challenge to know the concentration in a mushroom.

What Happens After the Magic Mushroom Trip? Magic Mushroom Trip

In about 20 minutes of ingestion of psilocybin mushroom, you will start to feel the effects for the next four to six hours. Psilocybine works on the human frontal cortex, where moods and perceptions get instructions. Your brain uses the same place for abstract thoughts. The serotonin levels get affected, and the feelings of pleasure will either be exaggerated or suppressed.

The impact on serotonin may cause feelings of detachment and hearing sounds and seeing colours within your surroundings. You may be one of those consumers who liken the trip to an out of the body experience.

Different Types of Magic Mushroom Different Types of Magic Mushroom

With more than 180 types of magic mushrooms, each one carries distinct levels of potency, with some having several times higher than others have. These mushrooms grow in different habitats all over the world. The mushrooms have different active ingredients that may include psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin. You need to know the different potency levels and which ones are fit for human consumption. When looking at the potency of the magic mushrooms, you must analyze the three ingredients.

Baeocystin is a philocybin derivative, and philocin is the psychoactive metabolite of psilocybin. When you consume the psilocibyn, it converts to psilocin that will give you the psychedelic effect. Baeocystin behaves the same way as psilocin. Adding all the three compounds, you find in a shroom will give the level of psychedelic potency.

One way of knowing whether a magic mushroom has psilocybin is by looking if its bruises have a bluish colour with a spore print with a brownish-purple to rusty-brown colour. If it does, then you have a mushroom with psilocin. Blue with an almost blackish bruise with spores having a purple-brown to rusty brown tinge, you certainly have a psilocin shroom.

Now that you have an idea of how to differentiate, the magic mushrooms here are brief descriptions of some.

1. Psilocybe Azurescens (Flying Saucer) Mushroom Psilocybe Azurescens (Flying Saucer) Mushroom

The psilocybe Azurescens is a mushroom with the most potent ingredient found in woodlands and sandy soils that have dune grass growth. The fungus has a brown or caramel with a conic shape covered by a thin skin separable from the cap. When bruised, it turns to dark blue to an almost black shape. The spores have a purple-brown to purple-black colour.

2. Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Caps) Psilocybe Cubensis

The most popular mushroom you will find in almost all online dispensaries. It survives different seasons, and they grow on top of cattle poop, elephants, and horses dung or in an environment with a particular kind of manure. The cap takes a bell shape before turning into a convex shape as it grows. When still young, it takes on reddish cinnamon brownish before taking the golden brown to yellow to an almost white colour as its ages. The umbo (center part) remains with a dark cinnamon brown colour. Psilocybe Cubensis has an original purplish-brown spore print.

3. Psilocybe Cyanescens (Wavy Caps) Psilocybe Cyanescens (Wavy Caps)

You will find this type of mushroom growing on top of rotten wood and sawdust. Common on lawns, rose gardens, and paths during fall as winter sets in. The cap has a wavy structure assuming the chestnut brown, yellowish colour when young and as it ages takes the caramel tinge and eventually dark yellow when drying. Some Psilocybe Cyanescens have a pellicle that can separate from the plant. The spore is dark purple.

4. Psilocybe Tampanensis Psilocybe Stuntzii

The Psilocybe Tampanensis grows in the wild with a wide and convex shaped cap when young before changing to pale with age. The brown fades to yellowish-grey with age while the spores turn purplish-brown.

5. Psilocybe Stuntzii (Blue Ringers) Psilocybe Caerulescens

Psilocybe Stuntzii grows in clusters on soil rich in wood debris, new lawns, paths, and gardens. Acquires a dark chestnut brown towards the edges and may appear olive green, which fades to a yellow-brown to pale yellow as they grow. The spore prints take the purple, grayish brown.

6. Psilocybe Caerulescens (Derrumbes, Landslide Mushrooms) Psilocybe Caerulipes

Psilocybe Caerulescens does well in low temperatures and high altitude, and their natural habitat is in areas with previous landslides. These mushrooms have a silver-blue metallic feel making it easy to differentiate from the rest. If you are looking for an introduction to magic mushrooms, you can use the Derrumbes due to their low potency levels.

7. Psilocybe Mexicana (Pajaritos) Psilocybe Caerulipes (The Blue Foot)

The Psilocybe Mexicana is believed to be the one the Aztec people used in their ceremonies. The shroom is also the one, which was used in the isolation of psilocybin and psilocin. The plant leaves around meadows, moss, deciduous forests, and fertile soil.

8. Psilocybe Caerulipes (The Blue Foot) Psilocybe Bohemica

The Blue Foot Mushrooms is one of the rarest Psilocybin types available. Their growth is spotted around the debris of hardwood. Psilocybe Caerulipes are common but hard to come by and are known to grow on the same spot for years. They have a blue colour on the lower section of the stem, thus its name.

9. Psilocybe Bohemica (Bohemian Psilocybe) Psilocybe Bohemica 1

The Bohemian Psilocybe has a high affinity to Alnus, Picease, and Betula trees. The mushrooms also grow on tree debris. The cap is conical before it matures to take a convex shape as it makes the brown clay colour transitioning to dark brown with a light tinge on the outside. The spores show a combination of gray and purple with a light touch of brown.

Best Shroom Strains

Golden teacher Penis envy Blue Meanies
Albino penis envy Mazatapec Psilocybe Mexicana
Amazonian Cubensis B+ Mushrooms Albino A+
Brazilian Cubensis Cambodian Cubensis Wavy Caps
Psilocybe Stuntzii Psilocybe cubensis Psilocybe liniformans
Psilocybe weilii Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa Psilocybe hoogshagenii
Psilocybe baeocystis Psilocybe azurescens Mexicana Magic

Are Shrooms Safe?

Are Shrooms Safe?

There is so much going around about the different variations of trips each magic mushroom strain will take you. Doing shrooms for the first time will probably leave you with minimal side effects while also offering some benefits if you are undergoing depression. Due to their illegal status in different provinces, you need to be careful not to consume the wrong one.

Shrooms are said to be among the safest recreational drugs to use because of uplifting the consumer and making them alert in whatever they do. Despite the survey, mushrooms may contain compounds that render the plant an illegal substance.

If you are a frequent psychedelic user, you should take time off the wheels to avoid driving on shrooms. The psychedelic effect takes four to six hours to subside, and the timeline is enough proof to the question, are shrooms dangerous. It will make sense if you are on medication because magic mushrooms may reduce your sensitivity to other drugs. One of the biggest dangers of shrooms is impairing your judgment putting you in a potentially dangerous situation. There is a danger of mixing shrooms and alcohol, such as not being able to control their impulses, leaving you at the mercy of the magic mushroom.

How do Shrooms Compare to Other Substances

Generally, psilocybins have low levels of toxicity with rare fatalities, mental disorders, and suicide among its many consumers. Before taking your first trip on the magic mushroom train, you need to understand its difference with other substances.

Shrooms vs LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylyamide)

Both LSD and psilocybin and the commonly used psychedelics. In some cases, LSD is also called “acid.” After ingestion, the trip would last between eight to 12 hours. LSD has no potential of turning you into an addict. LSD is classified as an illegal drug under controlled substances. Ingesting a shroom depends on the person’s tolerance to the plant. It may lead to low self-esteem and confinement to oneself, as connecting with nature becomes evident. Looking at the possible differences between LSD vs. shrooms is that LSD pumps more positivity in you while shrooms may drain that energy.

Shrooms vs. Acid

People who are high on “acid” tend to be functional within realistic zones. For instance, they will find it easy to interact with sober people opening up a strong connection. On the other hand, shrooms give a more intense trip leaning towards the inner self-making you lose touch with sobriety. However, both acid vs. shrooms may give you a bad experience with inconsistent and volatile emotions.

Shrooms vs. Weed

Weed and shrooms may share so many similarities until different repeat users decide to speak from their experiences. In some countries, handling weed is legal, unlike shrooms, which in some countries ban certain aspects of the plant. Weed does not have the poisonous variety that can kill you when ingested, unlike the shroom. Shrooms and weed are all naturally occurring, and their effects are euphoric and uplifting. Some find using the two on a single dose brings a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Differentiating the two, weed has a calming effect, which qualifies as a sedative to some users while shrooms induce a euphoric and hallucinogenic high.

Effects of Shrooms Effects of Shrooms

A shroom trip or voyage depends on the dosage and intensity of emotional experiences you are likely to show. The effects of the magic mushrooms are similar to other hallucinogens, such as the LSD. The physiological effects of psilocybin are auditory and visual imaginations and the difficulty of separating reality from fiction. If you take large doses, be prepared for panic attacks and psychosis. 

Some shroom effects include poor muscle control, hunger, sleeplessness, sexual behaviours, changing body temperature, perception, mood, etc.

On the physical side of things, this is what shrooms will do to you vomiting, nausea, confusion, poor coordination, being too sensitive, lost sense of time, dry mouth, increase in blood pressure, etc.

Magic Mushroom Effects Magic Mushroom Effects

Psilocybin is a chemical compound found on magic mushrooms. The compound is behind the hallucinogenic effects in magic mushroom effects. The effects of shrooms may not be life-threatening. The hallucinogen will take your high to a higher level. The level of toxicity in the body is negligible; however, it may cause some problems with continued use. Mushrooms that get you high will also leave you with impaired judgment. Other feelings of detachment, anxiety, and panic attacks may set in. You may have a sense of being on a bad trip when reacting to the hallucinogenic effects. You will keep on having a flashback of previous events. The only danger of using mushroom drugs is the possibility of picking the wrong type of mushroom.

Short-term effects vary with individual tolerance and the environment within which they use the psychedelic mushrooms. A mushroom trip’s effects include increased sensory and emotional responses, spiritual awareness, hallucination affecting any sensory organ, losing the perception of time, paranoia, etc.

Long-term effects will manifest after using tippy mushrooms for a long time. You may fall into a drug-induced psychosis where paranoia takes over, leading to a breakdown of communication. The user may experience visual disturbances and disturbing mood swings. The occasional flashbacks keep recurring long after you stop using the psychedelic mushroom.

Most Common Effects Associated with Magic Mushrooms

  • Magic mushrooms give a “feel good” feeling
  • Shrooms will make you hallucinate
  • Ingesting psilocybin in doses may help manage depression and anxiety
  • Ongoing clinical studies indicate that the fungus can help cure mental illness
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • A persistent shroom user will most likely lose the perception of time
  • Your level of creativity becomes noticeable
  • Medical Benefits of Shrooms

Magic mushrooms grow in every corner of the world, and most cultures have a bit of history in using the magic mushroom drug. For those who still believe that witches, pagans, and the hippies were wasting time, many years later you are doing what you frowned upon even better. Perhaps for the following reasons:

Personality Change Personality Change

Humans are social beings throughout their entire life. You may undergo different experiences that cause you to suffer and alienate yourself. For example, separating from your partner may force you to detest any future romantic relations. A study found that a high-dose magic mushroom for depression increases openness and changes one’s perception of other people.

Easy to Quit Smoking and Related Addictions Quit Smoking and Related Addictions

If you are caught up in unhealthy living habits, medical mushrooms can help. Some scholars have shown proof that mushroom drug can cure addictions such as cocaine and nicotine. More studies are ongoing to strengthen the use of psilocybin to manage substance abuse.

Reduce Effects of Depression Reduce Effects of Depression

Psilocybin, the main ingredient in medicinal mushroom, has given spiritual hope for many civilizations. Today, neurologists have seen how these ingredients interact with serotonin to produce different levels of consciousness. Modern research reveals the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms Canada in managing the negative effects of depression.

Increases Creativity Increases Creativity

Responsible doses of psychedelics can push you beyond your limits, where you find more freedom because you are detached from an inhibitive ego. The loss of that ego when under shrooms effect can benefit you when it happens and suddenly realize there are things that you can do on your own.

Help Alleviate Cancer Related Pain Medical Uses of Magic Mushrooms

A trial in 2016 discovered that a single dose of psilocybin would improve the quality of life. It reduces depression and levels of anxiety on people with life-threatening ailments like cancer.

Most Common Medical Uses of Magic Mushrooms

  • Cure for headaches
  • Manage stress, cure depression and anxiety
  • Used to manage mental health patients
  • Used as a therapeutic drug to treat existential malaise
  • Psilocybin can be administered to patients with alcohol dependency

Side Effects of Shrooms Side Effects of Shrooms

Abusing psilocybin will leave you with the shrooms’ side effects, which in most cases include an enhanced sense of alertness, euphoria, visual and auditory hallucinations, reduced sensitivity, change on how you perceive things, mental enlighten, distortion of sound, images, and sights.

Many people will abuse alcohol and shrooms to experience a euphoric trip by enhancing how they perceive things. The long-term effects of shrooms will lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks and frequent flashbacks.

Most Common Side Effects Associated with Magic Mushrooms

  • Numbness
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Psychosis
  • Poor coordination

How Do Shrooms Work How long does it take for Shroom to kick in

Some studies point to the fact taking a trip on magic mushrooms may give your mind some sort of elevation. The active ingredients psilocybin and psilocin are hallucinogens that compare to the effects of LSD. Individuals using shrooms will get the effects of tripping after 15-45 minutes and take up to six hours. 

The Strength of the Shroom depends on your tolerance, concentration of the two main ingredients. Ultimately, the effects depend on the type of mushroom and dosage given. 

How long does it take for Shroom to kick in?

Shroom will take slightly over an hour to reach its peak, and this could be the highest you will get while tripping. You will hold on steady for a maximum of 6 hours before slumping when the drugs wear off. 

How long do Mushrooms Last?

When you test for psilocybin via a urine test, then it must happen within three days. However, other physiological factors such as weight, age, medications, tolerance, metabolic rate, etc. will affect the detection period. 

How long does Shroom Stay in Your System?

The period depends on many variables from the type of magic shroom you took, age, and body composition. Generally, shrooms are not easy to detect on routine urine tests because of the fast metabolization of the Shroom, making it impossible to trace them on saliva or blood tests. A hair follicle test has a window period of 90 days within which you can trace Shroom in your system. You could be lucky because such an analysis has prohibitive costs. 

However, detection of Shroom in your body relies on other factors such as:

1. Frequency of Use

Psilocybin is washed out of the body very fast. That is why the time between ingestion and testing matters. 

2. The potency of Shroom Product

There are more than 200 species of mushrooms has its specific potency levels meaning hallucinogens vary. The higher the amount of psilocybin, the more it will hang in the body.

3. Method of Consumption 

You can decide to use it as a dried product or fresh, stuff it in a bugger or take it along your favourite beverage. Mode of consumption affects detection and how fast it will be digested in the system.

4. Body Chemistry 

The bodies of two different consumers consuming the same dose cannot deliver the same output. Varying metabolic rates and body mass index, body water retention determines the extraction process of your body. 

5. Types of Drug Test

These are the tests used to trace shrooms and other drugs inside your body

  • Urine test 
  • Saliva test
  • Blood test
  • Hair follicle test

Is There a Quick Way of Getting Psilocybin out of Your System?

There may not be a faster method, but drinking plenty of water help move Shroom through your body. However, you may not escape detection during a test. 

How to Take Shrooms  How to Take Shrooms 

Getting ready for the shroom trip should find you prepared. If you can smoke shrooms, grind them up to dry, bake them, try to figure out smoking shrooms, and have some of the best ways to take shrooms. Only that you must wash your Shroom before preparing. 

Eat Shrooms Dried 

Since it seems popular, it is the best way to eat shrooms. You get the benefit of consuming it along with a favourite drink.

Add Shrooms to Your Meal 

Instead of consuming raw mushrooms, you should learn how to take shrooms by sprinkling or to mix Shroom with a favourite dinner. Be creative and think of how to eat Shroom with rice, pasta, etc. 

Infuse Shrooms with Your Favourite Treats 

One of the best ways to do shrooms is to serve small bits into your caramel, chocolates, or confectionaries and start enjoying your trip. Any treat that requires baking does not exceed 190-degrees Fahrenheit because that is the temperature that breaks down psilocybin when baking exceeds 30-minutes. 

Brew Shrooms into Tea

Now that you have been eating and chewing, making your shroom tea is another technique for taking mushrooms infused in tea. Making tea is a simple process, and you can add as much as any relevant kitchen ingredients. 

How to Make Shroom Tea

Psilocybin is in the footsteps of marijuana; being fully legalized. If you live in a Shroom friendly area, here is the simplest magic shroom tea.

Use Hot Water  How to Make Shroom Tea

Your psilocybin-infused tea is because of running hot water through the shrooms. The key ingredients dissolve in water. Filter the extraction and leave no chunks of shrooms. Alternatively, leave the shroom chunks soaking in water and eat the leftovers at the bottom of the cup. For complete extraction, grind the mushroom before pouring hot water. 

Using Lemon Juice 

Using Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice is an excellent extraction liquid. You can use it to get psilocybin. Lemon tea will give you a pleasant trip that hits harder. Some consumers suggest the acidity in lemon converts psilocybin into psilocin, which multiplies the effects of the kind of trip.

Let the Shroom suck up the juice for 20 minutes as you stir for maximum 5 minutes. You only need to recall that shroom lemon tea has a short life span. Therefore, prepare and fasten your seatbelt.

Microdosing Mushrooms Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing mushrooms means you have taken the bold step to have a good and safe trip. Make sure you do not travel alone. You need a trip-sitter to share the experience and start thinking of how to make shroom capsules

When microdosing, consider your tolerance levels. An experienced magic consumer must have good tolerance levels. Before taking a journey to a new experience, you judge your body as you adjust the shroom pills. To offer better guidance, we will learn how to microdose mushrooms from Psilocybe cubensis.

Here are some three ways to microdose mushrooms. Take your pick

1. Light Dose (0.25 – 1 Gram)

Use a quarter gram of dried magic mushroom, also known as the threshold dose. It should be enough to make a newbie notice the effects. It is also a good way to learn how to microdose shrooms. You will feel cold and slight vividness to colour.

2. Medium Dose (1 – 2.5 grams)

This dose requires one or two and a half grams. Taking this dose will show full physical effects such as nausea, dilation of pupils, whirling thoughts, and intense vividness. 

3. Strong Dose (2.5 – 5 grams)

Take this dose if you are a heavyweight, as it requires two and a half to five grams of dried mushroom. A beginner taking this dose will give a good trip a bad name because of the awful experience he will go through. It may be an overdose for beginners; when the peak sets in there will be nothing enjoyable, your pupils will be round, and big, and nausea can overturn your stomach. The healthy dose may even flow to an experienced magic mushroom user if caught unawares.

Magic Mushroom Dosage Chart Magic Mushroom Dosage Chart

This guide give you a pleasant drive on that trip as you gauge yourself before taking any shroom dosage. The correct magic mushroom dosage determines the success or failure of your intended trip. Start with a low or medium dose and adjust to your usual level before hitting your ideal shroom tolerance. The question of how much shrooms to take gets the answer of one because the doses are in grams.


Dose (Grams) Effects

For Who


0.2 – 0.5 (dried)/ 2- 5 (fresh) No visible changes, no loss of control 

Experimenting users

Light 0.5 – 1 (dried) Feeling of light euphoria

Beginner users


1 – 2 (dried) Body high, deep conversation, jovial, laughing, and good vibes

Intermediate users


2 – 3 (dried)  Start feeling and thinking about your environment, perceive things in a different light, (the feeling of an actual shroom trip)

Heavy users


3 -4 (dried) When the trip feels so routine, and fly with stars

Hero Shrooms

Magic Mushroom Measurements

Shroom Measurements Chart


Dosage in Grams

Normal Threshold



0.25 – 1

Common / Standard

1 – 2.5


2.5 – 5


Over 5

NOTE: It takes you 10 to 40 minutes for the mushroom to show its effects when you chew. When you swallow without eating any food, it takes 20 to 60 minutes to show its effects. During the typical duration, the effects could last for 6 hours, and the after-effects of the trip would go for 8 hours.

Growing Magic Mushrooms

Learning how to grow mushrooms is a straightforward process and may make you wonder what you have been waiting for. The explanations here are the same whether you are planting as a hobby or for commercial purposes.

How to Grow Shrooms How to Grow Shrooms


Punch some holes on the jar’s lids using a hammer and nails. Prepare the substrate by combining 2/3 cup vermiculite and a ¼-cup of water in the mixing bowl. Add ¼ brown rice flour to the mixture and let it combine with moist vermiculite. Use a tin foil to secure the edges of the jars to ensure they do not touch the base. Add water halfway on the sides of the jar and start boiling. Ensure the jars remain in an upright position. Use a tight-fitting lid and watch it steam at least 80 minutes and finally let it cool.

Inoculation Inoculation

Use moderate heat to sanitize the length of your syringe’s needle until it turns red hot. Let it cool and use alcohol to wipe it. Pull the plunger and shake the needle as you draw the spores of the shroom. Head on to the jars, remove the foil from one jar, and use the holes to inject the spores. Inject only ¼ cc of the solution. Repeat the process for all other jars. Cover the holes with tape and set them aside, leaving them with no foil.

Colonization Planning and Preparation of the Grow Chamber

Use moderate heat to sanitize the length of your syringe’s needle until it turns red hot. Let it cool and use alcohol to wipe it. Pull the plunger and shake the needle as you draw the spores of the shroom. Head on to the jars, remove the foil from one jar, and use the holes to inject the spores. Inject only ¼ cc of the solution. Repeat the process for all other jars. Cover the holes with tape and set them aside, leaving them with no foil.

Planning and Preparation of the Grow Chamber

It would be best if you had a fruiting shotgun chamber that you can customize from storage containers by drilling ¼-inch holes to 1-inches apart on the lid, sides and base. Use perlite by placing it on a filter and run cold water for it to soak. Let it drain until no water comes out, then spread on the base of the grow chamber.

Harvesting shrooms


Open the jars, remove dry vermiculite layers, and run them underwater to release any loose vermiculite. Place them in a disinfected area then transfer them to the growing area or chamber.

How to Dry Shrooms


The shroom should now appear as tiny lumps, and 12 days later, they are ready for harvesting.

How to Dry Shrooms How to Store Shrooms

To store the mushrooms for a more extended period, you must ensure they are completely dry. Do this using an Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) and a plastic container. Sprinkle the salt at the bottom of the container and cover the salt layer with some paper towels. Then place your magic mushrooms on a mesh and cover the container using an airtight lid and let the salt absorb the last bit of water from the shrooms.

do shrooms go bad,

How to Store Shrooms

When you start asking yourself questions like do shrooms go bad, then it is time for you to know how to store magic mushrooms. Psilocybins tend to go bad in a matter of weeks, even when put in cold storage. Keep the ones you need in a fridge, later on, dry them by placing them in an airtight container, and leave them in a cool, dry place. 

Different Types of Shroom Products 

Some mushrooms are edible with a taste ranging from nutty to sweet, and indeed others taste like lobsters. Mushrooms, like cannabis can blend to make any treat or confectioneries to suit the occasion, including the magic mushroom tea. This section will pick some of the popular shroom products available at your local dispensary. 

Let us face the facts- not all mushrooms are tasty. Why not experiment by brewing tea and tell us what you think? The bad taste disappears. You can also consume the magic flower either as dried mushrooms or as a confectionery hidden in chocolate shrooms.

Dried Shrooms

1. Dried Shrooms

The dried magic mushrooms are available as a whole plant or in slices, generally packaged in clear glass to please the customer or for pleasure.

Shroom Chocolate 

2. Shroom Chocolate 

The pairing of Cocoa and mushrooms produces magic mushroom chocolateShroom chocolate undergoes tempering to make sure the chocolate sets up firmly to create that snappy sound after purchasing the Fun Guy edibles or the Fun Guy chocolate bar. FunGuy industries is one of the hottest shroom edible companies in Canada.

Shroom Tea

3. Shroom Tea

As repeat users of the magic mushroom, you need to learn how to make the magic mushroom tea. All you need are the essential kitchen ingredients and be ready for the trip. You may even get creative by adding citrus, orange, or lemon juice and leave it to your taste buds. Shroom tea takes off most of the bitterness.

Shroom Gummies

4. Shroom Gummies

Shroom gummies are extractions from pure psilocybin found on mushrooms that are turned into a liquid before the Fun Guy Gummies finalizes the process into the great tasting shrooms edibles

Shroom gummies are one of the best alternatives to consuming raw mushrooms. 

Shroom Capsules

5. Shroom Capsules

In any case, you are working with a physician. The chances are that he will introduce the aspect of microdosing mushrooms as capsules. It beats the taste of swallowing capsules without anyone knowing what medication you have. Shroom capsules have a gelatin outer layer that dissolves faster after ingestion. Another form of magic mushroom representation used in hospitals as medicinal mushrooms is in the form of shroom pills

The Best Place to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada

The best place to buy magic mushrooms online Canada is to identify if the dispensary has the right to stock mushroom products. That confirmation may help you avoid ingesting poisonous products that come from the black market. Whether you are trying magic mushrooms or have enough experience with psychedelics, an approved government dispensary will offer the best for your trip. Mail your order and get a direct shipment at your doorstep or mailbox. 

For instance, Daily Marijuana is known to be a trusted online dispensary that many Canadians prefer. DailyMarijuana offers a wide range of magic mushroom products that are lab tested to ensure perfection. Our shroom stock includes dried mushrooms, shroom chocolate, shroom gummies, shroom edibles, shroom tea, and shroom capsules.  Choose Daily Marijuana as your choice of online mushroom dispensary and start saving now.