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Buy CBD edibles online in Canada at Daily Marijuana and enjoy the freshest and most delicious brand-name cannabidiol edibles. Get 20% off first orders, earn rewards points, and qualify for exciting gifts. 

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Updated February 19, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 18, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Why Buy CBD Edibles in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

Daily Marijuana provides easy access to a reliable supply of some of the freshest, tastiest, and most potent CBD edibles in Canada. Our team focuses on bringing only the best cannabidiol edibles to the market and offering them at the most affordable prices. Let our team provide you top-notch services to help you find the best deals on the most suitable CBD edibles you can trust. 

Massive Selection of Cannabidiol Edibles

One thing to take notice of is our massive selection of CBD edibles we make available. This range includes our top-selling CBD chocolates, gummies, teas, and tinctures. You can find various items from top CBD brands such as Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge, Mota, Daily, Boost, Spectrum MD, and others. Each of our CBD edibles suppliers offers premium products made using the finest Canadian hemp. Also, the ingredients they use are high-quality, and they craft their recipes to perfection. Buy CBD edibles online in Canada at DailyMarijuana and enjoy the variety we have to offer.

Best-Quality CBD Edibles in Canada

As previously mentioned, all of our CBD edible products use only the top-grade hemp and ingredients available. All of our cannabidiol edibles suppliers in Canada lab test their products and take the needed steps to ensure we far exceed our high-quality product standards. Buy CBD edibles online now and enjoy the richness of our CBD chocolates, the convenience of our CBD vapes & tinctures, and the sweet taste of our CBD gummies such as our Keoni CBD Gummies and Spectrum MD gummies. 

Cheap CBD Edible Prices on Top-Quality Cannabidiol

But the benefits for you don’t stop here. You can buy our CBD edibles at unbeatable prices. Even if you find a lower price, we’ll match it for you. We mean business when we say we want you to be paying the lowest prices on CBD Edibles in Canada. Additionally, all first orders will get 20% off to start. This discount is on top of the rewards points customers earn when they purchase with our marijuana dispensary. And should you spend over $100, you will receive free express shipping. By spending over $249, you have your choice of a generous gift. Up that total to $350, and you will have access to your choice of one of our premium gifts. But perhaps the best way to get value when you buy CBD chocolates, vapes, tea, and other edibles, is by taking advantage of our weekly promotions. You will indeed find your favourite CBD edible products on our promotions list at some point soon, so be sure to check in often. Alternatively, you can sign up, and we will notify you when any sales or special offers occur. 

Unbeatable Customer Service

Not only do we want you to feel comfortable, you are getting the highest-quality CBD edibles in Canada at the lowest prices, but we want you to leave us feeling like you received excellent service. Our primary focus is to make the purchasing processes as simple and as convenient as possible for you. Also, we want to ensure that we fully address and resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to drop us a line if you need to chat because we’d love to hear from you.

Shop now and save big on CBD edibles, or continue reading below for more information on cannabidiol chocolates, gummies, teas, tinctures, and more. 


What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are any food items that someone has infused with activated CBD. For example, CBD gummies and chocolates are very popular in Canada and are two of the most popular CBD edible products.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and marijuana plants. It acts as a regulator of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  However, CBD does not attach to brain receptors; therefore, it doesn’t lead to the traditional “high” sensations usually associated with cannabis products.

Difference Between CBD and THC

CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get the users high.  On the other hand, THC has psychoactive properties that lead to the intoxicating sensations generally associated with cannabis. 

These two cannabinoids react with the body’s receptors differently as well. Unlike THC, CBD does not attach to receptors, but it regulates how cannabinoids such as THC react with those receptors. 


Are CBD Edibles Legal in Canada?

Currently, the Government treats CBD Edibles less harshly than THC edibles. They are now legal in Canada for recreational and medical use among those that meet the age requirements.


Are CBD Edibles Safe?

Yes, CBD edibles are safe, according to a variety of reliable sources. For instance, a 2018 report issued by the World Health Organization concluded that CBD had little to no potential for abuse and danger. 


How to Take CBD Edibles in Canada?

You can consume CBD edibles like regular food items, but they will not fill you up since you don’t usually eat large amounts. Therefore, you should take CBD edibles in moderation and inappropriate doses. 

The amount of CBD to take is tough to answer since many factors come into play. Bodyweight, tolerance levels, metabolic rate, and intended use are all factors that play a large role in determining how much CBD to take. In most cases, it is best to start small and work your way up.


What Are the Different Types of CBD Edibles in Canada?

There are many different types of CBD edibles in Canada. Any food or beverage item can be infused with CBD oil and turn into an edible. 

Some of the most common CBD edibles on the market include CBD gummies, chocolates, caramels, and teas. 


What are Some Alternatives of CBD Edibles?

Some of the most popular CBD alternatives to edibles include:

– CBD flower strains are a good alternative for those wanting to smoke CBD joints. 

CBD oil, tinctures, or capsules are some of the most popular CBD items in Canada.

CBD vape pens are gaining popularity in recent times.

CBD topicals as CBD creams, lotions or balms

– For a more psychoactive experience, weed online, cannabis concentrates, and weed edibles are great choices.

–There are even CBD edibles for pets that you can buy online at many dispensaries


Where Can I Buy CBD Edibles in Canada?

The best place to buy CBD edibles in Canada is from We offer some of the best CBD products in Canada, and at unbeatable prices! Come to shop Daily Marijuana and browse through our wide selection of CBD products



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