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Moon Rock Weed | Buy MoonRocks Online in Canada

Buy moon rocks online in Canada at DailyMarijuana and save big! Enjoy our premium moonrocks that are AAAA weed dipped in the finest hash oil and rolled in top-grade kief. Get 20% off your first purchase, earn rewards points, and unlock generous gifts when you shop with our cannabis dispensary.

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Updated February 17, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 17, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

First Off, What is Moon Rock Weed?

Are you looking to try some of the most potent and best moonrocks in Canada? Then join the DailyMarijuana community because we got you covered. At Daily Marijuana, we cater to all customers, small and large. Don’t wait and take advantage of our value pricing and buy moon rock weed online and save big. Get 20% off your first orders and generous gifts while supplies last! 

On top of that, we offer a chance to mix and match your favourite marijuana concentrates so you can have your choice of products. In addition, all our products are lab-tested to ensure quality and potency. At Daily Marijuana, we offer our valued members access to a wide range of weed concentrates such as shatter, budder, oil, hashish, live resin, distillate, capsules, and more! So buy moonrock weed online in Canada and experience the amazing effects that are sure to follow.

Moonrock weed is buds that have been dipped in a cannabis concentrate and covered in kief. The additional THC makes moon rocks a triple threat of ganja goodness. Due to the high levels of THC, you mustn’t treat moonrocks as ordinary marijuana flowers. Moon rock weed can be quite a bit more potent than traditional cannabis. However, it is essential to buy moon rocks that are made using premium ingredients and are handled and stored with care.


Why Buy Moon Rocks Weed Online in Canada at DailyMarijuana?

When you buy moonrock weed online in Canada, you want to be sure you are buying from a trusted source that takes the necessary steps to maintain high-quality products. Being extra careful is especially the case when it comes to moon rocks. You want to be sure that whoever produces the moonrocks does so using premium quality ingredients. The last thing you want is to buy moonrocks online and receive low-quality bud dipped in low-quality concentrates and covered in low-quality kief. At DailyMarijuana, our suppliers are highly trusted in the cannabis community and provide us with only the best moonrocks weed in Canada.


Best Moon Rocks Weed in Canada

At Daily Marijuana, we carry only the highest quality moonrocks in Canada. Our suppliers are hand-picked and provide the most exceptional moon rocks you can find. Our storage facilities are also custom-designed to offer the ideal conditions necessary to keep high-quality moon rock buds. 


Generous Deals on our MoonRocks

All first-time buyers will receive 20% off their first orders. In addition, every dollar spent will earn you rewards points that you can use to lower the price of future orders. Also, get free shipping anywhere in Canada when you spend over $99. Spend $249 and get a free bag of THC gummies or a tincture. Spend over $349 and choose from one of our premium gifts. But don’t wait because the complimentary giveaways are while supplies last. Lastly, make sure to check in often because our site offers new promotions every week. Maybe you will find a door crashing deal on your next order of moonrocks weed. 


Top-Notch Services

Not only do we want to give you access to top-grade moonrocks, but we want to provide you with the best experience possible while doing business with us. Let us know what we can do for you by sending us an email or chatting live with our customer support. 


More on Moon Rocks Weed

Moonrock weed is cannabis flowers that are dipped in THC oil and covered in kief. The resulting product is some of the most potent buds in Canada. This history of moon rocks is unclear, but legend has it that Starbuz760 was the original creator. It wasn’t until the rapper Kurupt popularized these products by trademarking his own Kurupt Moonrock. 

If you are looking to get super stoned, then moonrocks are what you’re seeking. You can expect THC levels to spike to around 50%, which is more than double most premium buds. Smoking moonrocks weed is a terpene-filled experience because of the flavourful taste of kief mixed with fragrant cannabis flowers. 

Also, moon rocks cannabis are very cost-efficient, and you typically need to smoke less to get the desired set of effects. Just be sure that you buy moon rock weed from a trusted source because the last thing you want contaminated flowers covered in premium oil and kief. The good news is that with marijuana legalization in full effect, you now have full access to a growing number of reliable cannabis dispensaries.

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Where to Buy Moonrock Weed Online in Canada?

The best place to buy moon rocks online in Canada is at Daily Marijuana. We currently have a community of over 5,000 active members who enjoy receiving excellent value on our products. We use our most premium buds, most refined hash oil, and potent kief to make our moonrocks. Try some now for yourself and enjoy the most affordable prices in Canada. 



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