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Cannabidiol Capsules | Buy CBD Pills Online in Canada

Buy CBD capsules online in Canada at Daily Marijuana and experience the purest and most premium CBD pills around. Get 20% off first purchases, earn rewards points on all purchases, and qualify for generous gifts. 

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Updated February 19, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 18, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Why Buy CBD Capsules Online in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

When it comes to the Daily Marijuana CBD capsule selection, you can count on the products to be top-quality and offered at affordable prices. It is our team’s goal to make buying CBD capsules online in Canada as convenient as possible. Also, we work hard to keep our CBD pills stocked so that you can have a reliable supply of quality products. Let our team help you find the ideal cannabidiol capsules and fill you in on the many ways you can save big when you buy CBD pills online in Canada. 

Huge Selection of Cannabidiol Capsules

First, let’s go over the large selection of CBD pills you can find in our online dispensary. We have carefully vetted all our suppliers, and we are proud to stand behind their products. Their goals align with ours in terms of quality, and we work hard to ensure top-grade CBD reaches your hands. Some of the most popular CBD capsule brands we carry include our Boost gel caps, Smart CBD capsules, Kind Lab capsules, Array Bioceuticals, and SleeBD. 

Best-Quality CBD Pills in Canada

You can count that all of our CBD pill products are among the best in the country. The quality of our products becomes apparent when you first take them. Our suppliers infuse their cannabidiol capsules with CBD extracts they create with premium-grade hemp sourced from top hemp farmers in BC. 

Cheap CBD Capsule Prices on Top-Quality Cannabidiol Pills

When we say “cheap CBD,” we mean it in terms of prices and not quality. You are getting supreme quality CBD capsules at huge discounts. For example, if this is your first time ordering with us, you will receive an additional 20% off your first order. Also, all members have access to free shipping and complimentary gifts. To unlock these perks, you would need to spend over a certain amount ($100, $250, and $350, respectively). Also, all members will receive rewards points that they can save for subsequent purchases. Lastly, our promotions page lists all the weekly deals that we offer our customers. Our promotions are the best way to save big, so be sure to sign up and stay notified. It is common for our online dispensary to offer CBD pill deals, so don’t miss out. 

Top-Notch Customer Service 

Customer service is our #1 priority. We are committed to helping you find the products that you need at the lowest prices possible. We also work hard to get these products to you in the most quickly and conveniently practicable manner. If at any time you need to get a hold of our team, drop us a line, and we’d be more than happy to lend a hand. 

Buy cannabidiol capsules online in Canada at DailyMarijuana, or continue reading to learn more about CBD pills. 


What are CBD Capsules / CBD Pills?

CBD capsules contain CBD oil that is typically in soft gel caps. Proportioning CBD oil out allows for ready-made doses that are easy to take and convenient. 

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not get users “high.” CBD acts as a modulator and regulates how THC and other cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This role is essential because there are greater chances of too intense feelings and a higher likelihood of adverse side effects without CBD.  

CBD is a cannabinoid that marijuana and hemp plants naturally produce. The majority of CBD products come from hemp plants since hemp contains a large proportion of CBD and low THC levels.

What are the Advantages of CBD Pills?

The main advantage of CBD pills is that they are convenient to take since they are already in set doses, and there is little to no cleanup and prep work needed.  


Are CBD Pills Legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD capsules are legal in Canada for recreational and medical use. The Government similarly treats CBD mush less harshly than cannabis as a whole, and every province and territory has its laws regulating CBD use in Canada. 


Are CBD Capsules Safe?

Yes, CBD is generally safe as long as you are a responsible user. The World Health Organization released a 2018 report and concluded that CBD has “no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” The WHO concluded that there was no evidence of any health-related problems associated with CBD use.

Also, CBD does not get the user high and rarely has any side effects associated with its use.  However, there are reports that nausea, irritability and fatigue can potentially occur.


How to Take CBD Capsules in Canada?

Simply all that is needed is a glass of water and swallow the CBD pill. It is essential to take the proper dosage.

Everyone and every situation are different. The user’s body weight, tolerance level, and metabolic rate play a large role in how much CBD a user should take. Also, the reason for use will influence the amount needed. 


What Are Some Alternatives to CBD Pills?

A slightly cheaper option to CBD pills would be CBD oil or tinctures. It is somewhat less expensive because producers need not spend time proportioning out the oil into capsules. 

CBD edibles such as CBD gummies are other great choices. These goodies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

If an external application to treat muscle pains or skin conditions is the goal, then CBD topicals like CBD creams, balms, lotions, or sprays are great options.

If you desire the “high” feeling, then weed online, cannabis concentrates, or weed edibles are perfect. 


Where Can I Buy CBD Capsules in Canada?

The best place to buy CBD capsules online in Canada is at We carry the top CBD brands in Canada and offer them at the lowest prices around.  



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