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Cannabis Drinks in Canada

Buy THC cannabis-infused drinks online in Canada at Daily Marijuana and save big! The more you buy, the more you save! Get 20% off first orders, loyalty points, and complimentary gifts when you purchase with our online weed dispensary.

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Updated February 17, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 17, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Why Buy Cannabis Drinks Online in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

Are you looking to try some of the most potent and best weed tea in Canada? Then join the DailyMarijuana community because we got you covered. At Daily Marijuana, we cater to all customers, small and large. Don’t wait and take advantage of our value pricing and buy THC marijuana tea online and save big. Get 20% off your first orders and generous gifts while supplies last! 

On top of that, we offer a chance to mix and match your favourite cannabis-infused drinks so that you can enjoy the refreshing taste of various flavours. Also, all our products are lab-tested to ensure quality and potency. At Daily Marijuana, we offer our valued members access to a wide range of marijuana tea from popular brands in Canada! 


Refreshing Selection of Top-Rated THC Weed Beverages

Browse the Daily Marijuana cannabis drink menu and find some of the highest-quality THC tea, juices, and more. Our selection includes some of the most refreshing and potent THC beverages in Canada. You can find our hottest selling marijuana drinks, such as our THC-infused iced tea, fruit punch, grape drink, and coffee. You can also find THC tea that comes in flavours such as Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe.


Lowest Prices on Our THC Weed Drinks

At DailyMarijuana, we take pride in offering the lowest prices and most exciting deals. Are you a new customer? Then have 20% off your first order. Also, all members qualify for free rewards points that you can use for future savings on purchases. Did we forget to mention that you will unlock premium gift tiers if you spend over $250 or $350? If that is too much for you, make sure to spend over $100 because you will save $15-20 on shipping costs. Also, be sure to check out our promos page to see if any THC cannabis drinks are on sale.

Try the refreshing taste of our THC beverages now and buy cannabis drinks online in Canada with confidence. For more information on marijuana beverages, please continue reading.


What Are Cannabis Drinks?

Cannabis drinks are somewhat new products on the Canadian cannabis market. These treats are, simply put, beverages that people infuse with THC and other cannabinoids. The process of actually infusing drinks with cannabis is a complex one that’s much more difficult than common edibles. Typically, the cannabinoids have to be emulsified or shrunk down into such small sizes that they can easily blend into the drinks. Because cannabinoids are fat-soluble and not water-soluble, this process has only recently been perfected. 

Cannabis drinks are just as potent as any other cannabis edibles. Cannabis beverages tend to produce more substantial, more full-bodied effects when consumed compared to smoking. The highs are also going to be much longer, lasting all day long. So, when drinking cannabis-infused beverages, you should be prepared to experience a potent high that might have you locked to the couch all day. That is unless you take your time sipping!

Why Use THC?
Reasons Why People Take THC Cannabis Drinks

Are THC Drinks Legal and Safe?

Cannabis-infused beverages are legal for personal use ever since the 17th of October, 2019. You can browse through the Cannabis Act of Canada for more information about the rules covering THC drinks. 

In general, cannabis products like infused drinks are deemed safe; they just tend to produce mighty highs that can be uncomfortable for some. We recommend enjoying cannabis drinks in low amounts and for you to take your time in between doses. When you do this, you have a better chance of avoiding too strong of an experience. Take just a few sips and allow your body time to get used to the effects. Then, you can always drink more if you feel necessary. 

It’s important to remember that THC-filled drinks look identical to traditional beverages, so you must keep them properly labelled and far away from regular drink products. Store them in places where children cannot reach, as, again, it is so hard to tell the difference between the infused and non-infused products. Accidental consumption is where the safety issues of cannabis edibles come into play. We don’t suggest storing your cannabis drinks in fridges accessible to other members of your family.


What is the Difference Between Cannabis Drinks and Regular Cannabis Bud?

As we mentioned above, cannabis-infused beverages are going to be much more potent than regular buds. Your high will take a lot longer to take effect, but it will last hours longer than a few hits from a bong would. Because of this, you have to prepare for this strong potency. Otherwise, you could find yourself having an uncomfortable time. 

THC-filled drinks are also not going to taste at all as your cannabis flower does. Instead, they taste just like your favourite beverages, disguising those herbal flavours entirely. You can find THC lemonade, juice, and even water through Daily Marijuana. Not to mention, you don’t have to smoke at all to enjoy cannabis drinks! (And, please don’t try to.) You typically take cannabis drinks like an everyday beverage. 


What Are Some Alternatives to Cannabis Beverages?

When it comes to cannabis, you have so many different options at your fingertips. If you don’t want to drink your cannabis, you can always try edibles like gummies, chocolates, or even oils and tinctures if you don’t mind the taste of bud. Oils can be added directly onto your meals or in your drinks to give you a comfortable elevated experience with a more accurate THC level than your average edible. 

If you’re okay with smoking, taking some hits from a bong or smoking a joint is an excellent option for consumers of all types. Vapes and concentrates are also becoming increasingly more popular for their potency. 

Don’t worry: if you’re looking not to get high at all, Daily Marijuana still has the products for you. We carry a massive selection of high-quality CBD products; these products embrace all of the medicinal values of cannabis without any psychoactivity. 


For a more detailed breakdown of all things weed edibles, you can visit the Daily Marijuana Weed Edibles Guide



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