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Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms in the past have mainly been used for fun, especially by hippies. However, people have recently used this psychedelic substance for cognitive benefits, enhanced creativity, etc.

You will experience all these benefits even more when taking magic mushrooms in small doses, called microdosing. It is taking magic mushrooms in tiny quantities.

This article will discuss microdosing magic mushrooms, the benefits, how to do it, and where you can buy shrooms online in Canada.


What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also called shrooms, are one of the psychedelic drugs that cause hallucinogenic effects. Their magic comes from psilocybin, a molecule produced by various mushroom species.

Psilocybin has a hallucinogenic effect on your body while simultaneously maintaining your cognitive functions; unlike THC, which stops the production of memories, psilocybin gives you a chance to consciously get involved in your trip and remember all the memories.

The psilocybin in shrooms joins in activating serotonin 2A receptors in your brain. In high amounts, shrooms cause effects such as an altered mental state, hallucinations, and altered sensory insight.

As a hallucinogen, they can activate emotional and mental side effects, which increase the chances of accidents when you’re under their influence. If you mix shrooms with other drugs or alcohol, the risks increase even more.


What Is Microdosing Shrooms?

Microdosing shrooms refer to taking small portions of magic shrooms than what’s required for recreational purposes. Low amounts mean the shrooms won’t be so intense to hinder your problem-solving abilities.

So if the smallest dose needed to get a psychedelic effect is around a gram of magic shrooms, a microdose is almost 0.1 grams. Generally, a microdose of shrooms is 1/10 to 1/20 of any normal dosage or 10 to 20 micrograms.

These doses intend to improve your well-being and increase your emotional and cognitive processes. As a result, Microdosing shrooms has commonly become a practice people use to control their productivity and the state of their minds.

Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

You must understand that even though microdosing mushrooms works for some people, it also has its global and local deviants on certain people. Below are several benefits:

Increased Creativity

People who microdose magic mushrooms have increased open-mindedness and creativity. This can be explained by the fact that the psilocybin molecule gives various parts of the brain ability to communicate in brand-new and different ways.

Improved Mental Health

Several people with mental health concerns have shown positive effects of decreased depression and stress. This is because of the positive effects of serotonin in shrooms – it’s a neurotransmitter that is partially in charge of mood-boosting. Also, psilocybin that’s a serotonin receptor antagonist, which means it assists in improving the bioavailability of serotonin.

Increased Energy 

Taking tiny shrooms in some people has demonstrated increased pleasure in their lives.

Improved Sleep

Taking drugs has a strong influence on how you sleep. For example, you generally improve your sleep when you microdose shrooms.

Increased Self-Care 

Small amounts of most things have more good than when taken in large quantities. This is the same case when you microdose magic mushrooms; you give your body more self-care.

Increased Sense of Well-Being

Healthy and clinical populations have reported increased general happiness after taking tiny shrooms.

Improved Motivation 

Generally, motivation is only sometimes present, which is typical. However, when microdosing shrooms, motivation tends to get much higher.

Improved Memory

People have shown this positive outcome by remembering small details, for example, people’s names. Also, remember stuff that happened a long time ago.

Less Anxiety

Microdosing shrooms help you feel less anxious. In addition, people report substantial positive effects when microdosing shrooms.

Also, ample anecdotal evidence suggests that magic mushrooms have the effect of reducing pain during periods. Women using mushrooms in tiny quantities have shared experiences of less painful periods and have reported more normal flows.

The bottom line is that magic mushrooms can have a significantly positive impact when used in tiny doses. Also, it’s great to combine this exercise with healthy eating, exercising, and limiting the taking of other drugs.

How to Microdose Shrooms?

How to Microdose Shrooms?

Whether for an entire trip or productivity, it doesn’t matter why you’re microdosing; knowing how to microdose is essential. The essence of microdosing shrooms is to take enough for a positive mood and small enough, so you don’t get any psychedelic effects.

Shrooms are either taken in powder form or as capsules, eaten dried, or mixed in tea. The standard microdose is about a third of a gram but ranges from 0.1 to 0.9 grams. Anything more than these amounts is a ‘tripping zone.’ Also, the amount you take depends on the number of times you take it.

Global local paradigm combined suggests you have a microdose of shrooms each day for about one or two weeks, then take a week or more off. The main reason for the breaks is usually to avoid creating a tolerance because microdosing shrooms can get expensive. So the best thing to do is take a break from microdosing and slowly monitor the effects on your health.

Also, you mustn’t mix mushrooms with other drugs, especially alcohol. Research says that if shrooms and alcohol are taken simultaneously, it can easily create local and global deviants because it tends to push the brain to divergent thinking simultaneously.


Where to Buy Shroom Capsules Online in Canada?

Buying your shrooms from a trusted dispensary is better than picking them on your own. The reason is there are poisonous shrooms that look precisely like magic shrooms and grow in the same place, which you can easily confuse for shrooms. Also, shrooms are prohibited in Canada; you shouldn’t buy from just any shop and, instead, choose a reliable source.

Get shroom capsules in Canada from a reputable dispensary like Daily Marijuana. Featured on sites like Weed List, we offer quality cannabis concentrates and outstanding services to our customers. Also, we offer dried shrooms which are better than powder. You can even find other psychedelic items since the DMT and LSD Canada community is becoming more in tune with the many benefits. So order shrooms online in Canada the right way!



It’s essential to note that magic mushrooms have their local and global regularities, which should be adhered to at all times.

Psychedelic research with relatively few human studies has not yet entirely given the exact effects of psychedelic substances. Therefore, you should be careful when microdosing your shrooms or taking them generally until future research has confirmed the effects.

This article should facilitate a direct visual comparison of microdosing and taking large amounts of shrooms. In case of any more questions, visit your nearest dispensary for more insight on microdosing shrooms.



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