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Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

What weed helps anxiety? Taking cannabis for anxiety is a hotly debated topic in marijuana circles. On the one hand, you have proponents who believe weed helps with their stress. Then you have others who believe cannabis can contribute to anxiety levels. The truth likely likes somewhere in the middle, with cannabis being beneficial in certain situations and not so much in others. 

So what are the best weed strains for anxiety? Well, you would want first to decide what sets of effects you want. Typically, the best marijuana strains for anxiety would have calming, uplifting, and mood-improving qualities. Also, many of the top 10 strains for anxiety contain large quantities of the terpene Alpha-Pinene. Let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety.


Grand Daddy Purple

The Grand Daddy Purple strain, also known as “Granddaddy Purps,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid variety, developed in 2003 by crossing the Big Bud and Purple Urkle cannabis strains. The resulting product, which has a ratio of 80% Indica to 20% Sativa, has an average THC content of 17%-24% THC. Its characteristic deep purple buds, covered in milky trichome crystals and orange hairs, boast delicious deep berry and grapefruit flavours, which result in a cerebral and relaxing high. 

Apart from recreational use, the Grand Daddy Purple weed strain also has several medicinal benefits for physical and psychological disorders. It is one of the best weed strains for anxiety. This strain is on the majority of the top 10 strains for anxiety lists, and for a good reason. Also, you can use this strain to treat other ailments such as depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. The Grand Daddy Purple marijuana strain can also be highly effective at curbing nausea and combatting appetite loss in cancer patients or those with chronic illnesses. 



Jack Herer

Among the most renowned in America, the Jack Herer cannabis strain originated in California and is said to be a result of crossing the Northern Lights, Haze, and Shiva Skunk strains. The resulting Sativa-dominant product can reach THC levels of 23% and has distinctly sticky, trichome-covered buds. The flavour of the Jack Herer weed strain is citrusy, with hints of lemon and orange. Yet, upon combustion, it takes on a clean, sage-like aroma.  

The Jack Herer marijuana strain gives its users a happy, energetic high without being overpowering and is ideal for users suffering from stress disorders and depression. Also, it is one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety. Due to its pain-relieving properties, Jack Herer can also be used to treat chronic pain. This strain has been awarded nine times at Weed Cup, including multiple “best in class bud” awards, and is a perfect choice for those who want to experience a euphoric and creative high.



The Cannatonic weed strain is an award-winning strain rumoured to have started the entire CBD movement in Europe. This 50/50 Hybrid holds a high CBD level of 12%, making it one of the top medicinal strains around. Its tightly packed, medium-sized chunky popcorn buds have a green-yellow colour coated in trichome crystals and surrounded by tiny sugar leaves. Cannatonic puts off a distinct aroma that is earthy when it first hits your nostrils but is quickly followed by hints of citrus that turns sourer after lighting. Your tastebuds won’t be too overwhelmed with this strain, but you’ll find a flavour of fresh pine and citrus with a tangy sweetness that lingers on your tongue.

The Cannatonic marijuana strain holds a lower THC level of 7%-15%. A decent high, but more mellow than the average buds. This CBD-rich strain brings optimism and relaxation without the heightened energy that most hybrid strains bring. A calm high, if you will. It’s one of the hottest medicinal strains on the market and linked with aiding a long list of medical symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, and more severe conditions such as cerebral palsy. Cannatonic has become the strain of choice for countless medical and recreational marijuana users alike. 


Purple Urkle

The Purple Urkle cannabis strain is a 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid, with THC contents reaching 18%-21%. The strain originated in California through a mix of the Granddaddy Purple and Mendocino Purps cannabis varieties. The Purple Urkle weed strain has characteristic purple buds, which give off a sweet smell of fruity pebbles and a delectable earthy grape flavour. That, combined with its mellowing effects, makes this strain amongst the most popular in Canada. 

The Purple Urkle marijuana strain has also amassed a following for its medicinal properties. It is widely used to combat insomnia, stress-related disorders and can help as a potent analgesic. Also, it is one of the best cannabis strains for anxiety that you can take during the night. Furthermore, it is highly effective for treating headaches, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Purple Urkle plants are short, stalky, and bushier than other cannabis varieties and can take much longer to harvest. This strain is recommended for experienced growers and generally does better when grown indoors with sufficient humidity levels. 



Critical Mass

Created by crossing the Afghani and Skunk #1 Kush strains, the Critical Mass cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant option with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 80:20. Orange hairs coat these dense green buds with frosty crystal trichomes and purple peeking tones. The scent profile of the Critical Mass marijuana strain is an intense, skunky smell. When burned, this strain creates a citrusy, earthy smoke, while its users are said to experience a woody flavour profile. 

The high produced by the Critical Mass weed strain initially leaves users feeling energized and giggly but slowly soothes them into a relaxed state. Its THC level falls between 19% and 22%. Thanks to its ability to relax the body, this strain does well in treating medical users that suffer from cramps and muscle spasms. Chronically ill populations also benefit from its use, as it can help treat insomnia and nausea. It is also among the best weed strains for social anxiety.



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