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CBD for Pain Relief: How Cannabidiol is Helping Improve Quality of Life

CBD for Pain Relief

The world is constantly changing, and today, pharmaceuticals are being challenged by a conscious and intentional effort that provides alternatives to medications that have been considered the only suitable option for decades. 

The research behind full-spectrum CBD oil has gathered momentum since the 1980s. During that time, the research has become more tangible. 

The CBD market provides a natural alternative to many over-the-counter and prescription medications – particularly pain and anti-inflammatory medicines. 


What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol

It is a compound extracted from the hemp and Cannabis plant that is an effective health supplement that addresses several health issues people find themselves struggling with. 

It is a favoured alternative medicine thanks to its ability to reduce pain and inflammation with little to no side effects. 


What are the Effects of CBD Oil on Pain and Other Conditions?

It is important to remember that research on the effects of CBD oil is ongoing, and scientific research continues to produce new evidence supporting its therapeutic potential. 

CBD is most notably recognized as one of the most effective medications to treat childhood epilepsy syndromes like Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).

Although CBD has tremendous potential to help with many health conditions, it is still best to talk with a health professional about any safety and side effects of taking CBD oil.


Anxiety and Sleep.

In numerous studies, CBD oil has also been shown to reduce anxiety in individuals and relieve sleep issues and insomnia. This, in turn, can indirectly help reduce pain by giving yourself optimal amounts of rest and relaxation to recover.


Chronic Pain Management.

One of the most common uses of CBD is to alleviate pain. However, studies indicate that CBD oil could be used to treat pain effectively. 

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates can all help with inflammation and provide pain-relieving benefits. 

Studies showed that the use of topical CBD products helped with reducing symptoms of inflammation and pain in people who have arthritis. 

A similar study in 2020 also showed that patients suffering from Neuropathy benefited from the pain-relieving effects associated with CBD oil. Their inflammatory and neuropathic pain lessened once they used topical CBD products.

Furthermore, you can ingest CBD edibles like CBD gummies and CBD tincture products or apply them topically with CBD creams to manage pain. Also, transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and can be found in CBD patches.

Just make sure to buy the best CBD oils and best CBD creams for the best results.



There is limited evidence, but evidence, all the same, that CBD products can be used to treat withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction. 

Studies are still in their early stages, but CBD oils’ effects may be therapeutic and assist those with drug addictions on their road to recovery. 

How Can CBD Help With Pain Relief?

How Can CBD Help With Pain Relief?

Animal and human studies appear promising, but our understanding of CBD for pain management is still evolving. 

CBD oils interact with your endocannabinoid, inflammatory, and pain-sensing systems, and evidence from studies suggests that CBD inhibits those systems. 


Best CBD Products to Relieve Pain?

CBD oil may provide much-needed relief if you want to relieve chronic pain or treat common physical issues like joint pain, nerve pain, or muscle pain.  

Depending on the CBD product you use, there are a variety of ways that CBD can help with pain relief. 

Recommending which products are best isn’t easy. Typically, topical products work best to relieve pain. 

Within that space, transdermal patches offer superior results. You can receive anything from a few hours to days of relief with one application. This is because the skin around the affected area regulates and slowly absorbs the dosage. 

Daily Marijuana has received some great reviews and appears to meet consumers’ expectations regarding the quality and effectiveness of its CBD pain products. 



Hemp-derived CBD products may also be a viable alternative if you have concerns about THC.  Broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products should not have any traces of THC. However, full-spectrum CBD products will contain less than 0.3% THC, and cannabis-derived CBD products typically contain much higher THC levels.


How to Use CBD for Pain Relief Products Effectively?

What appears to work well for many are topical CBD products like creams, balms, and transdermal patches

Topicals can be applied directly to the affected area and get to work once used. 

Generally, they take effect in around half an hour and have been shown in numerous studies to provide pain relief. 

Best Place to Buy CBD for Pain Products?

Best Place to Buy CBD for Pain Products?

This is always a tricky question to answer for many reasons. 

You should consider three primary factors when determining which CBD is best. 



Many retailers stock multiple brands like BioLyfe CBD oil and Keoni CBD oil.

It might be in your best interest to find a highly recommended brand and then find a CBD store, either online or within your community, that stocks the brand you’ve identified as best for you. 

Key Considerations:

  • Third-Party Lab-Testing
  • Certified Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP)


Store Integrity 

The CBD retailer you choose to do business with can dramatically affect your experience. 

Make sure they have a clear and favourable history before spending your hard-earned money. Again, external reviews are an excellent place to start to get an unbiased view of what to expect. 


Medicinal Consideration

Get medical advice from health professionals before purchasing if you suffer from chronic pain like arthritis pain or cancer pain. Most CBD products are not FDA-approved, so it is always best to check with a healthcare professional before adding CBD to your daily routine.



Finding a sustainable treatment plan for pain is challenging. However, the CBD legal landscape allows for more research, and as more clinical data is collected, more medical conditions can be treated by CBD extract products. 

Studies are still ongoing, but the evidence that CBD can assist pain management is promising.

Pain, to any degree, must be treated if you’re experiencing physical discomfort for a short or extended period. 

CBD products could be the answer you’re looking for, but ensure that you speak to a medical professional, as prescription vs. approved nonprescription CBD products could deliver different results. Lastly, ensure you buy CBD online in the USA or Canada from a reliable source. 



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