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How to Consume Shrooms

How to Consume Shrooms (2)

Taking magic mushrooms has become quite common. But it’s important to understand what these are before you can consume magic mushrooms. 

Shrooms (magic mushrooms) contain Psilocybin, an active ingredient. Psilocybin is responsible for inducing psychedelic experiences among folks who consume magic mushrooms. You experience mild hallucinations, euphoria, and intense senses and feelings. 

There have been studies on these psychedelic effects for treating mental illness and improving mental health. This is by using psilocybin therapy. However, there’s a need for more clinical research. 


What are Shrooms (Magic Mushrooms)?

The best way to learn how to do shrooms is by first understanding what they are. So, what are shrooms? 

Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and contain the active Psilocybin ingredient. There are more than 170 mushroom varieties that contain Psilocybin worldwide. All these can induce hallucinogenic effects after consumption. 

When you consume magic mushrooms with Psilocybin, the body converts it to psilocin. This is a compound known to cause psychoactive effects in the body. Magic mushrooms also contain other chemicals, such as norbaeocystin and biocytin. 

It’s important to know that Psilocybin falls under Class 1 drugs. This means it has a high capacity for misuse. It’s why the production, sale, and possession of magic mushrooms is illegal in Canada. However, even if it’s illegal under Canadian Federal law, folks still partake in magic mushrooms. 

In 1958, Dr. Albert Hofmann was the first person to isolate the Psilocybin active ingredient. This is even though many cultures have known about shrooms’ psychoactive effects for centuries. 

The best way to consume magic shrooms is when dry or by mixing them with food or drink. Some folks prefer to consume freshly picked magic mushrooms or mushies. 

What are Shrooms (Magic Mushrooms)?

There are different types of magic mushrooms worth noting. These include:

Fresh Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms with Psilocybin grow naturally in nature. They can grow on the ground without human assistance, especially in the wild. However, it is also possible to cultivate magic mushrooms. Folks do so using mycelium spores for the best results. 

Foraging has become quite popular as folks seek different types of naturally growing shrooms. But it’s important to know that picking wild magic mushrooms can be dangerous. Given the high number of mushrooms that grow in nature, a huge percentage are known to be poisonous. 

This is why it’s important to know the different types of mushrooms before searching for fresh ones. Not only can you endure a bad trip, but poisonous mushrooms put your health at risk. Enduring a state of heightened emotions and distorted senses in the middle of nowhere alone is risky. 

Dried Mushrooms

Dried magic mushrooms are another option for folks who want to take shrooms. This is a great way to have a psychedelic experience. Since fresh mushrooms have a high-water content, some people prefer consuming them dry. 

That entails removing about 90% of the water, which leaves you with dried mushrooms. Essentially, one dose of dried mushroom is the same as 10 doses of a fresh one. After picking mushrooms, you must quickly remove the water content and prevent rotting. 

Never eat rotting magic mushrooms since this can affect your health and well-being. There’s already a presence of mould which is bad for your health and can lead to stomach problems. You must be keen when purchasing dried mushrooms for a psychedelic experience. 

The market for psilocybin magic mushrooms isn’t regulated, so there’s a high risk of consuming the wrong product. Note that bad magic mushrooms can have physical effects and not have any psychoactive ones. 

Powder Mushrooms

The third type of magic mushroom for a profound psychedelic experience is powder. These are mostly in capsule form, but they pose a greater danger. The psilocybin shrooms in capsule form are risky due to additives. 

Many producers don’t state the real ingredients, which means you don’t know what’s actually in the powder. Apart from capsules, there’s also shroom tea which many people enjoy. 

Psilocybin-infused Edibles

Shrooms are available in fresh, dried, and powder forms. However, you can also master how to consume shrooms as psilocybin-infused edibles. Essentially, folks find these shroom edibles quite tasty and an amazing way to get a trip.

Shroom edibles can range from shroom chocolates, shroom gummies, cookies, and brownies. There’s an influx of shroom products in the market. This is thanks to the extraction of Psilocybin from magic mushrooms and infusing it with edibles.

Shroom Beverages

Have you ever had a shroom beverage? There are cold or hot shroom brews that you can take for a psychedelic experience. These can include teas and soft drinks that are fun to drink and enjoy.

There’s even the option of shroom coffee that’s good to enjoy, hot or cold. The blend of coffee and mushroom extracts with Psilocybin is a growing popular trend. Teas also come with infusions of cocoa or tea leaves. 

How Much Magic Mushrooms Should I take?

How Much Magic Mushrooms Should I take?

One of the best ways to master how to do shrooms is by knowing the proper dosage. Most people who plan to consume shrooms are unaware of the levels of effect. In essence, magic mushrooms have 4 levels of effect worth noting. 

Low Dose

The low dose occurs when you consume 1g of magic shrooms. It still has noticeable psychedelic effects, including mild euphoria and enhanced senses. 

Medium Dose

Mostly, you can come across an eighth of shrooms, about 1.75g. This contains 17.5 mg of Psilocybin. You will surely experience psychedelic effects, but not a full-blown distortion of current reality. 

High Dose

A high dose of magic mushrooms can be 3.5g and contains 35 mg of Psilocybin. It’s better to be in a safe area when you take such a high dose since you will go through a profound psychedelic experience. This can also include panic attacks, high blood pressure, and sensory distortion. 

Ultra-High Dose

This is about 5g of magic mushrooms, otherwise known as the ‘heroic dose.’ There’s 50 mg of Psilocybin in this amount that brings about the deepest psychedelic effect. Most people prefer the ultra-high dose when they want to get lost in the experience. 

Clinical trial results show that doses and descriptions of magic mushrooms do matter. Patients at John Hopkins University received doses of Psilocybin during controlled studies. They received different psilocybin doses to observe the effects. 

People who received high doses of 20 to 30 mg of Psilocybin got to experience full-blown psychedelic experiences. 

So, with this information, the best way to master how to do shrooms is to start slowly. Learning how to take magic mushrooms doesn’t happen overnight. This is why it’s crucial to ease into it with a low dose and continue increasing the psilocybin content. 


What is the Best Place to Buy Shrooms in Canada?

There are many different places to buy shrooms in Canada, like Daily Marijuana. Many online platforms allow you to shop for different types of high-quality shrooms. You can sit back home while enjoying a peanut butter sandwich and tea and place your order. 

The online stores only sell to people 19 years old and above. Once you decide to take shrooms, you can choose from shroom capsules, shroom gummies, shroom chocolate, dried shrooms, and even shroom tea.  You can even find sites that offer premium-grade LSD tabs.



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