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How to Make Shroom Tea?

Shroom Tea

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

For the people who are lucky enough to live in areas where mushrooms are not illegal, this article will help them with some great ideas for making delicious shroom tea.

The mushrooms we are talking about aren’t the ones you can buy from the grocery store. Psilocybin mushrooms are often called magic mushrooms and are grown in the wild and sometimes cultivated. These types of mushrooms naturally carry properties that make one go high. In other words, these shrooms are popular because they contain psilocybin and hence are psychoactive.

They don’t exactly taste like the ones we buy from the grocery stores as well. Most people are not big fans of their taste. They kinda taste heavy and meaty at times. Some people still prefer eating them raw but that’s not what everybody would want to do. Therefore, people look for different ways to consume these shrooms. If you’re one of those, look no further. We will tell you all that you need to know about making great tea out of these shrooms.

Knowing how to make shroom tea comes in handy and making it is one of the simplest ways of consuming them. The fun part is, there’s no hassle. Whatever you’ll need for the preparation of this tea, there are high chances that you will find everything in your kitchen.

Whether we’re talking about Chinese, Japanese, or the old Romans, or the Greeks, shroom tea has been popular for so many centuries. Due to its potential health benefits, it has always been around. It’s still popular among all the tea fanatics out there.

As for as the psychonauts are concerned, they are huge fans of this magic tea. According to them, it’s one of the easiest and the most effective ways of consuming magic mushrooms. Plus, the aftereffects of this tea are also said to be more ‘pleasurable’.

Numerous types of mushrooms are popular for their uses in tea. As well as a huge variety of mushrooms can be found over the internet as well. What’s important here is to remember to buy only from reliable sources. Compromising on the quality of the shrooms can be disastrous. Here are some of the available and popular mushroom types:

  •         Lion’s Mane
  •         Chaga
  •         Maitake
  •         Reishi
  •         Turkey Tail
  •         Cordyceps

They’re all different varieties of mushrooms and surely have their unique properties, tastes, and experiences. Also, they’re all beneficial for us as they can help us in improving our overall health.

There are lots and lots of different shroom tea recipes that one may find over the internet but if you like to keep things simple, this one is for you. This method is proven to give great results as a long number of people prefer using the simpler style of tea. And as far as the potency is concerned, you don’t have to worry about a thing as not much of it is lost during the process.

Know the Product

Step 1 is to know your products. Always know your products!

You should always be aware of the sort of products you have at hand.

Weigh the desired dose of mushrooms. You would do well if you have a scale somewhere around. Well if you don’t have a scale, we recommend you get one. The problem is about the quantity. How will you know what exactly do you want without weighing your mushrooms? Plus, you wouldn’t want to find out after a couple of hours that the shrooms dose in your tea, was more than you wanted, or worse, was less. So the ideal way to start is by weighing your shrooms.

Grind Shrooms

Step 2 is all about Grinding your Shrooms

Grind them well and grind them fine. See if you have a hand grinder or a cannabis grinder. Grab it and get the job done. In case you don’t that sort of a grinder, you can always use the coffee grinder.

For a refreshing slash better taste, chop a small part of ginger and throw it into the shroom powder that you created a while ago.

Add the desired amount of powder along with the ginger piece and put them into a cup and pour some hot water into the pot. Let it rest for a while as it will need some time to completely mix with the hot water.

After 10ish mins, mix well and take a sip of it. If you like the taste, great. If not, you can always put a tea bag and see if that suits you any better.

You can also add a bit of honey just so it starts to taste preferable and there you have it.

Another way to make this tea is by cutting shrooms into small chunks and put them inside your teapot. Add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice to the shrooms and come back after 10-15 minutes.

Boil some water and allow it to cool down for a while. Pour the water into the teapot that already has the mushrooms. Let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes and your tea is almost ready.

Come back to smell the tea to find out whether it will excite you or not. You can always add some honey to taste. It (almost) works all the time.

There you go. Now you’re aware of two great yet simple ways of making your mushroom tea. Enjoy it however and whenever you like. You can go for it on a lonely evening or with friends on weekends.

In conclusion, learning how to make shroom tea is pretty simple. All it takes is a little effort and will. But when we get to know about the ample benefits of consuming it regularly, we will make sure to take some time out to make one hot cup for ourselves, every day.

However, if you’ve never tried the shroom tea before it’s recommended to take a low start and go slow.


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