How To Use THC Distillate?

How To Use THC Distillate

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has led to the industry’s growth and understanding of cannabis-related products. Today, the field is a science filled with technical experts, processing and consuming equipment.

In the past decade, weed products have increased, mainly weed concentrates. For instance, you may have heard of concentrated THC, commonly known as liquid gold. 

Have you explored the world of cannabinoid concentrates or distillates? If you like starting your day on a high note, try THC distillate which is convenient and easy to use.


What is THC Distillate?

THC distillate is a highly purified concentrate of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound in the marijuana plant that gives a high effect. The product is in the form of a clear to amber thick oil. 

It’s made through a distillation process that eliminates all the other cannabis compounds and plant matter to come up with a concentrate of pure THC that is highly potent.


How to Make THC Distillate?

Cannabis distillates undergo technical distillation processes involving specialized equipment. The distillation process is the same as in alcohol or oil manufacturing. It involves heating a mixture to a known temperature that makes the desired compound vaporize and be collected individually. 

Different cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures making it possible to distil THC alone, resulting in an oily, translucent, thick product of almost 90 – 100% THC

Methods used to make THC distillates

  1. Alcohol extraction
  2. CO2 extraction
  3. Ice water extraction
  4. Bee-assisted extraction  
  5. Hydrocarbon extraction

These procedures are lengthy and involve technical knowledge and specialized equipment. To learn more about the above distillation processes, visit the Analytical Cannabis site.

Types of Cannabis Distillate

Types of Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis distillate comes in two forms, the THC distillate and CBD distillates, which are used differently.

THC distillate can be used mainly in vaporizers, topicals, or edibles. The product is an alternative for people who want to get cannabis high without smoking. Topicals provide the user with an alternative to absorbing the high THC concentration through their skin.

CBD distillates are used similarly to THC distillates but have more health benefits. CBD distillates are used in vapes, topicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and edibles for medicinal purposes in treating different ailments and health conditions. 

CBD may help relieve inflammatory pain, anxiety and depression, cancer-related symptoms, and acne. 


How to Use THC Distillate?

To answer how to use THC distillates, first, you should note that THC distillates are incredibly potent compared to most cannabis extracts and requires experience in the use of marijuana. The high potency of the product means that you will need a smaller amount to have an intense high. 

For this reason, cannabis distillates are gaining popularity over other cannabis concentrates.

These three popular ways individuals use THC distillates:

  • Smoking/Vaping
  • Ingestion


How to Smoke THC distillate?

Practically it’s not possible to roll a joint of THC distillate, but you can vaporize it. Vaping weed distillates remains the most popular way of consuming the products.

 To smoke distillates, you can use any of the following methods.

  • Using an e-nail or a dab rig
  • Using a vape pen that can reach the necessary temperatures to cause vaporization of the THC distillate
  • When using a bong or pipe, add a drop of distillate to the marijuana flower; it increases the potency in the smoke.

Types of Cannabis Distillate

Types of Cannabis Distillate

It’s safe to ingest the distillate THC oil directly and use it to make cannabis edibles. The product is a critical ingredient in many THC-infused edibles. Distillate is a form of activated THC, which you can mix in almost anything you eat or drink.

Consuming edibles with cannabis full spectrum concentrates or made of plant oil extracts usually results in more prolonged and well-rounded effects than distillates. However, a pinch of pure THC distillate is ideal for people who like a potent weed product. The best distillate for edibles is the syringe model, which is easily ingested. THC distillate sold in jars is mainly meant for dabbing

Here are five ways you can use THC distillate in edibles.

Hot drinks

Do you like starting your day on a high note but don’t like to smoke or are afraid of the extra calories in sweet edibles? THC distillate is pre-activated and doesn’t require infusion. Since cannabis distillates are thick and dense, hot drinks work better at melting them than cold ones. 

To infuse your hot drink, start by placing a drop of the distillate on the bottom of your mug, then pours in hot coffee, tea, bone broth, or chocolate. 

Direct ingestion 

When consuming pure THC distillate, put a drop on your tongue and have a mint or something else to neutralize the herb’s taste. Just ensure that you aren’t dropping large quantities. 

Remember, pure THC has a higher potency, and you may end up gazing and laughing on the screensaver or fail a D.U.I. test.

Infusing with syrup and honey

Infuse THC distillate with syrups for morning waffles or evening cocktails. You can use THC-infused honey for those recipes that use honey for direct consumption or as a spread. Infusing honey and syrup is a bit complicated; emulsifiers, like sunflower lecithin, ensure the cannabinoids mix uniformly and don’t separate when the mixture cools. 

To infuse honey or syrup, use an equal amount of the emulsifier as that of the distillate. The procedure involves heating your syrup or honey on low and adding the distillate and lecithin while stirring to achieve a thorough, even mixture. Store your Infused-honey or syrup in a cool, dark place to use it within six months.

Use THC distillate when making candy and gummies

Making THC-infused gummies and candies requires additional ingredients, soy or sunflower lecithin, gelatin or corn starch, and flavourings. 

You will also need more equipment and, most notably, a gummy mould. If you have the know-how and recipes to make gummies using infused coconut oil, substitute the oil with a THC distillate when making your candies.

Mixing with mac and cheese for use when making other dishes

Mixing cannabis distillate with mac and cheese will hide the distillate’s grassy flavour on a buttery meal or snack. We don’t infuse the butter fat with THC distillate, but it increases THC potency during digestion.

To mix THC distillate with dairy products, while heating the dairy product at low heat, add the distillate and mix to have an even distribution of THC in the mixture. You can now use the infused mac and cheese when preparing your favourite buttery meals.


What is the Best Place to Buy Weed Distillate Online in Canada?

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