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Northern Lights Strain Review

Northern Lights Strain Review

One of the most famous cannabis strains, Northern Lights is incredibly popular and available from various growers. This is a mostly indica strain, with 95 percent of it being indica.

Northern Lights was previously called CI #5 F1, and it has won awards over the years. 

History and Genetics

As mentioned, Northern Lights is a 95 percent indica strain, with the remaining 5 percent of it being sativa. 

No one is sure of the strain’s exact history and lineage. However, most experts agree that its genetics likely go all the way back to two landrace strains, Afghani and Thai. As landraces, both of these strains naturally developed in their areas. Rumors say that it began in the Pacific Northwest within the United States before it was brought to the Netherlands and fine-tuned there. 

It is clear that breeders fine-tuned the Northern Lights strains in Holland. The current Sensi Seeds is credited with finalizing the strain in Holland in 1985. The strain is still a relatively recent arrival in the United States, but it is already very popular, especially along the West Coast and in Colorado. 

Northern Lights also has led to various other strains, with its child strains including the hybrids Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. 


Northern Lights typically has a THC content of around 27 percent, although it has been measured to have as high as 33 percent. 

This high potency likely contributes to the quick and intense effects that most people notice when using Northern Lights.



Most people who use Northern Lights do so to enjoy relaxation and sleepiness. Many people refer to Northern Lights as one of the “two-hit and quit” strains, meaning that you will only need to take two hits of the bud before you begin to feel the effects in a strong way. 

After using Northern Lights, you are likely to feel lazy with a whole-body numbing feeling that many users appreciate. Even if you just consume a small amount of Northern Lights, you are likely to want to just relax on the couch or another comfortable spot, likely with some snacks within easy reach. 

The munchies that are common with this strain make it relatively popular among those trying to overcome a lack of appetite. The heavy body high can also help relax the body, even for those who deal with chronic pain. The extreme relaxation associated with Northern Lights also appeals to people with insomnia. Those with experience using Northern Lights say that it is nearly impossible to resist sleep after a few hours and that you wake up the next morning feeling very well-rested. 

When you use Northern Lights, you will also notice feelings of happiness and well-being. This effect makes it popular among those who have to deal with depression or anxiety. 

Some people also note feeling increased focus and creativity when they use Northern Lights, as well. This may or may not be the case for you, so it is best to give it a trial run before you use this strain as a way to boost your creativity and focus. 

Side Effects

The most common side effect associated with Northern Lights is dry mouth, which is also a common negative effect of nearly every single cannabis strain, so this should not give you any reason to skip this particular strain. You may also notice dry eyes, another incredibly common side effect of cannabis. If you consume higher doses of Northern Lights, there is a risk of anxiety and paranoia, which is once again common among multiple strains when consumed in high doses. 

Flavour and Aroma

Those who use Northern Lights appreciate the earthiness in its flavour and aroma. The prominent terpenes in the strain are herbal with peppery and citrus terpenes also making their influences known. 

Overall, the aromas of the strain are pungent with sweetness and spice. The aroma is also described as earthy and piney, sometimes with some light sweetness while the flavor is earthy, piney, and hashy. 


The buds of Northern Lights are covered in crystal trichomes. Those buds may also be purple at times. As an indica, Northern Lights is a stout plant. 


Best Time to Use It

Most people who have used Northern Lights suggest doing so at night. This strain follows the stereotype that indicas are relaxing. In fact, given its popularity, it likely contributed to that stereotype despite the fact that effects vary by strain. Northern Lights certainly furthers this idea of indicas being connected to relaxation as it is among the purest indicas you will find at 95 percent and is incredibly sedative. 

Growing the Strain

If you choose to grow Northern Lights, you will need to allow it between six and eight weeks for flowering to occur. Expect each square meter to yield as much as 125 grams. In most greenhouses, this translates to about 100 grams of yield for every plant. Northern Lights is also mold resistant. You should not have a problem growing Northern Lights in either soil or hydro systems. 

Who Should Grow It

If your growing preferences include quality over quantity and a strong preference for easy growing, then Northern Lights is a good choice. 

Beginners will find it relatively easy to grow Northern Lights since the plant is resistant to mold, diseases, and pests. It also helps that it is stout as this makes growing easier for beginners. 

A Note About Strains With Its Name

When looking at Northern Lights, you should keep in mind that its popularity also means that there are numerous varieties available. Depending on the grower who sources the buds, flowers, or seeds that you buy, the genetics may be slightly different. A fair number of growers have enhanced their version of Northern Lights by crossing it with another strain. Not all of those growers subsequently changed the name of their strain, so strains called Northern Lights are not always the same. 

If you want the original Northern Lights strain, then make sure to pay attention to the information available about your chosen strain at the dispensary, whether you shop online or in person. 

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