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Weed Edible Dosage

Weed edibles are widely known as a safe, effective, and potent way to consume Cannabis. However, when learning how to take marijuana edibles, weed edibles can be overconsumed, leading to unpleasant side effects. This article contains helpful tips on the best marijuana edibles dosage and what to do if you feel you’ve overconsumed.  


One Size Does Not Fit All 

Like everything in life, no one factor can be prescribed as the perfect fit for everyone. Each person has unique preferences, physiological composition, genetic factors, sensitivity, and desired effects. Accordingly, the dosage and effects of Cannabis are never ‘one size fits all.” The following information is meant as a general guideline, understanding that each person’s metabolism, body weight, sensitivity to Cannabis, consumption amount, the strain of edible consumed, and desired effects will affect dosage and tolerance. 



Choosing the Right Edible Dose 


There are several factors to consider when configuring the proper dosage of edibles. One factor that comes into play is the body’s absorption of Cannabis into our endocannabinoid system via our digestive tract. This routing through the digestive tract changes how Cannabis affects the body, and consumers will discover a noticeable difference in the high of edibles compared to smoking. Therefore, when choosing the proper edibles dosage, consider your metabolic rate, personal endocannabinoid system’s sensitivity, and established Cannabis tolerance.


Those with a history of gastrointestinal or digestive conditions frequently need higher doses of Cannabis. Likewise, if you are a regular consumer of Cannabis, you will have a higher tolerance, requiring a higher dosage to experience the effects of the edibles. Those with a higher body weight may also find a higher tolerance to Cannabis, though it is best to begin consumption in small amounts to test the effects. 


How Many Edibles Should I Eat? 

Have you been asking yourself, “How Much THC Edibles Should I Take?” To figure out how many edibles you should eat, begin by reading the package. Then, take into account any history you have with edibles and Cannabis. For example, regular weed smokers with a high tolerance can safely consume a higher dosage, while those new to the Cannabis community will want to proceed cautiously. Also, you want to understand that weed edibles affect people differently than marijuana flowers.


To understand weed edible dosage, check out this weed edible dosage chart:


How Much THC Edibles Should I Take for a Mild High?

1-2.5 mg THC edibles 

  • Produces mild pain relief, reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances focus and creativity. 
  • Ideal microdose and perfect for beginning Cannabis consumers


How Much THC Edibles Should I Take for a Moderate-High?

2.5-15 mg THC edibles 

  • Substantial pain relief, reduction of anxiety and impairment of motor skills. 
  • Perfect dosage for recreational Cannabis use


How Much THC Edibles Should I Take for a Strong High?

30-50 mg THC edibles 

  •  Intense euphoric effects, significant reduction in cognition and motor skills 
  • The ideal dose for high Cannabis tolerance or restricted Cannabis absorption issues


How Much THC Edibles Should I Take for an Extreme High?

50-100 mg THC edibles 

  • An extremely potent dose includes the risk of unwanted side effects, including rapid heart rate, impaired cognition and vision, and nausea.
  • Caution: dosage level reserved for patients with inflammatory disorders or cancer and Cannabis consumers with an incredibly high tolerance to THC

When dosing THC edibles, do your best to start with small doses. Take note of how your edibles affect you, and if you need to, refer back to this weed edible dosage chart. And if you don’t want to get high, you buy CBD gummies or other cannabidiol products.


How Long Does it Take to Feel Edible Effects? 

Many factors influence finding the correct dosage of edibles. Depending on the dosage, you will experience more incredible effects. Edibles can take up to 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in and experience the full results. To understand the effects of edibles, you have to know the factors that influence your body and get to know how it affects you as you experiment with Cannabis consumption. 


A common mistake is consuming edibles and becoming impatient for the effects to kick in. When the desired effect doesn’t take place quickly enough, users will consume more edibles, thinking, “it’s not working.” Then, when the edibles take effect, they discover that they’ve consumed too much because they didn’t wait long enough for the edibles to take effect. Be sure to wait up to 2 hours for your edibles to take effect fully, and if you’re new to edibles, only consume a small amount until you know how it will affect you. 


Help! I’ve Over Consumed Edibles 


So you’ve overconsumed edibles, and you need help? Not to worry, this is a common problem. First, know that no one has ever died of taking too many edibles. While there can be some pretty unpleasant side effects, as we’ve already mentioned, there are things you can do to manage your symptoms, including: 


  • Choose an environment that feels safe. Have a friend with you to offer emotional support to ride out your high and keep you in a good head space until the effects wear off. 
  • Busy yourself with an activity such as watching a movie, taking a shower, or a hobby to take your mind off your paranoia or concern about the effects of the edibles. 
  • Stay hydrated to help keep your heart rate low and allow your body ample fluids to process the Cannabis. Although this does not constitute a medical emergency, it can induce paranoia and anxiety. Do your best to remain calm. Try chamomile tea, a hot relaxing bath, calming hobbies, and relaxing music, and remember that the effects will wear off eventually. 
  • Larger doses of CBD (between 50-200 mg with limited traces of THC) can aid in counteracting the effects of THC.

Consuming CBD to balance THC significantly reduces the symptoms of dosing THC edibles in too high of amounts. Products highly balanced in a ratio of CBD to THC are effectively therapeutic and do not impair motor skills and cognition as considerably as those high in THC alone. In addition, CBD helps to block the intoxicating effects of THC, so to balance the impact of THC-rich edibles, choose a product balanced with CBD. 



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