What is AAAA Weed, AKA Cannabis Quads?

What Are Cannabis Quads

With the increase in the number of marijuana users, there developed a need for people to know precisely the quality of weed they are smoking. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned user, it is critical to understand how to evaluate the quality of your marijuana in light of the current market. 

Although several other systems are used, the A-AAAA system, which accurately represents an evaluation and lab results, is the most accurate and straightforward method for judging the grade of marijuana.


How The Cannabis Grading System Works

In the late 1980s, there was a need to distinguish and identify flower grades because of the quickly developing cannabis strains. Early in the 1990s, Canada instituted the first recognized weed-grading system to respond to the issue. 

Initially, the A-AAA system was employed, but after the discovery of the AAAA grade, the system was enlarged to A – AAAA.

Grade A Weed 

Commonly referred to as dirty weed, judging by the name, this is the lowest grade of cannabis. This grade is typically just the scraps of an extracted cannabis flower. While this weed may still give you a high, you may also experience dizziness and headaches. 

The bud may also not burn evenly and doesn’t have the best taste. However, this grade is best if you want to smoke discreetly since the scent isn’t strong. 

Grade AA Weed

The AA-grade weed has a brownish colour. Although it’s a more improved version of the previously mentioned A, it isn’t the best in the market. The price point is also a bit higher than A but relatively on the cheaper side.

Grade AAA Weed

AAA-grade weed was previously believed to be the best ganja grade available. But as science and cannabis cultivation developed, this has fallen one notch, with AAAA or quads now being the top grade of weed. It comes in many types and is the most popular high-quality cannabis product in dispensaries and retailers. 

The grade also offers a better high than its predecessors. There is a significant chance that the weed you usually smoke is AAA.

Grade AAAA Weed

AAAA-grade weed is the closest step to luxurious weed there is. While there is still one more grade that’s better than this, AAAA marijuana is still some of the best premium-grade cannabis flowers available. This article will go into deeper detail regarding this type and provide you with all the information you require.

Grade AAAA Weed

What Are Cannabis Quads

Among the highest graded levels in the marijuana grading system is AAAA Cannabis Grades, sometimes referred to as Quads or premium weed. The aroma of AAAA marijuana is strong and dank, with a significant but not overpowering taste and even burn. Its overall hue ranges from purple to orange, the hallmark of high-quality marijuana. 

The buds of the Quads are large and well-kept, and everything seems tidy and well-packed.


How Are Quads Different Than Lower Quality Buds

As one of the highest weed grades, quads are better than low-quality buds in that they have:

  • Larger buds
  • More trichomes
  • Higher THC/CBD concentrations 
  • Better aesthetics, 
  • More terpenes
  • More strain alternatives 


Benefits Of AAAA Premium Weed

A lot of good can be said about AAAA premium quality weed. The most important advantage of these buds stems from their incredible potency. 

Some of the benefits of premium marijuana include the following:

  1. Owing to the grade’s high potency and abundance of terpenes that are at the peak of their development, AAAA premium marijuana has a more potent aroma and flavour than regular marijuana.
  2. The fully formed terpenes in AAAA premium marijuana also provide users with more potent and comprehensive therapeutic benefits.
  3. The medical industry also benefits from the buds’ high potency. Premium cannabis is ideal for many medical applications requiring high levels of THC.
  4. AAAA premium cannabis requires less plant material than standard buds.
  5. Smoking AAAA premium weed guarantees you are smoking safe marijuana with no side effects. Unlike grade A, which comes with headache and dizziness, AAAA only offers a smooth, high, and relaxing feeling.
  6. Since the Quads are highly potent, you don’t need to smoke a lot. A small dose goes a long way. This is best if you try to limit the number of blunts or cookies you take. Also, if you buy in bulk, your stash will last longer since you only take a little.

Benefits Of AAAA Premium Weed

Downsides Of AAAA

While consuming premium marijuana has numerous advantages, there are also some disadvantages. It’s crucial to remember that these drawbacks have a double edge, meaning that some people view them as advantages of the buds.

Premium flowers cost more money

Like everything else, premium goods will cost you a premium. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to buy the AAAA  grade than any other grade.

Preparation requires extra time

Compared to other marijuana strains that do not need to wait for the ideal period to get the best out of the buds, it will take longer for the terpenes and trichomes to grow fully i.e AAAA grade.

Stronger Aroma

Because premium flower has stronger flavours and aromas, it is not one of the most discreet consumption methods. Expect others to be able to smell what you’re smoking.


Where To Buy AAAA Weed In Canada

The most crucial task in finding high-quality weed is where you buy it. At Daily Marijuana, we take pride in selling the best marijuana in Canada because we have been in the industry for a long time. 

We take our time preparing our products to ensure our customers get the best and nothing else. Our products undergo quality production from choosing the right seeds to grow cannabis. Then the plants are grown under optimal conditions to ensure quality growth.

Then we follow good manufacturing practices when grading our cannabis.

Contact the best online dispensary in Canada today for the best cannabis quads.



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