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What Is Indica Marijuana?

What Is Indica Marijuana

Whether you have been using cannabis for several years or are just getting started, you may have heard about indica marijuana, one of the strains of cannabis. However, you might not know what it is. Indica and sativa are the two main options you have when choosing marijuana products. 

Different Cannabis Species

Scientists are still debating whether there is only one cannabis species or several. However, indica and sativa have some chemotaxonomic differences. The cannabis indica plant is part of the Cannabacae family. It was first classified in 1785 by a French biologist named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. He wanted to distinguish different types of cannabis — mainly the European and Indian cannabis strains. 

You can trace the origins of indica back to a mountain range near Pakistan and Afghanistan named Hindu Kush. The plant has a quick flowering cycle, so it can avoid the annual monsoons in that area. This means that if the plant has the name “Kush” in it, it is most likely the indica strain.

The scientist noted that Indian cannabis plants had intoxicating and mind-altering effects. However, in contrast, the European hemp plants did not have this effect. On average, the indica marijuana strain produces more THC and less CBD than the sativa varieties. Because of the higher levels of THC, you may experience hallucinations and a stronger psychoactive experience.

However, you can still experience relaxation and a sense of calm when using the indica strain. The strain can numb your mind, helping you forget about your problems. If you want to experience soothing and sedative effects, then you will want to choose indica instead of sativa. This is a great choice for using at night because it might help you sleep better.

Growing Your Own Indica

Growing Your Own Indica Marijuana

The indica plant is bushier and stockier than the sativa strain. The indica strain does best in high-altitude, cool climates. You can identify it by its short, blade-shaped leaves and dense branches. 

Usually, the plant grows to be about two to four feet tall. The flowers are longer and have wide buds. If you want to grow your own cannabis, especially indoors, its smaller size makes it a better option than the taller sativa.

Because of the shorter growing season, many cannabis gardeners prefer the indica marijuana variety. That way, they can get their harvest that much faster. The plant also offers higher yields than the sativa variety does. 

When you are looking for pure indica plants, you should take care. There are many varieties in the strains today because of decades of crossbreeding. The marijuana plant is one of the oldest known crops. In fact, some researchers believe that it may have even been the first crop. 

Recently, many growers have created hybrid strains to get the perfect balance of cannabinoids, as well as different flavours. Remember, each type of cannabis strain has a different effect on users. Researchers have only just begun to understand the science of how these strains can react with the body.

Indica vs. Sativa

These are the two most common types of cannabis plants, so you might be wondering what the difference is and how to choose the right type. Some people believe that the only difference between the two is the effects it gives you.

However, the real diffidence is in how each one is classified. They are both subspecies of the Cannabis genus. The differences in the growing conditions that each subspecies thrive in are not responsible for the different effects.

Instead, these effects are likely because of the large range of terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant. The terpenes are compounds that you can find in every type of cannabis plant. However, each strain has a unique terpene profile. No one terpene is found exclusively in one plant to determine the specific effects that each will give you. The terpenes can only give you an idea of what type of plant you are working with.

Instead, there are terpenes and cannabinoids that you more commonly find in one or the other, giving you a general idea of what each strain can do. Usually, this is because of the crossbreeding between the different strains. Today, even if you find a sativa or indica strain, you likely have a crossbreed.

The terpenes are what give the cannabis strains different scents. Sometimes, you might smell a floral scent. However, other types of plants give off a more citrusy or fruity scent. You can even find strains that give off an herbal or pine scent. You will most likely not be surprised to learn that terpenes are what give fruits and some other plants their smells. There is not much research done yet, but it is believed that the terpenes work with the cannabinoids to affect the user.

Picking the Right Strain

Picking the Right Strain

If you have been using cannabis for many years, you may remember being happy with anything you could find, not caring about the different types of strains. However, when more people started using marijuana, people started picking the varieties they liked the best.

The right type of strain for you will depend on the situation and what you want to get out of it. A sativa plant high in THC can mstake you feel uplifted and give you energy and euphoria. However, others may find that it is confusing and too intense, causing them anxiety. You are using cannabis to create an enjoyable experience, so trying both strains will help you decide which one you like the most. 

Closing Thoughts on Indica Marijuana

The higher levels of CBD in indica strains can balance out the THC content, giving you an overall feeling of well-being. Even though this may work well in the evening, you do not need to rule it out during the day. It has a balanced, mellow vibe to it. When you are doing activities that do not require much mental or physical energy, you can choose this variety. You are unlikely to become sleepier than before you started it.

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