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What Is Skunk Weed?

What is Skunk Weed

As the worldwide cannabis community continues to grow, welcoming new members every day, the language surrounding marijuana is also shifting and evolving. Words and phrases can change their meanings with the times. After all, we don’t speak like Shakespeare anymore. Shifting slang impacts all of society, including our weed-loving subculture. 

Terms that used to be commonplace become dated or fall out of use, so young potheads might not understand what the previous generations were talking about. One prime example of this phenomenon is the term skunk or skunk weed. 

What is skunk weed? The name brings to mind black and white skunks and the distinctive, persistent smell they spray when they feel threatened or attacked. If you’re ever passed through a place where a skunk sprayed or been unlucky enough to be sprayed yourself, you remember the horrible smell this cute animal can create.

Something skunky is considered stinky in the United States and most other North American cultures. However, the term skunk has been used to describe old-school marijuana, which also has a unique, memorable smell.

However, in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, skunk refers to the high THC levels of cannabis. This term isn’t used in a negative sense. Instead, it’s a generic descriptor for seedless, non-pollinated, potent cannabis flowers that are meant to be smoked.

Most smokers worldwide can understand what you mean if you ask what skunk marijuana is. We’re an intelligent crowd and we can figure out that skunk simply means cannabis. It’s too bad that this unpleasant name has been attached to such an excellent plant! What is skunk weed if not a fantastic gift of nature?


What Is The History Of Skunk Weed?

If you asked, “what is skunk cannabis?” One hundred years ago, no one would be able to answer you. Skunk dates back to the 1970s, when it was first cultivated in the United States. Skunk is a cross of short mountain hashish strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan, combined with tall and potent Sativa strains from Central and South America. This original crossover was named Skunk #1.

After early breeders discovered skunk weed, they were delighted with the new plant. Skunk #1 is potent, adaptable, and short flowering period. It produces buds in a relatively short amount of time, making it a valuable breeding variety. Skunk’s popularity lasts through today because it’s a consistent, reliable weed strain.

The only downside anyone could find with Skunk #1 was its strong and pungent smell. What is skunk marijuana’s smell? Many pot lovers from the 1970s reported that this strain smells like a dead animal. Despite offering significant effects like euphoria, relaxation, and a powerful high, the name Skunk was here to stay.

What is skunk weed’s history in the cannabis community? Skunk has been famous for decades because it provides a mix of powerful benefits. You’re getting both Indica and Sativa when you use a Skunk strain. Some users even claim that the original strain wasn’t that bad, smelling more like a sweet skunk than an angry one.

Skunk #1 is the founder of a great family of weed strains, but the name is still confusing users. No wonder when skunk is used in describing two very different situations:

  • First, skunk is the name of the famous cannabis strain that was first created back in the 1970s
  • Second, the term skunk is used as slang and in pop culture for any potent weed

If someone offers you some skunk, or you’re looking to purchase this variety, make sure you’re all on the same page. You should know if they mean the original strain or just a great strain of any heritage.


What Are Different Skunk Strains?

Since the 1970s, Skunk #1 has been spliced, crossed, and bred with other cannabis strains to create a whole family of baby skunks. The question of what skunk weed is getting even more complicated when you consider all of these other strains.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk was created from the original Skunk #1. This strain of Afghan hash was first created in the 1990s and immediately won the Cannabis Cup. You’ll find sweet flavours and mild relaxing effects from these thick, dense, aromatic buds.

Early Skunk

Early Skunk is another early skunk creation, but its name comes from its parents: Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. Sensi Seeds bred it as an easy-growing, Indica-dominant hybrid. Users report feeling happy, relaxed, and able to focus.

Skunk Kush

As the name implies, Skunk Kush is a blend of Skunk #1 and Kush from the Hindu Kush regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This Sativa/Indica hybrid promotes a dreamy feeling of being high and giggly.


Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk is an energizing hybrid strain with a pungent and robust lemon fragrance; a powerful flavour gives you an excited state of mind and enhances creativity. The Lemon Skunk cannabis strain is a cross between a pair of phenotypes of Skunk # 1.

White Skunk

White Skunk was bred by the White Label Seed Company, a sister operation of Sensi Seeds. This blend retains the classic skunky smell. It grows big, open buds that provide a relaxed feeling alongside increased concentration and focus.

Sensi Skunk

Another blend from Sensi Seeds, Sensi Skunk, has a citrus flavour instead of the typical skunky smell. In addition, this strain features Indica predominantly, creating a relaxing sensation among users. Many people love Sensi Skunk to help their muscles relax before drifting quickly to sleep.


Shiva Skunk

The strongest skunk variety, Shiva Skunk, was created by Sensi Seeds from Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1. Mixing the classic skunk scent with the heavy yield customarily offered by the Northern Lights varieties, this blend is perfect for enjoying a deep night’s sleep.

With such powerful and popular strains coming out of the skunk family, it’s clear that Skunk #1 has made valuable additions to the cannabis world. Now that you’ve learned what skunk weed is and what it offers, you should try this strain for yourself. Gather your favourite like-minded friends to see how you like skunk weed.


In Conclusion

We should note that not all skunk batches are the same. The strain’s genetics, environment, and grower’s experience are significant factors in how a specific bud looks, smells, tastes, and feels. If you want the best chances at the most accurate representation, you want to buy weed online in Canada from a reliable dispensary or weed delivery service such as Daily Marijuana. Order now, get 20% off your first order, earn rewards, and get complimentary gifts. See what others are saying on review sites such as Cannabis Ontario, and Weed Maps.




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