What Is The Difference Between Indica And Sativa Cannabis Strains?

If you’re serious about cannabis, you’ve probably discovered the Indica vs Sativa debate before. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis are the main types, strains, or families of cannabis. Each variety has unique physical traits and traditional mental and physical effects. However, the difference between Sativa and Indica isn’t always noticeable. Learn more about Sativa versus Indica to know what to expect on your marijuana journey and prepare yourself for your next trip to your local cannabis dispensaries.

What Is The Difference Between Cannabis Sativa And Cannabis Indica?

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are the scientific names for different plants in the marijuana family. When people talk about Cannabis sativa vs Cannabis indica, they discuss variations of the same plant. Sativa and Indica have specific effects and physical features that distinguish them from the family. This means that Sativa strains vs Indica strains deal with variations within marijuana strains, but these strains also have lots in common.


The term “Sativa” has been used since the 18th century to describe hemp and other plants found in Western Europe. Hemp was used in Europe for fibre, seeds, and fabric. Sativa was also known in Southeastern Asia for its medical properties.

No matter the differences in Indica vs Sativa, these plants also have many similarities. Both varieties are subspecies of the original cannabis plant. The two varieties split into subspecies after thousands of years of development. Growing regions and effects are the two main characteristics determining if a plant is Sativa versus Indica.

Sativa tends to grow in warm, tropical regions. It develops into a tall, stalky plant that needs room to grow. Some Sativa specimens can reach 20 feet or higher! It’s no wonder that Sativa is often grown outdoors in temperate climates with lots of light. Indicas, on the other hand, grow in colder areas. They usually mature into thick, bushy plants shorter than their Sativa cousins. 

When it comes to the physical traits of Indica vs Sativa, Sativa plants have thinner leaves that tend to bunch together. Indica plants look denser and have a fluffy, crowded appearance.

The Effects Of Indica

Cannabis sativa vs Cannabis indica each have different effects and growing regions. Indica strains are traditionally found in the mountains of Central Asia. European botanist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the first European scientist to identify this variety based on samples from India received in 1785.

Indicas tend to have high levels of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. Therefore, you’ll usually find higher THC levels in Sativa versus Indica. However, that doesn’t mean that Sativa is automatically better. Indica strains contain a significant balance of cannabinoids and other active ingredients. As a result, this mix delivers a balanced, full-bodied high that helps users feel relaxed and sedate. In addition, this strain usually has a large amount of CBD, which can also relieve pain and inflammation.

There are some notable differences between Sativa strains vs Indica strains. Indicas are great for relaxation and stress relief. You can expect the following experiences when using Indica.

  • CouchlockCouchlock describes the feeling of heaviness, relaxation, and lack of productivity that Indica strains can produce. Indica has large amounts of CBD and CBN that cause full-body sensations of heaviness. So if you’re trying to decide between Indica vs Sativa, choose Indica when you want a relaxing night.
  • Munchies. Indica can help fight lack of appetite or general fatigue. This reaction is caused when THC binds to brain receptors that deal with hunger and heeding skills. In addition, Indica is great for people struggling with medical conditions that suppress the appetite or cause upset stomachs.
  • Anxiety. Anxiety is a tricky concern for cannabis users. Some people find that cannabis relieves their anxiety, but others feel more anxious when they get high. Low amounts of Indica can help relieve tension and help people feel calmer. This might be because Indica has higher levels of CBD than Sativa.


Effects Of Sativa

On the other side of the Indica vs Sativa question, we have Cannabis sativa. Sativa strains are well-known for causing feelings of euphoria, cerebral highs, and stimulating effects. Sativa-lovers tend to prefer this variety because it improves mood, makes them more productive, and helps them feel creative. These effects are all due to the high levels of THC found in Sativa plants. 

Since Sativa contains lots of THC, it has complicated biochemical reactions. As a result, some people find that THC makes them feel anxious, while other herb users reduce their anxiety levels by using Sativa. Many factors impact anxiety, but the amount of THC consumed plays a part.

THC binds with receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to create a range of powerful reactions. If you take large amounts of THC, you may experience sensory changes such as paranoia and anxiety. Sativa can also cause the following effects:

  • Improved mood. Sativa strains cause a feeling of euphoria and uplifted mood. Depending on the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active ingredients, Sativa can also help enhance creativity, focus, and productivity. In addition, some plant lovers use Sativa strains specifically to help with depression and anxiety.
  • Increased energy. Thanks to the high levels of THC found in Sativa, these strains often cause users to feel a rush of energy. When this effect is combined with the cerebral effects of Sativa, users often find that they have more energy, stamina, and motivation and lower levels of fatigue.
  • Munchies. Whether you use Indica vs Sativa, you can expect one effect in common: THC is associated with feeling hungry. So it’s common to start craving your favourite snack when using Sativa and Indica.



In Conclusion

Now that you know the differences between Indica and Sativa weed strains, you might be wondering where to buy quality buds to try for yourself. At Daily Marijuana, you can buy weed online in Canada and get timely and reliable cannabis flower delivery in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and more!



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