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7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

Each cannabis has strains highlighting the different concentrations of the Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) alongside other compounds. The cultivators of marijuana grow the plants to have a different taste, look, and effect on the user.


Recently, there have been reports that the different marijuana strains predominantly arise from people’s experiences. Deriving of the various cannabis strains is from the Cannabaceae family of plants with two subspecies – Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The cultivator chooses traits that create the different characteristics with the effects that they want to achieve. There are three main strains of marijuana strains, namely: 

  • Sativa 
  • Indica 
  • Hybrid 

The combination of Indica and Sativa creates the best hybrid strain. The three strains of marijuana are classified primarily on the different plant’s shapes, features, and structures. Most users think the combination indicates they have sedating side effects, while the Sativa promotes energy. However, researchers demystify the classification.

7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

Classification of Marijuana

The marijuana strain is primarily classified based on the chemical composition such as THC, CBD, and other components like:

  • Low-CBD, High-THC — more euphoric
  • Low-THC, High-CBD — more clear-headed
  • Balanced THC and CBD — mildly euphoric

7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

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The Euphoric Effects Of Marijuana 

Most marijuana strains cause a significant positive shift in mood. Various marijuana cultivators look into having a perfect balance, including cultivating cheap buds, primarily to balance the phytochemicals to support Euphoria. The definition of Euphoria is the state of intense happiness and excitement. However, not every strain has the ability to keep bringing about a cognitive state. 

Marijuana affects happiness, depicted by snacks in hand, red eyes, and a significant smile. Smoking marijuana has the effect of increased levels of dopamine in synapses. The synapse is a neurotransmitter that’s associated with pleasure, good moods, and reward. The strain that has substantial levels of THC creates the effect in varying levels.

It is worth researching the various potential side effects of the different strains. In addition, the cannabis cultivators constantly cross breed plants to develop different CBD levels, THC, and other active components.

7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

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7 Best Euphoric Marijuana Strains

  • Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express strain is a hit. It’s the name of the indica-dominant progeny of the strain that is the Pineapple and Lemon Kush. The breeding project produces offspring that ramp up moods and promote dopamine neurons to fire. The pineapple and lemon Kush is a delicious breed framed for the energetic and uplifting effect; In addition, The pineapple express is accurate and provides a laid-back and stoned high. It has a THC level of 25% that ensures a pronounced level that is overwhelming.

  • Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush strain is one of the pure Indica marijuana strains derived from the mountain range stretching 500 miles from Afghanistan and Pakistan. This specific strain has a thick protective coat of trichomes because of the harsh climatic conditions in these demographics. In addition, it has an earthy-sweet, subtle sandalwood aroma. The Hindu Kush induces a deep sense of calm, reducing anxiety just like rockstar strains and help in bringing relief to people who suffer from stress disorders, pain, and nausea.

  • Lemon Kush 

The Lemon Kush strain boasts of all the various features that take to enhance moods. It is a cannabis indica flower strain with a refreshing taste and stellar genetics. In addition, the strain has an overwhelming metaphorical and literal sense. The Lemon Kush is a remedy for depression and low mood blasting with rays of Euphoria. It’s also a high physical, making the body feel wrapped in a warm blanket. 

These pleasant effects of the lemon Kush are augmented by a citrusy and spicy flavour invigorating the mind. The high soothing effect and complex taste come from Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush, and Chemdang.

  • Headband

The headband strain is one of the hybrid marijuana strains of the plant coupled with OG Kush and Sour Diesel. THC levels of 20-27% have a smooth, creamy smoke accentuating lemon and diesel flavours. In addition, the headband strain has a significant long-lasting effect that’s great for the pain. 

A majority of people report that the impact of the headband creates a slight pressure around the head, and it also feels like one is wearing a headband. The effects come on slowly. This is a potent hybrid with euphoric effects.

  • ChemDawg

Chemdawg, which is sometimes known as “Chemdog,” is a potent hybrid marijuana strain. The Chendawg has a mysterious, ambiguous origin. Besides, the strain produces a plethora of successful crosses. Moreover, the Chemdog is a success in the cannabis world. Comparing the Chemdog to the source of powerhouses such as  Sour Diesel and the OG Kush, Chemdawg is distinct with a diesel-like aroma that is intense and sharp. 

One can smell the strain from miles away. For new cannabis users, be warned that the Chem Dawg is very potent. It has a euphoric cerebral experience, and it’s coupled with a heavy body feeling.

  • Lemon Skunk

The Lemon Skunk strain is a timeless classic. The invigorating Sativa dominant variety is a culmination of Mexican, Colombian, and Afghan landraces. The growers continue to utilize stable and desirable genetics to breed world-renowned strains. Furthermore, it has an average content of THC at 14-22% over the effect is still apparent, and it produces a pleasant and euphoric high.

  • Amnesia Haze 

The Amnesia Haze strain can plunge users into a happy state of mind. The high levels of THC can provide you with an ecstatic state of being, while CBD levels of the strain can prevent the high from being too overbearing. In the end, the Amnesia Haze XL puts you in a good mood.




The cannabinoid can bind CB1 receptors, which initiates a chemical cascade that, in the end, triggers a chemical cascade resulting in the dopamine release. Very rarely does cannabis cause an immediate reduction in the mood, keeping in mind that one has to understand the basics of every dosage for individual tolerance. However, consult your doctor before incorporating these strains into your diet and lifestyle.

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