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What Are Cannabinoids?

What Are Cannabinoids

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Whether you’re a long-term cannabis user who wants to learn more about your favourite plant or are a new user doing your due diligence, you might be asking, what are cannabinoids? Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the marijuana plant. How many cannabinoids are there? Studies have seen more than 400 different kinds of compounds in the cannabis plant, but only 66 of these are considered cannabinoids.

Of these 66 cannabinoids, two of the most well-loved are THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, or cannabidiol. The difference between CBD and THC is pretty significant. Both are found in the marijuana plant, but that’s where their similarities end.

When you’re talking about THC vs CBD, it’s important to remember that THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In order words, THC is what gets you high. Products with elevated THC levels will make you high(er) as well. The opposite is true as well. Marijuana products with little or no THC will make you feel little or nothing. Pot lovers worldwide turn to goodies with high THC levels when they want to have a good time.

Looking at THC and CBD, we can’t ignore cannabidiol. CBD makes up around 40% of natural marijuana resin, so CBD is the second-most common cannabis compound. CBD is full of unique properties and causes many of the beneficial effects associated with using marijuana. For example, CBD helps users enjoy relief from severe issues like chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, stress, and more. 

Part of how cannabinoids work is that CBD does not get you high. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t have an intoxicating effect. Marijuana products can be full of CBD, but they won’t get you high without THC. 

THC and CBD can work together to provide a well-rounded marijuana experience. You can also use each compound separately to single out your favourite effects.

What are cannabinoids? You remember that there are many other cannabinoids besides THC and CBD. Other compounds include the following: 

  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinodiol (CBDL)
  • Cannabicyclol (CBL)
  • Cannabielsoin (CBE)
  • Cannabitriol (CBT)

Scientific studies are still uncovering fascinating details about how cannabinoids work. All the cannabinoids we’ve discussed in this guide cause different effects in humans. These compounds have a variety of medical and recreational purposes. If you like in Canada or other regions where cannabis is legal, you can explore the difference between CBD and THC on your own.

What Are Edibles 2

Infused Cannabinoid Products

When you’re choosing between THC vs CBD products, you can explore a range of infused goodies. Infused products use concentrated CBD extracts in addition to other beneficial goods. Infused CBD items are available at dispensaries across Canada, from edible products to luxurious beauty items and lifestyle goods.


Weed edibles are food products made with infused cannabinoids. Of course, it’s easy to make your edibles by adding weed to your favourite recipes, but you can also find commercially prepared edibles at dispensaries and online pot stores. Expect to find gummy candies, chocolates, baked goods, and even teas and beverages, all infused with THC, CBD, or both.

What Are the Different Types of CBD 2

Cannabis Oils

Oils infused with CBD are also popular at Canadian dispensaries. CBD oils are made by infused cannabis buds into an oil. Then, this infused oil is added to a carrier oil to make it easy to apply. What are cannabinoids? You can find out by exploring the full range of CBD oils at your local pot shop. You can also find THC oils as well.


Smoking is a classic method for consuming cannabis. Many users turn to smoking weed as their first choice for using marijuana. Try standard marijuana cigarettes, or learn to roll your own joints and blunts. 

What are cannabinoids? One great way to discover is by exploring other methods of smoking, such as bongs and pipes. Bongs are long glass pipes that act as a filter for your cannabis smoke. Bongs are a great way to enjoy cannabis at home or with friends.


Vaping weed is a modern method of smoking that’s becoming very popular. You can vape cannabis through a small electronic vaporizer, which you fill with liquid vape cartridges. New and young users love vapes for their portability, convenience, and streamlined look. If you’re using a vape, make sure to choose a reliable, top-quality model. You don’t need to replace your vape like you would pack cigarettes or marijuana rolling papers. Instead, do your research to select the best vape for you.


Weed pipes are an old-fashioned smoking method, but one that provides impressive results. Cannabis users who smoke a pipe appreciate the sense of class and sophistication that comes from a pipe. If you want to look great while enjoying your marijuana, then a pipe might be the best option for your needs.

Exploring Cannabinoids

All in all, there are many ways to enjoy your favourite plant. Smoking alone has a range of options, from cigarettes to joints to bongs to vapes. If smoking isn’t your thing, you don’t need to deny yourself the joys of marijuana. Think about how many cannabinoids are there in any infused product. Edibles and other infused products provide many benefits of cannabis without any of smoking’s potential risks to your cardiovascular system. You can even try topical products like body oils, creams, lotions, and more.

One great thing about the marijuana world is its diverse group of users. There’s no right or wrong way to use cannabis. Simply pick the method that seems best to you. If you’re new to cannabis or want to shake up your weed routine, you can always try something new. Check out your favourite dispensary or online pot store and try something different. You never know what marijuana product might be your new top choice.

In Conclusion on What Are Cannabinoids

Now that we know what cannabinoids are, which ones do you prefer? THC, CBD, or both together? Let us know what you think. If you are looking for some quality cannabis flowers packed full of cannabinoids, you can visit Daily Marijuana and find some of the best buds in Canada.

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