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A Guide on How to Make Weed Syrup

A Guide on How to Make Weed Syrup

You might not have realized that it is easy to make your own marijuana syrup. You can use ingredients that you most likely already have at home, and it only takes a few steps. Many people enjoy being creative with cannabis. It is an effect caused by taking a couple of hits from a marijuana strain. But many cannabis users are creative with the herb before using it. They come up with many ways of infusing it into drinks and food.

This is why you can find so many weed edibles recipes out there. Making your own syrup infused with cannabis is easy and is a fun way of enjoying pancakes or other breakfast foods.

So how do you make weed syrup?

The Importance of Decarboxylation

Before you use cannabis for anything, you will need to ensure that it is decarboxylated. That just means that you will be activating the THC in it. This means that you will convert the THCA in the marijuana, which is not intoxicating, to become THC. In fact, the THCA is one of the most common cannabinoids you can find in cannabis that has not been decarboxylated. Some people believe that THCA may have some potential advantages, but if you want to be high, you should ensure that it is decarboxylated.

If you vape or smoke cannabis, the process already decarboxylates it, but if you toss some raw cannabis in your food, you will not be very high. The process simply involves a low amount of heat for a longer period of time. You can decarboxylate in the oven if you want to make other edibles. But the good news is that this recipe allows you to automatically decarboxylate the cannabis.

How to Make Weed Syrup

To begin with, you will need to gather some ingredients. These include:

  •         603 grams of sugar
  •         Two grams of chopped or finely ground marijuana
  •         709 millilitres of water
  •         29 millilitres of glycerin from vegetables

You will also need to find a few tools in your kitchen, including:

  •         A cheesecloth or strainer
  •         A saucepan
  •         A container or jar that you can pour the finished syrup from

How to Make It

How to Make It

First, add all of the water and the sugar to your saucepan and start to boil it. Make sure that you stir it enough to dissolve the sugar completely. Now add the ground cannabis and allow it to simmer for around 20 minutes or so, keeping the lid on. This process is necessary for decarboxylating your marijuana.

It is important not to let it cook for longer than 20 minutes. That way, you will not overcook the marijuana and deactivate the THC in it. Now add your vegetable glycerin into your mix. That way, the cannabinoids in the cannabis can bind to the fat that is in the glycerin. This creates an infused mixture of syrup.

You can simmer it for around six minutes. However, it is important to keep stirring it each minute, so you do not burn the sugar. Once this step is done, you can put the syrup over the cheesecloth or strainer and separate out the plant material.

Some people like to put the cheesecloth in the strainer and hold this over a container. But however, you do it, you should remember that the syrup will be very hot. Avoid squeezing the cheesecloth so as not to place bitter pieces of cannabis in your mixture.

You can store the syrup in the fridge for a few weeks to keep it fresh. Make sure that you keep it in an airtight container until you are ready to use it. If you decide to add some flavour to it, you should use it in a week or two at the latest.

Easy Cannabis Syrup Varieties

Adding extra flavour to your syrup is easy. Once it comes off of the burner and has been strained, you can add your extra ingredients into the syrup. Then cover it, so the syrup can steep. If you want to make a few batches of flavoured syrup, you can put the liquid into jars with your different ingredients. Then you can cover the jars while they are steeping.

After it has cooled to about room temperature, take out the ingredients. Leaving organic matter in the syrup for a long time will make the shelf life shorter. And if you want to have a garnish later on, you can always add it then, which will likely taste better than if you let the ingredients sit in the syrup for several days.

Making syrups is your chance to mix things up a bit. You can try giving one of your favourite cocktails a new twist by adding some infusions to them. For example, mix a lemon-flavoured cannabis strain with some fresh mint leaves. Or try adding citrus rinds, fresh herbs from your garden, cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, or nutmeg. Don’t be afraid to mix these ingredients up. For example, cloves and nutmeg make a nice fall mix.

Using Your Weed Syrup

Using Your Weed Syrup

This is a simple method of making syrup using ingredients that are in your kitchen or even a grocery store. But one of the best things about this recipe is that there are so many different methods of using it.

It is a great concoction for adding to your favourite baked goods, and you can mix it in drinks to make them a bit sweeter. You could make some cannabis coffee or a cannabis cocktail. Some people like to add it to sparkling water to make a potent, yet non-alcoholic beverage. This is a great drink for the summertime.

It is also possible to substitute cannabis that is rich in CBD instead of a strain with THC in it. That can help you have a more relaxing experience that will not give you a high.

Closing Thoughts

Now you have learned how to make weed syrup, and because of the many uses of it, you can enjoy it at all times of the year. Plus, there are many ways of changing it up to meet your personal tastes.

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