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Hybrid Marijuana: More Than Just Indica and Sativa

Hybrid Marijuana More Than Just Indica and Sativa

You might have heard about hybrid strains as being crosses between sativa and indica varieties. However, hybrid marijuana is more than just a blend of the two. It can inherit important features from both of the species. Some of the more common types of hybrids are Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, and Jilly Bean. Knowing more about the kind of cannabis that you are using can help you decide which ones you will want to choose. 

What Does Indica and Sativa Dominant Mean?

When you choose hybrid marijuana, it will likely be either indica or sativa dominant. That means that the plants will inherit features from the parent that is dominant. For example, consider the hybrid Super Lemon Haze. Because it is dominant in sativa, you will feel more energetic. On the other hand, think about Cookies. Because it is dominant in indica, you will feel more sedated. 

A hybrid might also be considered to be a “true” hybrid. That just means that the levels of sativa and indica are equal. One example of this is Blue Dream. It can deliver a balanced amount of indica and sativa effects to you. You can experience both sedation and energy from true hybrids.

Using Hybrids

Because the chemistry of everyone’s body is different, finding the right type of marijuana for you will often take some experimentation. If you are a first-time user, then a hybrid may be just the thing for you. This is especially true if you do not know what the effects might be. If you want to experiment with different strains, then a hybrid is a good choice for you.

How Hybrids Are Made

How Hybrids Are Made

Hybrid marijuana is created when indica and sativa are bred together. In the past several years, farmers have been looking for ways to improve plants. One of the things they found was hybridization. That helped them to combine crops with other varieties, increasing the value.

Hybridization began in the 1960s. Sativa varieties that resisted mould and quickly flowering indica varieties were combined to create a great plant for commercial growth. In the marijuana family, there are both female and male plants. The annual plants reproduce through seed production and pollination. Because of the unbalanced nature of hybrids, future generations may have varying combinations of the genetic profile of the parents.

What Is the Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

The difference between the two is the way that they are classified. Traditionally, the indica plant thrives in colder areas. The sativa does well in hotter areas.

In general, an indica strain can give you a feeling of being high. On the other hand, a sativa strain can give you a mental high. There are many beliefs about why there may be differences in the type of high you get from each variety. The effects depend on the terpenes and the number of cannabinoids in the plant. However, one type will not be guaranteed to give you specific effects. Even the same hybrids might have differing levels of terpenes.

Finding the Right Strain 

If you want to have a buzz, then you might want to get a hybrid that has a high level of THC in it. However, if you will need to work or study, then you will want to look for a hybrid that has a higher level of CBD and not as much THC in it. Some strains have alpha-pinene in them, which might help with reducing memory impairment.

Even though you might want your cannabis to be simple, it is not. There are so many different combinations and levels of cannabinoids for each strain. The complexity allows marijuana to have exceptional characteristics, though. No matter what you are looking for, you can likely find a good product.

Just because a product is a hybrid, sativa, or indica does not determine how well it will work for you. You should avoid looking at the physical appearance of the product when deciding. The differences lie in the chemical compositions of each type.

About Sativa and Indica

About Sativa and Indica 

Indica came from India, but some research shows it may also have been in Afghanistan. The plant is chunky and stout and has large leaves. Many people find that it can sedate them. If you want to have a quiet, lazy day, you may want to go with indica.

The sativa variety comes from hotter areas, including Mexico, Columbia, and Thailand. The plant has narrow leaves and is tall and slender. This is the opposite of the indica variety. If you are having a social gathering, you might want to go with this variety for euphoria.

Finally, the hybrid has features from all of the parents. The effects and genetic profile may reflect indica or sativa. The overall experience will depend on the parent strain. Some newer types of cannabis come from existing hybrids, which create newer strains.

When you look at each of the hybrid strains out there, you will have a complicated marijuana profile and history. Each of the popular strains has its own family tree. The further each strain gets from its original parents; the more strains go into producing it.

When you are looking at the different strains, you will want to look at the genetic makeup of the strains. While it is not the only thing you want to look at, you should look at the type of strain that it is. Then you can look at the different chemicals that each one has in it.

Closing Thoughts 

You will want to remember that even if a strain is considered to deliver certain effects, it will not necessarily apply to you. Your biology and even your expectations determine how you will react. The good news is that producers must label their products properly so you will at least know what you are consuming. You will be able to look at the cannabinoid and terpene content that is on each of the packages. That way, you can find out which type works best for you.

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