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Cannabis Dosage Chart

Cannabis Dosage Chart

Whether youre a new user or a longstanding pot lover, a cannabis flower dosage chart can help you navigate how much to consume. How much weed to take is a universal question. You may have figured out rough dosages in the past with input from friends, but your buddies probably arent experts. If youve ever overdone it based on a friends advice, you know this is the truth.

Everyones body breaks down cannabis in a unique fashion, which is why a THC dosage chart can help figure things out. Lets learn more about dosing THC in a range of situations so you can make informed decisions the next time you indulge in your favourite plant.

To Understand How Cannabis Words, First, We Need To Learn A Few Important Things

Human beings might all be part of the same species. Still, there are some pretty vast and significant differences between individuals. This is especially true when it comes to cannabis consumption. Factors like height, weight, and body size impact how marijuana interacts with our bodies. Other considerations like metabolism and tolerance also play a part. 

The most important thing to remember when dosing THC is that your body is unique. Even identical twins can have different reactions to substances like marijuana. Pay attention to your reactions, and youll have more enjoyable weed experiences.


So How Much Cannabis Is Enough?

Different Types of Cannabis Products

How do you know how much weed to take? Two things to consider are your body weight and the intensity of the high youd like. Take a look at this cannabis dosage chart to get an idea.

80 – 150 lbs 151 240 lbs Over (>)240 lbs
Low 12mg 18mg 22.5mg
Medium 15mg 22.5mg 30mg
High 18mg 27mg 45mg


Breaking down our THC dosage chart, it compares weight in the columns and the level of high in the rows.

If your body is between 80 and 150 pounds, you can take around 12mg of cannabis for a low high. Between more than 12mg and less than 18mg will give you a medium-range high, and to get out of this world, you can take 18mg or even 20 mg.

If your body weighs between 151 and 240 pounds, youll need slightly larger doses to see the same effects. Take 15-18mg for a low high, 15-22.5mg for a medium-level high, and 22.5-30mg for the most substantial feelings.

If your body is over 240 pounds, you can start with 22.5mg for a low high. From 22.5-30mg will deliver a mid-high, and you can take 30-45mg for the most potent high.

This cannabis dosage chart is a useful starting point, but you can experiment with the levels to find your own comfort zone.


More Interested In Edibles? Heres An Edible Dosage Chart

1 2.5 mg 2.5 15 mg 15 30 mg 30 50 mg 50 100 mg.
Provides mild relief from symptoms like anxiety, stress & pain. Slightly more substantial relief from pain Even stronger feelings – Euphoria Extreme euphoria Highly impaired coordination
It may also help with improved creativity levels Euphoria May experience adverse effects Impaired coordination Negative impacts such as increased heart rate & pain


As we see in this edible cannabis dosage chart, beginners and microdosers should take it easy at first. Small doses of 1-2.5mg will do the trick.

In the 2.5-15mg range, users can enjoy better sleep. If youre looking for a laugh, you can find one at this dosage.When you reach dosages between 15-30mg, youve hit the range for seasoned pot users. If you take edibles regularly, this is probably the range for you. Frequent flyers need more than a microdose because their tolerance has adjusted. If youre a regular user but eat an edible from the low end of this cannabis dosage chart, you might not feel anything at all.

Doses about 30mg are best left to the experts. Youll need an exceptionally high tolerance to handle this dose. One common exception to this rule is people with GI issues who have poor digestive absorption. Youll probably know if either of these circumstances applies to you.

You can take dosages over 50mg, but this is only recommended for people with lots of experience and high tolerance levels.


In Conclusion

Cannabis Dosage

Remember that a cannabis dosage chart is a general tool thats made with the average pot consumer in mind. If your body reacts to cannabis differently, then theres a good chance that you dont fit precisely into any of these categories. Anything, including your body size, metabolism, medical history, diet, other substance habits, and many more factors, can impact your marijuana experience. Its never a bad idea to talk to a medical professional about weed, especially if you have a condition that might change your metabolism.

Be sure to take it slow when you feel youre ready to enjoy some pot. Your dosing can increase once you develop more of a tolerance. If your first dose doesnt give you the effect you want, you can always take another later. 

You can also talk to your like-minded friends and family to see what their pot experiences have been like. Family members who share biological traits with you can offer powerful insight into what to expect from marijuana. Meanwhile, your friends and roommates might have similar lifestyle elements to inform your experience. Check our cannabis dosage chart to find a good starting amount for you, and then let Daily Marijuana put you on some of the best affordable weed. Knowing your dosage amount should give you more confidence so why not shop now? The more you learn, the more prepared you’ll be to experiment and buy weed online in Canada. If you’re in a rush, there’s also reliable weed delivery in Mississauga for your convenience.



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