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Grades Of Weed Quality

Grades Of Weed Quality

If you’ve tried a few different pot varieties, you’ve probably noticed the varying grades of weed quality. All cannabis products will deliver roughly the same result, but quality grades offer a range of experiences. You might need wallet-friendly budget buds one night and be willing to treat yourself to premium weed another time. Learn about the physical and psychological attributes of cannabis grades to know what to expect. This weed quality guide will set you up for success, whether you’re looking for AAAA weedshaketrim, or anything in between.


Low-Grade Weed

Low-Grade Weed

On the lower end of the grades of weed quality, we find low-grade weed. You might hear this type of pot called shake, Reggie weed, schwag, or similar terms. We’ll be honest: low-grade pot will be a low-quality weed. Most cannabis lovers will only settle for A weed if the price is an issue or if nothing else is available.

Low-grade weed has noticeably poor appearance, smells, and effects. There are many reasons why poor-quality pot exists. Low-grade weed can result from lazy drying and curing, early harvesting, or poor growing conditions. Trim, A weed, and even some AA weed tend to have light, airy buds containing low THC levels and other cannabinoids.

Budget buds have distinctive, sometimes unpleasant physical characteristics. The following elements are signs of low grades of weed quality:

  • Dark green or brown
  • Stale, dry, or brittle texture
  • Musky or grassy smells


These issues are often caused by improper drying, curing, and storage methods. Too much heat or light can ruin cannabis, leading to these adverse effects. You’ll miss out on the wonderful terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavours present in a better quality pot.

Low-quality weed has low quantities of cannabinoids, usually offering between 1-10% THC and CBD. This means that new or infrequent smokers can still feel some effects from schwag, but more experienced potheads might not enjoy themselves. You might be tempted to smoke more to make up for the low amounts, but this can cause adverse side effects due to contaminants.

However, many cannabis dispensaries nowadays offer quality AA weed that provides a smooth, tasty, and potent smoke. In addition, you can find excellent deals on budget buds from many reliable sources such as Daily Marijuana.


Medium Grade Weed

Medium Grade Weed

As the name implies, medium-grade weed falls in the middle of the grades of weed quality. AA and AAA weed isn’t as impressive as premium cannabis, but they’re also much more potent and enjoyable than budget buds. 

This range of pot has some noticeable physical characteristics that can help you place it on your personal enjoyment scale. AAA weed should have a respectable amount of rich, developed trichomes, including an excellent plant to stem ratio. You should notice some resistance when squeezing the flowers, but the buds should still be dry enough to snap and break. There may be seeds present, but not in massive amounts.

Look for the following characteristics to identify mid-grade pot:

  • Light to dark green colour
  • Strong but appealing herbal scent with floral, earthy tones

Mid-grade marijuana isn’t top shelf, but it’s a solid option for many consumers. This range of cannabis has around 12-20% THC in most varieties. As a result, you can expect a smooth high, quick onset time, and enjoyable effects for both experienced and new users.


High-Grade Weed

High-Grade Weed

You can find amazing blends in the top grades of weed quality. AAAA weed is also known as top-shelf, skunk, primo, or dank weed because of its outstanding effects. Cannabis connoisseurs know that luxury weed is worth the price. These blends can be expensive, but they also deliver consistent, powerful, and enjoyable results.

If you’re looking at AAAA weed, you should be able to see a beautiful crystallized layer of trichomes over each flower. Many top-shelf varieties have well-manicured buds. Your flowers should be well-formed and mature. You’ll rarely find any stems or seeds in AAAA cannabis. If you happen to find a seed, consider yourself lucky. You can germinate the seed and plant your own luxury crop.

You can test the quality of top-grade pot by squeezing the buds. They should give slightly, then show a distinct crack when broken apart. This crack shows that the cannabis has been properly grown, harvested, dried, cured, shipped, and stored. In addition, this process guarantees well-developed and potent cannabinoids.

Check for the following characteristics in your luxury weed:

  • Pungent, potent aromas
  • Rich green colours
  • Identifiable terpenes and flavonoids that create fruity, earthy, or skunky scents

AAAA weed’s aroma is often described as loud thanks to its overload of scents. You should be able to smell several strong notes from your luxury weed. This scent develops into enticing, noticeable flavours when smoked. At this level, cannabis is full of flavourful terpenes. You might notice a range of different tastes and smells from high-grade cannabis. The effect can seem different from person to person, so your friends might identify a new smell compared to what you find.

Top shelf weed also offers a higher quality of psychoactive effects. The results can vary from person to person, especially depending upon your physical tolerance and mental state. However, many luxury weed users report feeling completely relaxed, almost as if they’re melting throughout the body. You can also expect a heady rush or energetic euphoria. Aspects like strain, growing condition, and even the farm can play a significant role in your pot’s quality.

Top shelf cannabis usually contains the most THC of any grade. Therefore, designer growers try to breed their plants to deliver as much THC as possible. These days, you can find many strains that contain 20% THC and above.


In Conclusion

Now that you understand the different grades of weed and what distinguishing characteristics to expect, you should consider trying some of the AAAA grade weed we offer. High-grade cannabis such as our AAAA Donkey Butter is a fantastic strain among many others. All of our premium marijuana flowers are only offered in extremely limited quantities for maximum freshness. You can buy weed online and even get same-day weed delivery if you’re in a hurry! There are so many reliable online cannabis dispensaries to choose from. Give it a try and let us know what you think.



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