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How Much Does Weed Cost

How Much Does Weed Cost

Marijuana was a black market item for a very long period. During those gloomy times, the price of marijuana was primarily according to the desires of the person selling it. They based their price mainly on the expense of obtaining the then-illegal drug, the risks of doing business, and the level of demand for their goods.

Given the scarcity of options, you had no choice but to agree to their pricing demands.

Luckily, those times are behind us, and the market has completely changed thanks to the decriminalization of ganja. Today, market forces determine how deep you’ll dig in your pocket to buy your stash.


What Determines the Price of Cannabis?

The playing field between supplier and consumer is levelling as legalization expands nationwide. Currently, the price of weed is more predictable and is based on a few things.

Here are a few factors that determine the price of Maryjane.

Where You Buy Your Weed 

Where you buy weed determines how much you’ll spend. You will pay a decent amount if you wish to get your herb from a high-end bud boutique. The price in high-end stores is high thanks to the well-trained and fairly compensated staff, pristine and inviting facilities, and even just keeping the lights on.

If you’re going for lower prices, the black market has you covered. Unregistered plugs will always have better prices because they are not subject to taxes and don’t adhere to strict industry norms and regulations. 

The difference between the two sellers is that you are guaranteed high-quality weed in high-end stores instead of the black market. This is not to say that all unregistered plugs sell counterfeit products, but it will be a gamble. After weighing your options, it all narrows down to whether you find the risk worth it.


Like anything else, the more the product you buy, the higher the price you’ll pay. Marijuana will cost more in smaller doses than in larger ones in the short term. However, from a long-term point of view, the vice versa is more affordable. You can buy cannabis in bulk and get wholesale weed deals.


Similar to anything else, high-quality cannabis will cost more than low-quality cannabis. Again, it is necessary to measure various factors, but a key difference is how a product is grown. For example, indoor, organic cultivation methods are more expensive than mass-produced, imported, or outdoor varieties.

Additionally, high-quality weed will have a higher concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components, resulting in a better high, which will require a premium price. Good quality weed is also expensive because you pay extra to ensure that the product has been lab-certified, is unadulterated, and is grown by certified farmers.

Demand And Supply

Weed’s abundance and the market will impact the price. In business terms, when demand is high, and supply is low, the price will shoot up, and the inverse is also true; when the demand is low and supply is high, the price will reduce.

The reason for this is when the market is filled with ganja, and there is no one to buy, the sellers will risk running at a loss; therefore, they reduce prices to attract customers.

Best Ways to Save on Marijuana Costs

Best Ways to Save on Marijuana Costs

Generally, marijuana is expensive. Therefore, to be a frequent consumer, you must learn frugal ways to keep up with your consumption. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at your monthly bank bills and exclaiming, “Wow, that was a lot of money!”

Here are a few ways to save money as a frequent ganja user.

Buying in Bulk

Bulk purchasing is no jargon. Usually, buying in bulk results in cost savings for each use. However, even though there may not be much difference between each use, if you use the item regularly, those few dollars soon mount up. Look hard, and you will find the lowest prices on bulk weed in Canada.

Take Advantage of Dispensary Specials.

Most cannabis dispensaries offer weekly deals on each method of intake. For instance, they will give discounts on ounces of flower on Friday and consumables on Tuesday. These discounts are usually highlighted on their websites and social media platforms.

Compare Store Prices

Different weed stores charge differently for their products. However, some stores may fail to include the net payment upfront to lure more customers. Look closely to see if the store indicates the product’s final outdoor price. Some dispensaries may openly include taxes and discounts in the product price, while others may only offer them on the cart or checkout screen.

Also, some dispensaries add taxes to your order when picking it up in person. A dispensary’s web menu should have language that makes the method clear. Be very cautious when reading their menu before initiating the purchase process.

Roll Your Joints

While pre-rolls are a common form of weed, they may not be the best financial alternative when trying to save money. Pre-rolls also include the cost of convenience. Buying and rolling your blunts is a better option.

In addition to saving you money, rolling your joints gives you ultimate control over the size and shape. It’s also very therapeutic.

Take Breaks Frequently

The therapeutic properties of cannabis on the human body start to fade after frequent usage and suitable doses. Cannabis restriction or abstinence, even for brief durations, is suitable for your health and bank account. 

The endocannabinoid system learns to require less cannabis to provide the same high as when unnecessary, greater dosages were consumed by taking tolerance breaks.

What is the Best Place to Buy Cheap Weed In Canada?

What is the Best Place to Buy Cheap Weed In Canada?

One of the best places to buy weed online is Daily Marijuana. This cannabis dispensary is a one-stop shop for cannabis fans because it offers a vast selection of flowers, edibles, vapes, and other cannabis-related products. In addition, the shop is classy and welcoming without being overtly odd or flamboyant. So no matter where you are, you can buy weed in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and even get weed delivery in Saint John, NB.

The website has many valuable elements that make it user-friendly, including a pre-order section, online ordering, and easily accessible special deals. If you want to save money without sacrificing quality, visit Daily Marijuana.



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