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Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Can You Smoke Shrooms

If you want to feel high by taking advantage of magic mushrooms or shrooms, then you want to know how best to consume them. For example, is it possible to smoke them?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is dry the shrooms, crush them, mix them with your tobacco in a joint, or put it in a crystal ball and smoke like shisha. So read on and learn how to smoke shrooms, the effects you should expect, and where to buy quality shrooms.


Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Yes, you definitely can smoke shrooms. However, while it is possible to smoke shrooms, the main question should be whether you experience the same effect of smoking shrooms.

Most people who use shrooms consume them as dried shrooms, in teas or eat in meals. These hallucinogens tend to give users a unique kind of highness, especially when consumed in moderate amounts. Unfortunately, this effect seems to be lost when shrooms are smoked.

Not much is known about what happens when smoking magic mushrooms, as no research has been done yet. However, the information from those who have tried it shows that only a mild feeling of highness is achieved. Most users have not experienced anything significant as they thought and often ended up disappointed by the entire process.


What Are Shrooms?

Even before we thoroughly answer the question, can you smoke shrooms? First, it is best to know what shrooms are.

This wild type of mushroom is often referred to as a magic mushroom. It is popular because it has a naturally occurring drug substance known as psilocybin/ psilocin.

This makes the shrooms hallucinogens of the psychedelic drug category. The mushrooms are often used for recreation by people who want to feel high for a few hours.

What Happens if You Smoke Shrooms?

What Happens if You Smoke Shrooms?

The typical way to consume shrooms has always been by making teas and eating them in foods/ dishes. However, most people have wondered what happens if you smoke shrooms and have even gone further to experiment with the hope of getting an intense effect.

Unfortunately, to the dismay of many users, smoking crushed shrooms has been disappointing. Apart from the minor high effects of smoking this kind of mushroom, nothing much can be achieved.

It seems as though the psychedelic effects of the shrooms disappear when smoked. Little is known about why this happens because research has not yet been done on the subject. However, the little information gathered from experience leaves much to be desired.

If you want to experience the full high feelings that shrooms guarantee, it is advisable to stick to the teas or eat the shrooms in edibles like shroom gummies or shroom chocolates.


Is it Safe to Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Research shows that smoking shrooms can be good when done therapeutically. Since the effects are not similar or as intense as when the shroom is eaten or brewed in tea, it can help smokers quit for good.

Usually, smoked shrooms lead to minor or mild effects. Part of the effects of using shrooms, in general, is that they force users to get into a reflective phase which is important in sparking a motivation to change. 

Therefore, when shroom is used therapeutically, it is safe and good for long-term smokers who have tried to quit the habit unsuccessfully. 

Is it Safe to Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Best Ways to Take Shrooms

Considering that shrooms are majorly consumed recreationally to help users feel high, the methods of consumption matter. Ideally, it is best and most effective to consume shrooms as tea or in foods.

For example, add it to your baked foods, vegetable dishes, soups, or even main course meals.

When cooked, shrooms tend to release their full effect. However, these are not the only ways magic mushrooms can be ingested.

Recently, some people have tried smoking. The big question remains, can you smoke magic mushrooms? It appears as though this is a viable possibility. However, the effects of doing this vary from what you would expect.

Even as you ponder the possibilities of smoking and keep asking, can you smoke shrooms? Knowing how it affects you can help you decide. For example, smoking magic mushrooms can make you high, although the effects will be very mild.

Therefore, if your goal is to get some level of high but not too much, then this is the method you should consider. You can dry and crush the shrooms, add them to your standard tobacco cigarette roll, and smoke as you would a regular cigarette.

Alternatively, you can put the crushed shrooms in a pipe or bond and vape. Either way, the effects will not be fully intoxicating. Nevertheless, smoking shrooms seem a perfect way for those struggling with tobacco smoking to quit the addictive behaviour finally.


Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

Now that you know the effects of shrooms, whether smoked, cooked, or brewed, you can choose to use them according to your goals. However, getting the right quality matters more.

This depends on where you buy them from. These magic mushrooms may not be available in your convenience stores because they are not typically grown for food. Therefore, unless you walk to a store stocking psychedelics, it is best to buy shrooms online.

Some of the general factors you need to consider when ordering the shrooms include the following:

  • The seller or vendor’s reputation. Only buy shrooms from sites with good reviews. You can tell a lot from the comments the seller gets and make an informed decision based on this.
  • Competitive pricing. Check around and research the average price you should get for a specific amount of shrooms. This will ensure you get value for your money.
  • Consider customer service. Make sure you buy from a company or seller that values your patronage.

Once everything checks out, proceed to make your order.

The good news is that these dispensaries often have other products like cannabis, CBD, LSD, and more. You can find popular items like Stoner Cannabis and buy LSD tabs online without having to worry about low quality,



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