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How To Roll A Cross Joint

How To Roll A Cross Joint

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy cannabis, but we believe that every marijuana enthusiast should learn how to roll a cross joint. This smoking method delivers excellent results, so how to roll a backwoods joint is a skill worth acquiring. Luckily, rolling a cross joint is similar to rolling a standard J.Therefore, you’ll need the same supplies, only in more significant amounts. Here’s everything you’ll need to learn how to roll a two paper joint:

  • Cannabis grinder
  • Regular-sized rolling papers
  • Large rolling papers
  • Cardboard
  • A pin, need, or another thin and sharp tool
  • A pair of scissors

How to Smoke a Joint 3

Step 1: Roll A Fatty

When you’re learning how to roll a cross joint, start with your large rolling papers and make a big, fat joint. This joint should look more like a blunt than a standard joint. The bigger it is, the easier it’ll be to make it into a cross joint. Be sure to twist some empty space at the end of your joint before you move on.

Large-sized rolling papers are thicker than standard papers, not longer. So your joint should be about standard length when you’re done.


Step 2: Add A Mouthpiece

Use a small piece of cardboard as a mouthpiece or filter for your cross joint. This will protect your lips from the heat and help you consume your entire joint, all the way to the end. Simply cut a piece of cardboard and roll it into a cylinder. This cardboard strip should be about the same length as the joint you already rolled.


Step 3: Roll A Thinner Joint

When you want to know how to roll a two-paper joint, the next step is adding the second paper. Next, use your regular-sized rolling paper to make a standard size, thinner joint. Leave an empty twist at both ends of this slimmer joint. 

Ideally, you should have one regular joint and one that’s fat, like a blunt. Once you know how to roll a cross joint and have some experience under your belt, you can experiment with other sizes. We always suggest starting with a thin second joint for reliable results.

Poke Joint
Photo Caption from Herbies Seeds

Step 4: Poke Holes In Your Joints

Once both joints are made, it’s time to get them ready to combine. First, take your pin or needle and poke a small hole in your larger joint. Start by making a small hole all the way through the joint and leave the needle poking all the way through. Then, carefully move the needle back and forth to widen the hole.

How big should the hole be when you’re discovering how to roll a backwoods joint? Aim to make the hole about the width of your thinner joint. The smaller the hole, the better your joints will fit together.

Next, take your second joint and poke a hole in the very middle of it. Again, start by making a small hole and gradually widen it.

Cross Joint

Step 5: Assemble Your Joint

It’s time to assemble your joint, which is the most exciting part of how to roll a two-paper joint. If you’re right-handed, hold the fat joint in your left hand. Next, use your right hand to insert the thin joint into the hole of the fat joint. Be very gentle and careful, so you don’t ruin all your hard work. Next, push the second joint in until its hole is inside the fat joint. This allows the air to flow through point joints, where the magic of rolling a backwoods joint happens.

Are you left-handed? Simply swap the instructions. Hold the fat joint in your right hand, and use your left hand to insert your second J.


Step 6: Seal Your Joint

By now, you know almost everything about how to roll a cross joint. However, there’s still one final step. You need to seal your joint correctly. Use your rolling papers to wrap the joining area, where the slim joint meets the fatter one. You’re not trying to make your joint aesthetically pleasing, but only to create an air-tight seal. Keep wrapping to guarantee you won’t waste your hard work.

Once the join is fully sealed, it’s time to light up. Start by lighting the twisted end of your fat joint, then take small puffs while burning both ends of the smaller, crossed joint. Once all three are lit, you’re ready to go. But, of course, if the cross joint doesn’t do it for you, you can always go back to rolling traditional joints in the future.


In Conclusion

You can find plenty of videos on Youtube on how to roll a cross joint if you are a visual learner. Or, if you are looking for convenience, you can skip this fancy stuff and buy pre-rolled joints online in Canada from a trusted source such as Daily Marijuana. In addition, we are featured on independent review and listings sites such as BC Weed Delivery and more!



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