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The Basics of How to Make Shatter

Now that weve covered what weed shatter is lets discuss how this product is made. There is a range of methods used to make shatter. If you want to know what shatter weed is, the most common preparation method uses butane or other hydrocarbon solvents. 

Butane extracts like butane hash oil are produced by forcing hydrocarbon and other substances through marijuana plant material in a tube. The resulting isolate is full of active ingredients like THC and CBD.

What is shatter weeds next step? After the isolate has been collected, its full of potent cannabinoids. The next part of the process is refining the oil. After all, what is marijuana shatter if not a strong and refined product? 


The Manufacturing of Shatter

Shatter manufacturers have a few different options for continuing to perfect this extract. One method is called purging and uses a vacuum chamber to remove leftover solvents. Winterization is another variation. This method divides lipids and fats from cannabis oil. Some companies also use a purification process that removes butane, terpenes, wax, and other excess material. This process removes lots of flavours from the shatter but also produces a more potent product.

If youre wondering what cannabis shatter is, dont try to experiment with making your own. Shatter requires hazardous chemicals and dangerous processes to create. Professional shatter companies have top-quality safety systems that allow them to manage fumes, temperatures, and other risks. Always stick with the professional options and never try to DIY.


Storing Shatter

Storing Shatter Weed

When youre storing shatter, its essential to keep purity in mind. Your shatter can last for a long time and produce excellent results if you carefully take care of it. On the other hand, shatter thats been poorly stored can become contaminated and lose potency. This is a disappointment for recreational users but can cause significant issues for medical patients. Shatter thats come into contact with dirt or bacteria isnt safe to use for clinical purposes.

Make the most of your shatter with careful handling practices. You should never touch shatter with your bare hands. Instead, wear gloves or use a parchment paper wrapper. This extra layer might seem paranoid, but the added protection keeps oils and bacterias off your material.

Keep your shatter on a non-stick surface. Shatter can produce a sticky residue that becomes attached to some surfaces. If this happens, you can lose some of your potent material on its storage box. The ideal way to store your shatter is wrapped in parchment paper, inside a non-stick container, in a cold, dark place. Your shatter will quickly soften if you keep it at room temperature or expose it to heat.

You can keep your shatter in the freezer if you take some basic precautions. The freezer will keep your extract cold enough, but condensation or freezer burn becomes a risk. Consider breaking your shatter into individual portions and wrapping each in parchment paper to protect them from freezer burn. You should also dry out your storage container regularly to prevent water from gathering inside.

In Conclusion

It is important to note that making shatter can be dangerous and should be left to professionals with the proper training and equipment. The good news is you can find great deals when you buy shatter online in Canada from dispensaries such as Daily Marijuana. Save 20% on your first orders and get gifts and earn points. Don’t just take our word for it and see what other sites like Cannabis Ontario and other review sites say about us.




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