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How to Roll a Marijuana Joint

How to Roll a Marijuana Joint

One of the most popular methods of enjoying marijuana is by smoking a joint. You can get pre-rolled joints, but then you will be limited to the available options. By learning how to roll a joint yourself, you can use any strain that you want, as well as the rolling paper that you prefer. This is particularly helpful if you prefer a specific brand of rolling paper or a specific strain that is not commonly found pre-rolled. 

What You Will Need

Most of the time, if you buy a pre-rolled joint from your dispensary, it will have a full gram of cannabis, or it may have half a gram but come in a two-pack for a gram total. 

If you are just learning how to roll a marijuana joint, then you should start with about a half gram of weed and opt for normal rolling papers, or those that are 1¼ sized. 

Smaller joints tend to be more manageable to roll, especially for beginners. Additionally, a half gram should be enough for you and a few friends to enjoy. 

Then, once you get confident with your rolling skills, you can use larger rolling papers and more cannabis. 

You will also notice that there are numerous flavours and types of rolling papers. Hemp papers are particularly popular thanks to their thinness and strength, and they even burn without any effects on the marijuana’s flavour. 

Other Supplies

In addition to the cannabis itself and the rolling papers, you will need a cannabis grinder and a crutch for the filter or joint crutch. A pen or something else that is similarly shaped is also useful for packing the joint, but you can use your fingers if you prefer. 

Coin vs. Straight Joints

Before you roll your joint, you will need to decide if you prefer a straight one or a cone-shaped one. Cone-shaped joints are more common since they typically smoke more smoothly. However, straight joints are easier to roll. 

Grind the Cannabis First

The first thing you want to do is grind your cannabis. During this step, your goal is to break it down into shake. You can use your fingers, but this is likely to get your hands sticky, which will make them more likely to stick to the rolling paper. A grinder offers a clean and straightforward alternative. Grind the Cannabis First

Make a Filter, Crutch, or Tip

Next, you will want to make a crutch, which is also commonly called a tip or a filter. Thin cardboard and business cards are popular choices, but nearly anything will work. Your joint papers may even come with crutch material. 

Take the cardboard or similar object and make several accordion folds at the end, before rolling the material so it is as thick as you want the joint to be. 

You can skip this step if you want, but it is very helpful at preventing your marijuana from falling into your mouth or out the end as you enjoy the strain. It also adds stability and lets you get to the end of the joint without worrying about burning your fingers. 

Place the Cannabis

Now, you can take your rolling paper and put the finely ground cannabis and crutch into it. Then, use your fingers to start shaping the joint. 

Pack and Roll the Marijuana

Once your joint is shaped, you can start rolling it. Use your fingertips to pinch the paper, then roll it between them. Your thumbs will likely do most of the work during this step, while you use your forefingers to provide pressure and support. This will pack the cannabis down to create the desired cone shape. 

Seal the Joint

Now, it is time to seal your joint, which you do by licking the top edge, then sealing it with a final roll. Tuck the side of the paper that is not glued into your roll, then roll it up. Then, you can use the edge with glue and a bit of moisture to tack down an end of your rolling paper. The tip should have an empty space. 

To make this step easier, start on the side with the crutch, as the crutch will guide your paper as it rolls. After you tack the paper down on one side, work your way along the seam, tucking and sealing as you go. 

Finish It Up

At this point, your joint is almost ready. Pack the end of your joint, as this helps deliver an even burn. This is where you would use the pen to help you, but you can also use a small stick or the drawstring of a hoodie. 

If you will be using the joint later instead of right away, twist the tip to close it. 
Other Options

Other Options

There are dozens of other ways to roll a marijuana joint, and you may want to consider trying some of them after you get the basics down. 

Cross Joint

A cross joint is essentially two joints that cross in the middle. This method results in three ends you can light. 

Inside-Out or Dutch Joints

These joints are nearly identical to typical ones, but you keep the rolling paper’s sticky part on the incorrect side. In other words, the sticky part faces outward, so as the joint rolls, it touches the rest of the paper. This is a good choice if you do not want to deal with the taste of paper, as you can also rip off the excess paper. 

L Joints

These joints have extra marijuana on the end. The name comes from the paper being in an L shape before you roll it. 


This is the name for a thin joint.


A spliff is a joint that has tobacco as well as cannabis

With a Dollar Bill

Some people prefer to use a dollar bill to help them. You fold the bill in half, then put the ground weed inside. Roll the bill back and forth and then slip your rolling paper into place. It should have the sticky side up and be between the dollar bill and your cannabis. Now, you can fold the bill and roll upwards using your thumbs. The rolling paper will wrap around itself, creating a cylinder. Carefully remove the rolling paper from the dollar bill while maintaining pressure, so it does not unravel. Lick the paper to seal it, and you are set. 

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