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How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

CBD is all the rage these days. In fact, you may have even noticed stores advertising CBD-infused seltzers, gummies, and other products while you are out and about. This trendiness isn’t without good reason. In fact, this remedy is growing in popularity quickly because it can often be a natural solution to the anxiety and pain problems that many people face every day. Find out more at Daily Marijuana.


What is CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which are chemicals that can be extracted from marijuana plants. Most people have heard of the most well-known cannabinoid, THC. But despite having similar origins, CBD and THC can have very different effects. 

The most notable difference is that CBD is that it does not generate intoxication. So, unlike THC, CBD cannot make someone high. However, CBD is able to provide positive effects. Most commonly, it is used for its anti-anxiety and pain relief properties. Although, some studies have indicated that it can also help prevent seizures, acne, neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and MS, and even cancer. 


Does CBD Relieve Pain? 

It turns out that 60% of Americans that actively use CBD do so because it helps them with their pain. So it’s clear to see that many people have had positive results when taking CBD oil for pain management. 

Of course, there are many types of pain, and all bodies are different, so it may not be effective for every person. That being said, CBD has been proven to work well for those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. It’s even been shown to help with migraines


How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

CBD is generally unregulated, so there is no standard dosage that should be taken for pain management. This means that you may have to engage in some trial and error to find the amount that is therapeutic for you. Also, you want to buy CBD oil online from a trusted source.

If you’ve never taken CBD before, start with a little bit and increase the dosage in the future if it’s not enough. Asking for dosage recommendations isn’t advised because all people will have a different tolerance levels. 

So if you start by taking the amount that works for a friend or family member, it could be far too little or far too much for your own body. That’s why, if you’ve never taken CBD before, it’s best to start small and go slow

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

What is the Best Way To Take CBD for Pain Management? 

CBD oil can be taken in a ton of different ways, so the method that is best for you is mainly going to come down to personal preference. 

A few popular methods of consuming CBD are:

  • With a capsule. Buying CBD capsules or filling your own empty capsules with CBD oil is a great way to ensure that you take a consistent amount each time. 
  • In a drink. Some people like CBD with their coffee because they need a jolt of energy in the morning but want to avoid anxious jitters. Others like CBD in their cocktails because it can enhance the effects of alcohol or make them feel calmer in social settings.
  • In food. It’s easy to use CBD in any recipe that calls for oil. Sweet treats and baked goods are particularly popular choices to spike with CBD, but some like to put it on top of their salads! CBD edibles are becoming increasingly popular.
    • By itself. Some people simply spray CBD oil into their mouths or use a dropper to squirt it under their tongues. 
  • In a vape pen. If you’d prefer not to swallow it, you can find vaporizer cartridges that contain CBD oil. Some people like CBD vapes because it will kick in much faster – you’ll likely start to feel the effects within 10 minutes. 
  • Topically. There are many ointments, lotions, creams, patches, and other products that will allow you to apply CBD to your skin. This is a particularly good method for pain relief because the benefits will be localized to the area of application. 

Is It Safe To Take CBD Oil for Pain?

Is It Safe To Take CBD Oil for Pain?

Most people have no issues with CBD oil. However, sometimes there are minor symptoms associated with CBD consumption. The most common side effects are:

  • An upset stomach.
  • Dry mouth. 
  • Suppressed appetite.
  • Fatigue.

Another risk associated with CBD comes from the fact that it is largely unregulated. Because there are few restrictions imposed on CBD products, some manufacturers are less reputable than others. In fact, some research has indicated that 21% of the CBD sold online also contained THC that was not disclosed on the label. THC can cause many side effects that CBD typically does not, so it can be dangerous when consumed unknowingly. 

CBD can also interact with certain medications and conditions, so it’s important to check with your doctor before starting any supplements. Some known issues are that CBD may affect liver enzymes, so it’s not safe for those with liver disease. It may make glaucoma worse as well. Furthermore, children, pregnant women, or those that are nursing should never take CBD.



In Review

CBD can be a great solution for many people that suffer from pain on a regular basis. Those with conditions like arthritis, MS, migraines, or fibromyalgia often are able to receive great relief from CBD products like UNO CBD oil

Even better, it’s can be taken in many different ways, from edibles to vape pens to lotions and creams, which means that everyone can find a method of consumption that works best for them. 

Of course, even though CBD is generally very safe, all substances have the potential for side effects, so you should always consult a doctor before adding CBD to your routine. So try trusted sources and buy Keoni CBD oil online and from other reliable retailers today!




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