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Different Types of Hash

different types of hash

You can consume cannabis in different ways; add hash to the list. Hashish (hash), a drug fitting many caps, is a product of the cannabis plant that has a high concentration of THC. 

There are different methods of making hash originating from other regions. Currently, hashish branding depends on the strain and the origin of the technique used to make the product. Let us at Daily Marijuana give you a quick run-down on the different types of Hash.


What is Hash (Hashish)?

Hash is a weed product obtained by sieving the concentrated parts of the cannabis flowers. Trichomes contain the psychoactive THC, terpenes, and other compounds unique in each weed strain.

There are different methods of collecting the heads and concentrating them to make hashish, a cannabis concentrate. Traditionally making involved hash art, but science has brought the industry to new levels of potency and flavours.


What are the Different Types of Hash?

A list of the different types of hash can be long or short, depending on the time you have to put one. Hash comes from weed; how it’s made and the strain used is the key components of the final product.

Although there are different hash types, most forms share more similarities than differences. However, each unique form of the hash will give you a different experience. Carry on reading the article to know the other kind of hash you can find in the market according to origin or method of extraction.

Afghan Hash

The cultivation and use of weeds in Afghanistan have been going on for centuries. The country is known for its native marijuana species of Cannabis Indica, which grows wildly around Afghanistan. Today Afghanistan leads in the production of hash worldwide, although the industry started in the 1960s and 70s.

Afghan hash, aka Chars in Afghanistan, has a unique production method. You start by removing the trichomes from dried cannabis flower buds to make kief, known as garda, locally. The kief is then heated on a metal dish over a low flame while mixing with small amounts of hot water (you can also add tea) to make a consistent dough. 

The next step is kneading the garda dough by hand or pressing by foot, depending on quantity, to achieve an even black colour.

Producers of Afghan hash stamp the product with their seal for quality check. The hash has a distinct spicy flavour and has a robust harsh effect on the throat. Afghan hashish is very potent, giving a strong narcotic stone that lasts for hours.


The cannabis plant grows wildly in many parts of India, the Himalayas, and Pakistan. The history of marijuana in the region is rich in its use for spiritual, medicinal, and industrial use for many centuries.

Charas differs from other kinds of hash because you use live cannabis. To make Charas, you roll live cannabis buds between the palms of your hands. The action helps to collect resin from the cannabis flowers ending up with a thick brown layer on your palms and fingers, and the collection is then rolled into balls.

The final product is soft and creamy; it’s very dark on the outside and has a light brown or green colour inside. Charas is very spicy with a distinct aroma and flavour. Its potency is high and produces an intense body stone of deep physical relaxation.

Kashmiri Hash

Kashmir, in the north of the Indian subcontinent, is famous for its hash and opium. Little information is available about Kashmiri hash, and it’s believed to undergo the same process as Charas. Kashmiri hash is more aromatic and spicy, with a slightly harsher smoke. It is more potent than Charas, giving a strong physical stone.

Lebanese Hash

Lebanon has a long history of hashish. Currently, the country produces large amounts of hash and has an estimated annual export of the product worth over $200 million.

Most of Lebanon’s cannabis is produced in the Bekaa valley. The custom is to leave the cannabis plant to dry out in the open fields before harvesting. The buds will either have a brown, red, or yellowish colour.

The dried buds are run through a sieve to separate the resin glands for kief. By using heat, the kief is pressed into thick brittle slabs of hash with a red or yellow colour (sold as Lebanese red hash or Lebanese yellow hash, respectively)

Moroccan Hash 

Moroccan hash is made by beating dried cannabis branches over fine sieves to separate trichomes and make kief which is heated and kneaded into bricks.

The final hash product can have a dark green or brown colour depending on the age of the cannabis plant and the length of the drying period. Moroccan hash is hard and breakable, like chocolate. Morocco also produces a pollen hash that is much softer.

You will enjoy a very aromatic and smooth hash on good-quality Moroccan hash lacking the spicy aromas and flavours typical in hash from other countries in the world. The hash has a mild THC concentration.

Nepali Hash

Nepali hash is made similarly to Charas which is rolled into big balls marketed as temple balls. However, it’s believed that Nepal uses dried weed flowers instead of live ones.

The buildup of resin on the palms is collected and made into hash balls with a distinctive shine. The hash is sticky and creamy with a strong, spicy aroma. It boasts o a big, bold flavour, is smooth compared to Afghan hash, and is very potent.


Modern Methods of Making Hashish

different types of hash

Traditionally making hash involves collecting resin either by hand or sieving to come up with the purest form of cannabis. Through using modern technology, it’s possible to make pure cannabis extracts having exceptional quality and potency. 

The medicinal cannabis industry in Canada is well-established and fully grown. Licensed and regulated producers make the finest medicinal-grade hash in the world using modern technology.

There are three modern methods in use today when producing hash.

  • Water extraction 
  • Using solvents
  • Using heat

Water Extraction Hash (Bubble Hash)

The water extraction method uses multiple screen bags placed inside one another and put in a bucket or a similar holding container. In a separate larger screen-size bag (220 microns or above), place your fresh or dried cannabis.

The bag holding cannabis is put into a bucket or a specially designed machine like Ice-O-Lator®, Pollinator®, or Bubbleator® and filled with freezing water. Start agitating the water, and the freezing temperatures cause the crystals to harden, snap off, and become suspended in the solution.

Pour the mixture into the bag-lined bucket. The solution will sieve through the layers of the smaller screen-size bags, trapping large particles and residual plant matter.

When using the water extraction method, the grade of hashish is determined by the screen size you use. A screen of 25 – 45 microns produces the finest quality, but screens exceeding 90 microns make a lower quality hash with more plant matter.

Solvent Extraction 

The technique uses alcohol or butane gas to separate the resin from other plant materials. You will need a single-sized screen to produce hash with consistent quality, unlike water extraction, where you get several product grades.

A safer solvent extraction method is the use of carbon dioxide. One must pump frozen CO2 through raw cannabis flowers while extracting cannabinoids and other compounds.

Heat Extraction (Rosin Hash)

Rosin is quite an innovation for making hash. Heat is used to melt resin in an absorbent material, where it hardens and draws out on top of the material.

DIY uses parchment paper and a hair straightener. Fold your cannabis buds in the parchment paper and press a turned-on hair straightener on folding until the resin has melted. Turn off the straightener and remove the buds. On drying off, you will have a wax-like substance on the parchment paper which you can scrape off. (That is why sometimes the product is referred to as a wax hash)

Y rosin hash is a solvent-less weed extract that is safe and easy to make at home. 


What is the Best Place to Buy Hash Online in Canada?

different types of hash
The legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in Canada has seen new industry investors increase. Online weed dispensaries in Canada offer a variety of cannabis-based products. You can get the best hash online from us at We offer the best selection and you can trust our company and other trusted Canadian dispensaries listed on Cannabis Ontario. If you’re in a hurry, same-day hash delivery always comes straight to your door with the best and cheapest hash prices. Give our hash a go, and let us know what you think in the comments down below!




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