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Strain Review: Violator Kush

Violator Kush Strain Review

Now and then, all you need is a day off to laze around doing nothing but let time pass by. If there were a lot of time to spare, most people would probably use it to relax and help their fatigued minds and bodies bounce back. This is where Violator Kush comes in, a highly sought-after marijuana strain that is more than capable of inducing a very pleasing physical sensation of complete relaxation.

What Is Violator Kush?

Violator Kush is a potent, high-quality hybrid developed in the Netherlands by crossing genetics from the pure-indica strain of Hindu Kush (which was named after the mountainous region stretching through Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated) and Malana, a rare pure-sativa strain that is native to the Malana Village in Northern India. This is where the legendary Malana Cream hashish was first introduced. 

Effects and Duration

Violator Kush strain is made up of 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa. It boasts an average THC level of 19 to 23 percent and CBD content of about 1.5 to 2 percent. 

Users generally describe the high from Violator Kush as something that rises gradually with a lethargic warming buzz in the body and a soothing hint of euphoria. This soon accelerates, transforming users into a highly social, talkative, energetic bunch with droopy, reddish eyes. They eventually fall into a state of complete sedateness, leaving them totally locked on the couch.

Experienced smokers may expect a steady high lasting an average of 2 to 2.5 hours. Occasional users, on the other hand, may experience a doubled duration. Unlike other cannabis strains, the high from Violator Kush is hardly reduced by eating or physical activity. As previously outlined, there is a brief creeping period associated with this particular strain. Generally, the high from Violator Kush will continue to progress after every toke for about 10 minutes, but it’s also possible for it to build up for as long as 20 minutes several times.

Effects and Duration


Violator Kush is one of the more heavily and consistently crystallized Kush strains, giving it a light green colour that essentially fades to white. The buds are rather compact and could crumble with only light pressure from your fingertips. This visually striking Kush strain can easily make you excited to smoke.


Since the legacy of Violator Kush is solidly rooted in weeds normally used to produce a hash, it’s not surprising that this hybrid strain has a distinct musky hash smell and flavour with hints of spice.

Despite the heavy coating of trichomes in this strain, Violator Kush isn’t really as stinky as you would expect it to be. It is moderately mellow as compared to dank strains, such as Cheese or NYC Diesel. Violator Kush has a rather sharp blend of a strong, earthy aroma of old but clean hay, oregano, and sage. This aroma is pleasing even for those who prefer fruity and tropical smells.


Violator Kush’s musty aroma mirrors its taste with a trace of pine woods and notes of pepper. Its immediate flavour is something that is of light cilantro that dissolves to a barely noticeable undertone of rotten cherries and somewhat roasted chocolate. It’s one of those potent strains that most users find to have a delightful tang.

Adverse Reactions

Some users claim that they experience a couple of side effects from using this strain, such as dry eyes and a parched mouth. However, these effects are pretty much what you could also expect from any other cannabis strain. When used without restraint, a few users report feeling dizzy and, on rare occasions, getting a headache. Violator Kush is undeniably one powerful strain, so it is hardly ever offered to beginners or users with low tolerance levels.

How to Grow Violator Kush

How to Grow Violator Kush

With its genetic heritage, Violator Kush can thrive in tough, rugged conditions and is best suited for cultivation in cooler climates. Plant the seedlings as soon as the last frost has passed, and you can surely count on a hearty harvest sometime in the middle or end of September. 

Although Violator Kush is a potent strain, the plant is actually short and bushy. It hardly even reaches 2 feet in height. It has large, dark green leafy organs with hairs (ranging from brown to orange) that spread all over its long and dense buds. Since the buds are heavy, their branches may require support to not split. You can grow this plant grown indoors or outdoors. 

You can grow some really good strains of Violator Kush indoors. It’s perfect if you fancy hash or you want to make extracts since even the plant’s largest leaves will end up heavily coated with dense, sticky resin. 

Violator Kush plant should thrive well in soil, hydroponics, and even with the screen of green (SCROG) method. SCROG is a growing system that can let you get the best yields from grow tents in a limited space with very few plants. Normally, it would take about eight to nine weeks to grow Violator Kush with a yield of approximately 16 to 18 ounces for every square meter.

Outdoors, you can start growing Violator Kush about eight to nine weeks prior to the estimated harvest time. The plants grow small with huge central stems and thick side branches. The estimated yield could be at least 22 ounces for every plant. This cannabis strain is generally resistant to moulds, pests, and most plant diseases, but not mildew.

Due to the plant’s rather pungent, earthy smell, Violator Kush may attract attention from your neighbours. Installing an air-filtration system when cultivating indoors is highly recommended to get rid of its odour. However, guerilla planting may be necessary when growing al fresco style.

Violator Kush is a robust weed carrying a powerful hit that you can grow painlessly. Just look after it properly, and you can look forward to achieving impressive yields.

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