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What Are Moon Rocks and How Are They Made?

What Are Moon Rocks How Are They Made

When you are using cannabis, moon rocks are among the most expensive items you can get. There is a good reason for this. It is considered one of the most potent ways to smoke marijuana. The good news is that if you have hash oil, kief, and flower, then you can make your own moon rocks. 

If you do them right, you will hardly be able to tell what the cannabis looked like originally. Knowing the right way to smoke them is an important part of understanding moon rocks.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are just a type of cannabis. Originally, they were created for marijuana connoisseurs who wanted a way to take their experience to the next level. Unless you use cannabis regularly and are used to its effects, you will most likely experience a unique high from this product. If you are using them for the first time, you will want to have snacks and water handy.

The quality and the potency of the moon rock you make will depend on your materials. Make sure that you pick the best supplies. 

How Moon Rocks Are Made

Making a moon rock can be a fun part of your experience. It is a great way to combine both flavourful extracts and your favourite types of bud with kief. Because you are making your own moon rocks, you can use weaker or stronger materials to determine the potency.

Most people who use moon rocks want to have the best experience possible. Because of this, you probably want to have the highest quality flavour and potency. That means you will want to use freshly cured flowers. You also want to use a clean extract, such as resin. For the kief, you can try a bubble hash to coat it in.

If you are just starting out, you may want a slightly lower potency. To achieve this, you can pick strains high in CBD, rather than THC. You can also add CBD isolate powder instead of kief, which will help to balance out these effects.

How Moon Rocks Are Made

What You Need

  • Kief
  • Whole Nugs
  • Concentrate
  • Knife
  • Tongs or Gloves

To begin, take a bud that is not yet dry so it will not fall apart. Place the kief in a jar and set it aside to use at the end. You will want to put some of your favourite concentrate on your butter knife. If your concentrate is thick and will not stick to the buds, you will need to heat it to loosen it a bit.

You can use a lighter on the bottom of the knife and have the concentrates on the top. However, you do not want to apply enough heat to cause it to vaporize. If you start to smell a burning scent, remove the lighter.

When the oil has melted slightly, use your tongs or silicone gloves to remove the buds. Then, you can coat the nugs with the oil. Finally, you can dunk the bud in your kief until it is well-powdered. If you have coated it well enough that you cannot see the bud, then you can do the next one.

How to Use Moon Rocks

Now that you have learned how to make moon rocks, it is time to learn the right way to smoke them. Remember that these are extremely potent types of cannabis. This means that you want to prepare yourself to be extremely high.

Before you begin, you will want to make sure that you are hydrated well. You should also have eaten recently. Then, you will want to make sure that you can smoke somewhere relaxing where you can sit down. If you are too high, know that it will not hurt you. It will just make you feel uncomfortable.

You should not use moon rocks in the same way as flowers. You should not use a grinder. This can cause it to become too sticky. It will also cause you to lose both oil and kief inside of the grinder. These elements will only get stuck in the grinder’s teeth. Instead, tear your moon rocks into small pieces. These will be easier to smoke.

Grinders are not the only things that you should avoid using when smoking moon rocks. You should also try to avoid using rolling papers. These can be bad because the kief and oil make them difficult to light. The oils might even combine with the different resins, blocking off the airflow in your blunt or joint.

If you use rolling papers, the design of the moon rock can make it difficult to light properly. If you cannot properly pull on your joint, then the oil, bud, and kief will burn off without you enjoying them.

Other Uses for Moon Rocks

Other Uses for Moon Rocks

If you mostly use joints, then you can enhance your experience by using moon rocks. You can mix the moon rocks with some ground weed. This will make it easier to continue smoking the material. If you want a simpler way to use the moon rocks, you can smoke them in a bong or a bowl. Once you have shredded your moon rock, you can place it in the bowl piece. This method is still a stronger way to take in your cannabis.

Closing Thoughts

You will find that moon rocks are a more creative way for you to enjoy the many types of marijuana products. The best part is that you do not need to remove the element of smoking the way that you do with dabbing.

Using a moon rock bowl or joint with your friends can help everyone to experience a high. Even if some of your friends have a higher tolerance, they can still get a decent high from these rocks. If you have been smoking the same way every single day, you might be ready for some variety. Moon rocks are a great way to bring your smoking experience up to the next level. If you want to try something completely different, you might want to move on to sun rocks in the future.

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