What are the Different Types of CBD Products in Canada?

Different Types of CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) has taken giant leaps forward in Canada over the past couple of years for many reasons. The availability, publicity, word of mouth, and legality led to a diverse range of CBD products. Many CBD products on the market provide different ways to ingest or apply CBD, and they all have pros and cons. Daily Marijuana has compiled a list so let’s take a look at some of the most popular CBD products in Canada. 


1. CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD Oils, often known as tinctures, are a combination of CBD and a carrier oil, usually like coconut or hemp seed oil. These come in small bottles with varying degrees of concentration. The concentration, or the amount of CBD you will have in one bottle, determines how potent your oil is. For high strength, get a highly concentrated oil. This CBD is meant to be consumed orally by applying a dosage under the tongue. Remember to consult your doctor before trying any CBD product, especially as you try to find the appropriate dose.  

The first step is to become familiar with the ingredients to help you know whether you will be allergic to them or not. For example, all CBD oils have CBD extract that comes from hemp plants or cannabis and are then separated into different compounds. 

Canadians also shop for full-spectrum CBD oil, which will have a small amount of THC in it. Another option is the broad spectrum CBD oil that doesn’t have THC but has other hemp plant compounds. Finally, there’s also an isolate with a pure CBD extract without additional compounds. 

The CBD extract mixes with a carrier oil; coconut and hemp seed oils are the most popular. These are combined with CBD extract to make it safe for your consumption. They also play a pivotal role in how cannabidiol CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. 

While you can choose the best CBD oil that doesn’t have them, knowing about the additional additives that might be in your tincture is essential. Things like flavour can make your oil easier to eat. Some manufacturers will even include some type of sweetener to balance out the bitter taste of the CBD. 

There’s also CBD for pets, a popular option, especially CBD oil for dogs. It can help them with pain and illness or injuries like arthritis. 


2. CBD Topicals

Topical application is another option if you aren’t looking to ingest CBD. There are CBD balms and vapour rubs that can be very effective. It also provides more opportunities to use CBD topical products safely. 

As we know, endocannabinoid receptors are those that will bind with CBD, meaning how you use a product matters. Luckily, you have endocannabinoid receptors on your skin, so topicals are a great choice. With your skin’s endocannabinoid receptors, you’ll find relief from pain by using topical CBD products. These can help to soothe inflammation from conditions like psoriasis and acne. And for people with sore muscles, inflammation, and chronic pain, CBD topicals can be effective. 


3. CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD patches

Transdermal patches have been around for years, and they rely on some of the same processes as topical CBD products, namely by transferring CBD through the skin for pain relief. These benefit from providing a long-lasting effect, perfect for anyone with chronic conditions or chronic pain, even constant anxiety. You simply place the patch and enjoy. 

The best place for a transdermal CBD patch is one that has many veins, like the back of your palm. With this application, you get a slower release of CBD to last through the day while also providing enough relief to make a difference. You may want to consider switching up where you place the patch and avoid using the same area of your skin over and over. That will help the CBD always to be able to reach your bloodstream quickly, so you have the relief you’re seeking. 


4. CBD Drinks

As CBD products are developed, more options are becoming available, and one of those options is CBD drinks. This product wasn’t possible a few years ago because CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it won’t mix with water. However, recent changes in the extraction method have made it possible to have CBD in a delicious drink. 

Currently, there are CBD-infused waters, juices, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. These all contain soluble cannabis CBD, allowing for a wide variety of choices. There are also powdered CBD drinks that you simply mix with some water or solution before drinking them. 


5. CBD Edibles

Runner-up to CBD oil in popularity are CBD edibles. The most popular of these are CBD gummies. Consuming them coupled with the delicious taste leisurely is likely why they are becoming so highly sought after. Edibles are safe for consumption by anyone over the legal age. You can find them at most local weed dispensaries and online stores. 

Some people prefer to include their CBD in homemade foods, like cookies, cakes, or other options. Because the edibles taste good and come in various flavours that can be added to any number of food items, you have a ton of versatility. Another recent development that many cannabis users are loving is chocolate CBD. 

After you ingest an edible, it will take some time before you feel the product’s effects. This is because it must first be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Because the absorption process is slower, edibles aren’t the best choice for fast relief, and you may require higher concentrations than you would in other delivery methods. 


6. CBD Capsules and CBD Tablets

CBD capsules, or CBD pills, can help you better plan doses. The tablets usually come in various concentrations, ideal for those trying to control their daily intake. 

If you don’t enjoy the aftertaste of oil or an edible, a capsule is perfect for you. These products can also help you fly under the radar with your CBD consumption, giving you some anonymity with your relief. 

The capsules come in two forms: CBD oil infused with CBD and another containing a powder with CBD. Both of these options provide a variety of concentrations. Along with the CBD, you will have some other powder or oil and additional ingredients in the product in either form. For accurate dosing, like taking other medications, this is ideal. 


7. CBD Concentrates

The first thing to know about CBD concentrates is that they are highly potent because they have a higher concentration of CBD. As with many other delivery systems, these come in various forms, including shatter, wax, crumble, rosin, budder, and live resin. However, these products are typically uncommon on the market, so be careful you aren’t buying the more standard THC versions. 

In Canada, CBD concentrates are very popular. It’s believed that the best way to consume them is through dabbing. Because of the high concentration, they are practical and best for fast absorption in the bloodstream. This is the option to consider for anyone who needs quick, intense relief. 

Dabbing is a unique way of consuming a product and the best way to use CBD concentrates, so it’s essential to research more about it. It requires a rig, which is similar to a bong but with some distinct differences. With a rig, you inhale the CBD in a vapour form. 


8. CBD Extract

CBD Oil Tinctures

Like oil, CBD extract is a liquid with an oily consistency that varies in colour. For medicinal use, this is the best CBD product you can choose. It also contains isolated CBD, fatty acids, and terpenoids. 

Many CBD products include some amount of CBD extract, but you can purchase it alone. It will be labelled as CBD extract, distinguishing it from other products on the market. Like CBD oil, CBD extract will also come in a bottle and have a syringe for dosing accuracy. 


9. CBD Isolate

When you take CBD isolate, you take cannabidiol in the purest form. It won’t contain any other chemicals from the hemp plant, like THC, terpenes, etc. So it’s perfect for anyone looking for pure CBD. 

The isolate will come in a crystal form, resembling white powder, containing only 99% pure CBD. That makes it a highly potent product. Many choose to isolate it because it will guarantee not having THC in it. 

It’s removed from the hemp plant as a full spectrum, similar to CBD extract. After it’s released, the other chemicals are removed, and the isolate remains. If you are concerned about any possible THC contamination in a CBD product, you may want to opt for the isolate. 


10. CBD Skin and Hair Products

You have CBD skin and hair products that you can use, like a CBD lotion, related to topicals. These will have a variety of concentrations and categories. Some will be full-spectrum, and others are broad-spectrum. There are also isolate products, as well. These are great at providing additional benefits aside from that from the CBD. 

Typical CBD hair and skin products are lotions, creams, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, cleansers, serums, masks, soaps, beard oils, pomades, and balms. 


11. CBD Vape Pens

A newer option on the market is CBD Vape Pens, a popular option for younger CBD users. It combines the technology of a vape pen with CBD isolate, which is heated, allowing you to inhale the vapour. By inhaling it, like with dabbing, you get fast relief and start to feel the effects of CBD faster than some other CBD products. 

If you’re new to CBD, you can try a disposable CBD vape pen, which will have instructions on using CBD vape pens. Then, after it’s done, you simply throw it away. 


12. Oral Sprays

CBD Spray


One of the newest ways to take cannabidiol is with CBD oral sprays. They look like miniature bottles with a spray nozzle containing various concentrations of CBD. Many also have additives like flavours and sweeteners to make them easier to take. 

Once you know the products on the market, you should also become aware of the benefits you can expect from CBD, why it’s so popular, and its effectiveness. 


Final Words on the Different Types of CBD Products in Canada

Now that we know the most popular CBD products in Canada, you might be wondering what CBD stores are on the web. There are many CBD dispensaries that do CBD shipping straight to your door.  An excellent option to buy CBD online in Canada is here at DailyMarijuana.co. Before you make a purchase, you can do some research and find the top-rated and most trusted CBD brands in Canada by checking out CBD Brand Reviews. One brand we want to recommend is BioLyfe. They have a fantastic line of ultra-purified full-spectrum CBD. If you’re not from Canada and want to order CBD online in the USA, you can explore the #1 source for CBD in California at The CBD Resource to find top-grade CBD in California.



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