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What Is THC Distillate?

What is THC Distillate

THC distillate is a highly purified, intensely strong kind of cannabis concentrate. So what is THC distillate known for? These products have a reputation for delivering impressive results because they’re carefully concentrated. Extracted THC is processed and distilled until it doesn’t contain other ingredients. So when you’re learning how to use THC distillate, you can find distillates that are almost entirely pure THC! Learn more about THC distillates and discover the best way to buy THC distillates in Canada.


What Is THC Distillate Famous For?

THC distillate is well-loved among serious cannabis fans because it’s incredibly potent. These distilled products don’t have any taste or smell, making them easy to enjoy at any time. Since these products are so strong, they’re best enjoyed by seasoned users. Beginners and infrequent users will probably find distillates are unpleasantly strong. However, long-time marijuana lovers and medical users turn to distillates for fast, reliable effects.


How Are THC Distillates Made?

Distillates are one of the most complicated cannabis products to produce. These concentrates are highly processed using dangerous materials and specialized processes. It’s easiest, safest, and most economical to source your distillate from a trusted dispensary like Daily Marijuana. 


First, marijuana’s active ingredients are stripped from the plant using ethanol, carbon dioxide, or other industrial solvents. Next, the extract is kept in a freezing-cold environment and purified to remove unwanted plant material. Once the contaminants are purged, the extract is gently heated to activate the compounds. Finally, cannabinoids and terpenes are separately distilled through a commercial and recombined for the final effect. 


These steps require expensive equipment and serious training that are best left to the professionals. It’s best to buy THC distillate in Canada instead of trying to make your own.


How To Use THC Distillate

How To Use THC Distillate

Now that you know how distillate is made, let’s discuss how to use THC distillate. You can use this cannabis concentrate in many different methods. What is THC distillate best used for? Experiment with these popular methods to find your favourite option.


Vape THC Distillate

Purchase disposable vape pens preloaded with distillate, or use distillate in your rechargeable pen.

Use THC Distillate Sublingually

Place a drop or two of distillate under your tongue for a fast-acting, powerful high. 


THC Distillate Pills

This discrete method is a great way to enjoy cannabis on the go. Pills can take a long time to kick in but deliver powerful effects once they go to work.


DIY Distillate Edibles

Add a drop of distillate to your favourite food or drink for an easy edible option. It can take up to an hour to notice the effects of eating distillate, so be patient with the process.


Dab THC Distillate

Like many concentrates, distillate is perfect for dabbing. Place a small amount into your nail and enjoy.


In Conclusion

Now that you know what THC distillate is, are you curious about this concentrate? It’s easy to order distillate from Daily Marijuana and try it yourself. They offer the best prices and selection, making Daily Marijuana the best place to buy THC distillate online in Canada that is guaranteed to be pure and potent. You can also turn to for the rest of your marijuana needs and Find Greens Online easily and affordable. If you are curious about keto products, we recommend checking out Keto Brand Reviews to help you make an informed decision when purchasing keto supplements.



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