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What are the Positive Effects of Marijuana?

What are the Positive Effects of Marijuana

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Although the use of marijuana is centuries old, more and more Canadians have started legally smoking or consuming weed for recreational and medicinal purposes. People new to the cannabis community often askes themselves, “what are the effects of cannabis?”

If you are one of those trying to find the positives of this fantastic plant, no need to look any further. We have summarized all the positive effects of marijuana, so all you need to do is to sit back, relax and read the rest of the article.

What are the Positive Effects of Marijuana?

As of today, there are plenty of doctors that prescribe the use of cannabis for the treatments of a lot of conditions, including severe epilepsy. Some also prescribe it to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.


Furthermore, the benefits of marijuana are both science-backed, while some are just anecdotal. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of marijuana.

1. Helps in pain management: If you’ve been having problems regarding pain, you should consider consulting the doctor for the benefits of marijuana for you. The cannabinoids in marijuana are said to help patients with pain. That’s exactly why it’s being used to treat conditions that are the main reason behind chronic pains. Marijuana may help you with:

  •         Migraine
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Arthritis
  •         Endometriosis

2. Marijuana can further help in minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment. It provides relief from chemotherapy-induced vomiting, nausea and pain.

3. Help in reducing inflammation: One of the main compounds in the plant, CBD, is known to help patients in reducing inflammation. And decreasing signs of inflammation in human bodies can help us in our overall health. Researchers and doctors are trying to find evidence why exactly does it help in inflammatory conditions like:

  •         Rheumatoid arthritis
  •         Crohn’s disease
  •         Irritable bowel syndrome

4. Other mental disorders: As we all know, marijuana is proving to be a wonderful gift from nature as it has so much potential to take care of so many conditions in human bodies; another thing that contributes to this factor is that it affects the limbic system. This system is a set of various structures that help the brain in dealing with plenty of emotions. Due to this, doctors have started to prescribe marijuana to help patients that have the following mental conditions:

  •         Epilepsy
  •         Multiple sclerosis
  •         Anxiety
  •         Parkinson’s disease
  •         Tourette syndrome
  •         Post-traumatic stress disorder (more commonly known as PTSD)

5. Improving lung functions: Another exciting thing about marijuana is that it helps the lungs by enhancing their capacity. Although smoking isn’t an ideal habit that you can grow fond of, according to a study, smoking cannabis may increase the overall capacity of your lungs.

Make sure not to confuse it as smoking cigarettes is still considered harmful, and they do not help smokers in any way, including the enhancement of the capacity of our lungs.

  • Help in losing weight: You might have seen cannabis consumers all your life. Now think if any of them was overweight or fat. Interesting right? It’s commonly known that active cannabis consumers do not go overweight. There’s a reason for that. Cannabis helps in aiding the body in keeping a check on the insulin levels as well as it manages the caloric intakes. So if you’re slowly starting to gain weight, have a couple of smoky sessions a week to notice if it helps you with your weight.


  • Help makes our bones strong: Another pleasantly surprising fact about it is that it has seemed to help with our bones by making them strong. A thing called cannabidiol has some link with helping the bones. It also helps us in healing broken bones and makes the healing process fast. CBD helps the bones in the process of healing and makes them tougher and stronger so that they do break easily.


  • And finally, if you’re having alcohol problems? No worries, as one of the many positive effects of marijuana is that it’s relatively safer than consuming alcohol. We all agree that smoking isn’t the best substitute in the world, but it’s relatively safer than drinking alcohol. If you or any of your friends or colleagues are having a hard time quitting alcohol, this is the time to introduce them to a better substitute.

Some Important Tips for Better Weed Experience

Whether it’s for medical purposes like some severe medical condition or you’re just looking to have a relaxed evening with your friends, marijuana will be there to help you with them both.

On the other hand, it’s always considered a great idea to consult a doctor or some other professional before you start consuming the plant all by yourself. Also, look for the state laws you are living in or planning to visit. Make sure that the area in which you are planning to consume the plant, it legal there.

Also, if everything’s good and you’re ready to consume marijuana, be sure to take a slow start. There are a lot of reasons regarding why you should start slow and not overdo it. There is a very fine line between having fun and greening out where all fun is ruined. Make sure not to step over that line so that you can enjoy your cannabis experience to the fullest. And if you can, smoke while your friends are around, it’s always a better idea to not be alone with you’re having fun.

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