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Learn How To Grow Weed at Home

Learn How To Grow Weed at Home

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Want To Learn How To Grow Weed at Home?

Since marijuana is finally gaining global acceptance for its incredible recreational and health benefits, many people in Canada, the US, and worldwide are now legally able to grow their own cannabis crop. 

Growing marijuana might sound complicated, but that’s because it’s been hard to get accurate instructions for how to grow marijuana in the past. These days, anyone can learn how to grow weed at home. Check out our 10-step marijuana growing guide, and you’ll learn how to grow cannabis before you know it.

Step 1: Where To Grow?

Your first concern with any new plant is making sure you have a great environment where it will thrive. It’s easy to learn how to grow weed because the marijuana plant can live indoors and outdoors. Just decide the location that’s best for you and get set up.

Indoor growing is an excellent choice if you’re only growing a few plants or want to keep your crop private. Maintaining your setup can be amazingly simple and cheap, plus it’s easy to control your plant’s growth. Remember that indoor gardeners need to supply everything their plants need to survive. If you don’t maintain your plant when you’re learning how to grow marijuana from seed, your plant will die.

Outdoor growing requires less lighting and irrigation equipment, but outdoor gardens have concerns such as privacy and stealth. The sun will provide all the light with your weed needs, but you’ll still need to keep an eye on water levels. Like all living creatures, marijuana plants have ideal growing conditions. If your crop is too dry, wet, hot, or cold, your plants will struggle.

Step 2: Choosing Your Light

Whether you grow your pot inside or outside, you have several lighting options.

    • Sunlight. The sun is the most powerful and cost-efficient light source around. If you’re learning how to grow pot outside, make sure to plant your seeds where they’ll receive full sunlight from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
    • Fluorescent lights and household bulbs. These lightbulbs aren’t designed for growing plants, but they can still do the job. As an advantage, these lights are commonly available and easy to buy.
  • LED grow lights.
  • LEC (CMH) grow lights.
  • Industrial fluorescent lighting (T5/T8). You may have noticed these powerful lights at nurseries or botanical gardens.

Step 3: Choose Your Soil

For the most economical and eco-friendly option, compost your soil before planting. Purchased compost also provides excellent results, but this option is more expensive and takes more time.

If composting isn’t a workable option for you, look for an organic potting mix in the gardening section of any big box store. You can also explore the online market to learn all about soil options.

Step 4: Pick Your Nutrients

Regardless of which soil variety you’re using, you’ll need to add nutrients to your soil. Your marijuana plant will have unique nutritional requirements depending on the type of soil, seed, and plant you’re using. You’ll have the most success by adding nutrients when you’re picking up how to grow cannabis.

Step 5: Choose Your Strain

Do your research and be picky before choosing the strain you want to grow. If you already have a favourite weed strain, look for similar seeds. You can also learn about weed in general to find a variety you’ll enjoy.

Most people don’t know a seed provider in person, so it’s easiest to order seeds online. Ordering seeds is an exciting step in your journey towards how to grow weed at home. Check out the online market to explore reputable suppliers who can help you learn how to grow weed from seeds. 

As a fun fact, no one in Canada or the United States has been sent to jail for buying marijuana seeds online.

Step 6: Germination

When you’re learning how to grow a weed plant, germination is the step when your seed sprouts. You can purchase decent-quality plant starters and simply follow the instructions to help your seed start growing. 

Alternately, you can try the paper towel method. Simply wrap your seed in a damp paper towel and keep it in a dark and warm location. Check your seeds every 12 hours to see when they’ve started to sprout. Whatever method you prefer, germinating pot seeds is simple and easy.

Step 7: Growing Big, Strong Plants

Young marijuana plants flourish between 70-85°F (20-30°C). Keep your indoor plants at this temperature. If you’re growing an outdoor garden, plant your seeds when the weather is around this range.

When your plants start to grow, they’re putting all their resources into getting bigger and stronger. Young cannabis plants won’t flower or grow buds immediately. Keep watering to help them get established. This simple step is a significant part of how to grow weed.

Step 8: It’s Flower Time

Indoor growers need to help their cannabis plants flower. When you plan how to grow pot inside, you’ll need to move to a 12-12 light schedule to help your plants bud. To do them, simply keep your grow lights on for twelve hours at a time. Follow this up with twelve hours of complete darkness. That mimics natural conditions and prompts your marijuana to grow flowers.

Step 9: Time to Harvest

Once your new buds stop growing, and you begin to find white, hair-like threads on your plants, you’re almost ready to harvest. Your plants will also start producing a robust and recognizable cannabis smell. Keep an eye on the white threads. When half of them begin to turn darker, you’re ready to harvest your buds.

Step 10: Dry And Cure

Now that you know how to grow weed, it’s time to harvest your plant. Cut the fat buds off your plants and hang them upside down to dry. Ideally, your buds should hang in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated dark room. These conditions will help them dry perfectly. Let your buds try slowly and naturally for the best results. 

Once your buds are dry, keep them in quarter-sized, airtight glass jars. You can fill each jar to about three-quarters of its capacity. Open your jars once a day to release any moisture that might build up.

Since you’ve learned all about how to grow weed at home, it’s time to get started! You follow these ten easy steps to enjoy your own supply of quality, homegrown cannabis.


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