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What is Bulk Weed? The Benefits of Wholesale Cannabis 

What is Bulk Weed

Cannabis comes in different quantities. In Canada, weed is measured in several ways, the smallest being in grams. Many Canadian weed dispensaries apportion an eighth, about 3.5 grams of weed to users. However, weed can be bought wholesale at the best price. 

Buying bulk weed essentially means stashing marijuana buds for individual use to consume it over a long time instead of visiting dealers whenever the need to consume arises. 

The Canadian government allows users to stash a certain quantity of bulk weed for individual use. The highest quantity of weed is a pound. Equivalent to 453 grams (Nickus, 2022)

However, the Canadian legal system allows individuals to buy an ounce of weed, about 30 grams of cannabis (Legal line Canada, 2022

Controlling weed helps to manage access. This costs about 160 – 400 Canadian dollars, depending on your favourite strain of cannabis. There are many reasons why buying weed in wholesale quantities is essential. And there are plenty of top-notch advantages to getting bulk cannabis. 


Benefits of Buying Bulk Marijuana in Canada

Bulk cannabis is beneficial because it:


Imagine yourself craving a good bud in the middle of the night with no desire to leave your house. But, unfortunately, there is no more weed in your house. Frustrating, right? That is why it is important to stash bulk cannabis for situations like these. It comes in handy at all times.

Wholesale weed in your house allows you to consume it when needed without wondering how you will get it in challenging situations. It also benefits patients who don’t have the luxury of going out and getting weed in cannabis dispensaries. Bulk cannabis can be bought via online dispensaries in Canada and delivered to your home. 


Like every other consumption commodity purchased in wholesale quantities, buying bulk buying online is generally cheaper and does not quickly deplete. For example, an ounce of weed could yield 60 – 75 good weed joints for lower prices than a gram of weed bought regularly.

Hardened smokers who consume at least a joint daily may realize how expensive regular purchases could be. It is, therefore, preferable for them to buy weed that they can consume for a long time and save money.

Environmental Friendly 

Plastic packaging is used whenever grams of weed are sold to individuals. We are all aware of the environmental implications of disposing of used plastic in the environment. Buying cannabis in bulk does not require such packaging. 

Once a weed consumer receives his cannabis in the comfort of his home, there would be no need to package every gram consumed, significantly reducing plastic usage. That is a big step in conserving the environment.

Bulk Cannabis Enables You to Prepare Your Own Edibles

Cookies, butter, brownies, and space cakes laced with cannabis require a substantial quantity of weed. Bulk weed ensures that you can comfortably prepare them at home whenever needed. Maybe you are hosting a party with friends. 

Need some edibles urgently? Bulk buds in storage save the day. Storing weed in bulk comes in handy during shortages. Sometimes your favourite strain of cannabis is not available in the market when you need it. Why get stuck to consuming bland strains when you could buy your favourite strain in bulk when available?

Bulk cannabis buds enable you to evade a period of shortage when it dawns. When you stash properly, your favourite strain can remain fresh for extended periods. You can smoke weed without worrying that your dealer or nearest dispensary will not be able to shelf it.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Marijuana in Canada

Disadvantages of Buying Bulk Marijuana in Canada

Variety Compromise

Maybe you love consuming various strains of cannabis sativa. Or maybe you are a newbie with no idea what strain suits you best. It would be impossible to buy weed in bulk because it would restrain you from consuming a variety. It is advisable to try out several different cannabis strains before deciding which one you prefer. Then, you can order marijuana online in large quantities. 

Storage Problems

Bulk cannabis is a sensitive commodity that could lose its quality if not stored properly. Bulk weed can last about two years in shelf life if kept away from UV rays and oxygen. It is also essential to add proper humidity to prevent it from becoming bland. If not kept well, it would be a significant loss to the quality of your favourite strain. 

Bulk Weed is Not Economical For Short-Term Users

A bulk order is very convenient for hardened consumers who averagely smoke a joint every single day. However, it is not wise for occasional smokers and new consumers to pile up a huge stash. 

You may love getting a joint once or twice every week. Bulk weed may not be necessary. You could easily get small quantities that suit you. It makes sense. Besides, it helps you in saving money.

Where Can You Buy Bulk Weed in Canada?

Where Can You Buy Bulk Weed in Canada?

Fortunately, Canada is one of the countries where bulk cannabis consumption is not stringent. The cannabis community in Canada enjoys weed for many reasons, including its therapeutic benefits. However, different provinces have different locations for purchasing bulk weed. They include

  • Ontario– The Ontario Cannabis store (a government e-commerce website. There are also 33 weed stores allowed to sell bulk weed in Ontario after providing licenses.  A gram averagely sells from 7.95 – 13.25 dollars in online dispensaries.
  • Quebec – The government owns the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) stores. There are 41 weed retailers in the province that sell bulk buds. A gram of weed costs 5.25 dollars a gram on retail price. An excellent price compared to the price ranges in other provinces.
  • Nova Scotia – The Nova Scotia Liquor corporation owns 12 weed stores around the province that can be found on their website. A gram of weed at retail price is 10.99 dollars. One can buy bulk weed online at a retail store after verifying age. 
  •  Alberta – About 400 cannabis retailers in this province sell bulk weed. Alberta’s government readily grants weed retailers licenses more than any other state. Bulk buds cost 9.24 – 15.42 dollars a gram at retail price. (Scriver, 2020)
  • British Columbia – This province has many private cannabis retailers and dispensaries, government-run BC Cannabis stores (BCCS) selling weed in bulk. They include ‘Daily Edibles Cannabis,’ which owns websites that advertise the various strains, which makes buying weed online and getting it delivered the same day a possibility.



To enjoy cannabis and excellent customer service, buy weed in large quantities by placing your bulk order with us. When customers purchase more, they spend less as they buy bulk at a lower price and enjoy the best prices on bulk weed in Canada. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase marijuana in bulk so you can take advantage of wholesale weed pricing. In addition, you can conveniently order your favourite strains through the Daily Marijuana website for Canada-wide shipping. 



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