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What is Weed Budder?

What is Weed Budder?

What is Weed Budder?

Cannabis comes in many shapes and forms. One form, known as budder or budder wax, is a cannabis concentrate with a texture similar to frosting. Its not a liquid or a solid. Weed butter has a texture kind of like peanut butter. Many cannabis users enjoy using weed budder as it has a high THC content (between 80 to 90%). Of all the types of concentrates, users describe budder concentrate as the most flavorful.

How is the Cannabis Concentrate Weed Budder Made?

Weed budder has been around since the 1990s. Like many other concentrates, a chemical solvent is needed to extract the THC. Some examples of chemical solvents used include butane or CO2. Butane hash oil (BHO) is the umbrella term for all marijuana concentrates made with butane extraction.  After the solvent is blasted through the weed, the cannabis extract is collected and the remaining solvent is purged. This process involves using air pressure and heat for extraction. Then the concentrate is hand-whipped like cake batter and cannabinoids will begin to crystalize to become budder”. Budder is considered a very pure form of cannabis, as it doesnt contain any solvents, toxins, or metals. Thus, this is why many users enjoy the flavour of weed budder.

How is Weed Budder Used?

Budder can be enjoyed in various ways. For example, some dabbers choose to use a dab rig to dab weed budder since its quite easy. This method involves vaporizing the weed budder using a heated surface and then inhaling. Youll need a nail (quartz preferably) for this method. This method involves using a low temperature.

Another common way to use budder concentrates is by using a vaporizer. Simple or complex vaporizers will both work, depending on what you have on hand. The process is similar to dabbing, however, the tool makes it a bit easier. Simply load your weed budder into the vaporizer, heat to around 300 degrees, and inhale.

Water pipes or bongs are another way users consume weed budder. Place the budder on your bowl and inhale. If you are used to heating traditional weed flower, be patient as lighting weed budder may take some more time. Weed budder has a higher melting point than flower so it’s different when you smoke budder. Weed budder can also be used to make edibles, however, using this will mask the rich flavors.

Budder Weed vs. Cannabutter

What is Weed Budder?

Newbies might get these two products confused as they sound similar. However, these are two different products. Weed budder is a solvent-based cannabis concentrate that uses heat and pressure to extract. In contrast, cannabutter is a cooking product used in delicious weed edible recipes.

Why People Use Cannabis Concentrates like Weed Budder

While weed concentrates have many options, weed budder is widely popular. Since it has a high THC content, its attractive to many users. In addition, weed budder smells delicious (due to the high terpene content). Weed budder that is extracted using CO2 is safer than using butane.

If attempting to extract yourself, take caution. DIY caution can be quite dangerous if handled improperly. Many cannabis enthusiasts also enjoy using weed budder due to its versatility. It can be used to vape, dab, take hits, and more. There are so many options to consume budder!

Final Thoughts

Weed budder is an excellent option for people looking to consume cannabis in different ways that don’t include smoking. There are a number of ways to consume weed budder and taste its rich flavour, meaning lots of fun experimentation lies ahead!

If you’re looking to buy weed budder online in Canada, be sure to check out our budder wax selection at We carry a massive lineup of cannabis concentrates that are well-priced and amazingly potent. In addition, you’ll find great customer service, secure shipping options, and weekly promotions! If you live in Vancouver and want to experiment with budder tonight, try a local budder delivery service and get discreet same-day delivery straight to your door. No worries if you’re from the east coast, there is also Toronto Weed Delivery which will also provide you with quick marijuana delivery. Let us know about your experiences with budder in the comments section below!



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