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How to Clean A Dab Rig

How to Clean A Dab Rig

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Cannabis is famous now for both health and recreation. From smoking joints, we’ve gone to extracts, edibles and concentrates

One of the most popular means of ingesting Cannabis, of course, is the dab rig. The cannabis concentrate vaporizes on the rig, and the user breathes it and enjoys the effects. Furthermore, the high is quick and potent. With each use, however, you should thoroughly clean the dab rig. Any dirt or buildup lessens the rig’s effectiveness. Here is a valuable guide on how to clean a dab rig. Follow it, and your experience will remain pleasurable every time. 

Why Clean Your Rig? 

Buildup on the dab rig naturally occurs on the nail, cap and other areas. Resin (called reclaim) builds up, and you must remove it. If you clean the rid as you go, this is a relatively easy task. Like any coating, however, the resin is harder to remove once it accumulates. As crucial as the lessening of your high is the danger to your health. A dirty rig hurts your lungs and throat. Also, a dirty rig doesn’t last as long. Like any other belonging, if you take care of your rig, it will give you a lot more use, so know how to clean a dab rig as part of your life in cannabis. 


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How To Clean A Dab Rig

As mentioned, cleaning a dab rig is necessary after each use. Some people find this tedious, but trust us, you’ll find the dirt even more irritating. Stick to a routine, and you’ll save yourself headaches. The grime on the rig determines how much and how long you have to clean. There are three quick and simple ways to do it. They are listed below. 

a. Hot Water

The tried and true is always the best, and nothing beats hot H2O. It’s also one of the best ways if you use and clean your rig often. Just boil water and have at it! Hold the nail of your rig over the boiling pot to loosen the sediment. After that, fill up the rig, close both ends, then shake vigorously. When you pour out the water, dump it in one go. That keeps any residue from clinging inside. Repeat the process as needed until the rig is clean. By the way: If you’re wondering how to clean a dab rig with a silicone nail, this way is best. Otherwise, you might ruin the nail with alcohol. 

b. Alcohol And Sea Salt

The following method uses Isopropyl Alcohol, of course. You need that when there’s a lot of buildups. For cleaning a dab rig, you’ll need eighty-five percent concentration or better. To start, bring some water to a boil. Set it aside, then fill your dab rig with the alcohol. Add a decent amount of sea salt to the alcohol. Mix it thoroughly, then pour the hot water into the rig with the alcohol and salt. Mix it well again by shaking. As before, pour out in one smooth motion. Rinse the rig with cool water afterwards. Always do this process quickly. You want the sea salt to brush abrasively to loosen any accumulation or residue. 

c. Alcohol And Heat

Isopropyl Alcohol and Heat is the preferred method when it comes to how to clean a dab rig that has heavy buildup. Once a rig is dirty, it’s the only natural choice to get it clean safely. First, pour alcohol into a bowl and heat it very gently. (Very, very gently! Alcohol is combustible. You can’t heat it like water.) Fifteen seconds in a microwave-safe bowl should be sufficient. Next, pour the warm alcohol into your rig. Swish the liquid about, making sure to cover all the areas. Use sea salt for this method, too, if you think you need extra cleaning. When you finish, rinse out the dab rig with cool water and let it dry. 


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In Conclusion on How to Clean a Dab Rig

Clean a dab rig is a good practice and necessary. It’s good for your health and guarantees your pleasure. Just a few minutes after every use is enough to keep your gear available and ready. As an aside, remember, always consume any substance with caution. Stay hydrated. Have a friend over, if you can. Your cannabis experience should be enjoyable. Cleanliness is a big part of this, and so is a good dose of clear-minded caution. 

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