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How To Smoke Weed Wax Without a Dab Rig

How To Smoke Weed Wax Without a Dab Rig

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Cannabis has been with humankind since before the written word. However, in most societies, and especially in modern times, the substance was illegal. That’s changing now with weed legalization, and people are using it more. With freedom comes more options. There are many forms of cannabis and just as many ways to consume it. 

What do you do if you want to use Cannabis Wax but don’t have a dab rig or other device? Let us show you how to smoke weed wax without a rig. Then, read further to find out. 

Just What Is Cannabis Wax?

Essentially butane hash oil (BHO) is what makes up marijuana or cannabis wax. This concentrated oil, also known as dabs, shatter, honeycomb, amber or budder, is potent. It is one of the most potent cannabis products available. 

Cannabis Wax looks just like its name. It is gummy and waxy in structure. Yet, paradoxically it is often clay-like and flaky. The substance has a sixty to eighty percent THC concentration, four to five times higher than the natural ‘grass’ form. It thus gives a more substantial, faster high, which tends to last longer. 

For apparent reasons, Cannabis wax is popular. For both medical and recreational applications, its use is increasing. Like any concentrated substance, there are dangers associated with overuse. That has not hurt its popularity, however, and various methods of consumption are likely to continue. 

How Is Weed Wax Made?

Cannabis plants pass through a solvent (usually butane). The psychoactive THC leaches into the butane, and the substance is cooled until it achieves the gummy texture described earlier. Since butane is combustible, only professionals should try this process. Just as with consumption, you should handle manufacturing with care. 


How Do You Smoke Cannabis Wax?

The most common way to smoke Cannabis Wax is with a rig. However, there are alternative methods if you don’t have the tools and need to know how to smoke weed wax without a rig.


1. Rolled Into Your Joint

You can roll cannabis wax into a regular joint just fine. If you’re smoking wax without a rig, it’s an inexpensive way to get the job done. First, make a line with the wax along the length of the inside of your unrolled joint. Sprinkle the dry weed as you usually would, then roll it and smoke as usual. 

Whether with a rolled or pre-rolled joint, you can smear the wax along the length at intervals. These areas, called ‘speedbumps’ or ‘checkpoints,’ can be anywhere except at the end of the joint you light, and as indicated, can be inside or out. Note that the wax may drip, and your joint will burn differently, so take precautions to avoid a mess or singing yourself. 

How to Smoke Hash

2. Use A Pipe

Pipes, bowls and bongs are familiar items to any average cannabis user, whether you use them personally or not. You’ll probably use those before you ever learn how to smoke weed wax without a rig. Fill about a third of the bowl with bud and the rest with dry flowers. Spread wax lightly on the flowers, then cover it with another layer of weed before you light and enjoy. 


3. Vape

You can manage smoking wax without a rig by using a weed vape. Some pens can’t vaporize cannabis wax, so be aware when you choose your product. To load the vape, detach its atomizer (heating element) from the battery. Add a little wax to the heating coil. Replace the battery and reattach the atomizer. Put the mouthpiece in place and 

inhale normally. 


4. Healthstone

You can use a healthstone (a form of porous glass similar in appearance to volcanic rock) to vaporize your wax. You can use it in conjunction with a pipe or bowl. This method takes little heat and is very convenient. Simply place the stone in the bowl. Apply wax to the stone. Heat with a flame torch to generate smoke. Short drags and puffs are best with this method. However, the high is still swift and sustained. 


5. Hot-Knifing

When it comes to how to smoke weed wax without a rig, you can use a knife. It’s best to use a butter knife. You will also need a plastic bottle whose bottom is cut away. This method is a bit tricky for newcomers. You have to heat the butter on the knife and use the plastic bottle to inhale once the fumes arrive. This method is wasteful and takes a lot of practice, but it may be the only way in a pinch or if you’re away from home. 


6. Food Cooking

If you want to find a way to smoke wax without a rig, Cannabis in edibles is a long-standing tradition and practice. It requires the most preparation and a certain amount of culinary skill. You must decarb your wax and make cannabutter for the ingredients in some cases. If you’re not a great cook, try small amounts first. Nothing’s worse than wasting good Cannabis Wax on bad-tasting fudge. 


Cannabis Wax can have harmful side effects because of its potency. It’s easy to waste if you don’t know what you’re doing, and some methods require a certain amount of expertise or special knowledge. You should be cautious and take your time with the various forms of experimentation. Remember always to stay safe. Whether you’re smoking, vaping or munching, the goal is to have fun and just enjoy. 


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