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How To Make A Filter For A Joint

How To Make A Filter For A Joint

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Once you start rolling your joints, its good to know how to make a filter for a joint. Joint filters are also sometimes called crutches or filter tips. Whatever term you prefer, learning how to make a joint filter will help you enjoy smoking even more than you already do. Filters act as mouthpieces and have many other benefits. Filters are great for defining the active end of your joint, keeping greenery out of your mouth, and avoiding burns on your lips.

Some potheads like to smoke joints without a filter. It all comes down to personal preference, but we believe everyone should know how to roll a joint with a filter. Lets see how!


How Do You Make A Joint Filter At Home?

How to make a cannabis joint filter for a joint at home is easy. You only need a piece of stiff paper. Printer paper is too thin, but there are many thicker options you can probably find around the house. Keep an eye out for these sources:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Index cards
  • Magazine subscription postcards
  • The back flap of a chequebook
  • Business cardsthe cheaper the paper, the better
  • Regular cardboard with work in a pinch

You can also find commercial crutches for sale. These pre-made tips are usually made of fibre paper. Whatever you choose, make sure it doesnt contain bleach or other chemicals. Ideally, your paper should be all-natural and safe for use. This is one perk to buying pre-made tips, which are made of premium materials.

You can choose from various ways to roll your filter, but lets start with the most straightforward way to roll a filter. Roll your paper into a cylinder to make the filter. When you look at your filter head-on, you should see a spiral. The spiral roll is easy and popular, but it does have a few downsides. The main negative to this method is that some small pieces of bud will still make it through the filter and into your mouth. When youre learning how to make a filter for a joint, youll also find that the spiral method isnt strongly inbuilt. This means that the spiral filters lose their shape when they get pinched or wet. However, this method is still reasonably effective and easy to use.

How About For Experienced Joint Rollers?

When youre ready for a better way to make a weed joint filter, move on to the folded spiral. This method is almost identical to the spiral filter. The only difference is that youll fold the paper before making the final roll. This method is a slightly more complicated way how to roll a filter, but once you get the hang of it, youll find the results are worth the effort.

Start by deciding how wide the filter should be, then make a few folds in your paper. You dont want the folds to be too wide because theyll need to fit inside your joint. On the other hand, wide folds lead to a wide filter, and narrow folds will create a tiny filter.

Try not to crease the paper too much. When youre learning how to roll a joint with a filter, you dont want to make so many folds that its a struggle to inhale. You also want folds that are the right size to keep plant material out of your mouth. Learning how to make a joint for a filter is a learned skill, so be patient with yourself when youre starting.

Once you’ve made all your folds, hopefully, youll have some paper left over. Wrap this around the entire filter to hold everything together. You can cut or tear off any leftover paper. Thats all it takes to learn how to make a joint filter.

After your final wrap, the filter should look ready to expand. Thats precisely what youre going for. Your homemade filter will fit nicely inside your joint with a great, tight feel. So now that you know how to make a filter for a marijuana joint, get some pot, and have fun.

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