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How To Buy Pot In Ontario

How To Buy Pot In Ontario

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If you’re 19 or older and have an Ontario delivery address, we’re here to teach you how to buy pot in Ontario. Thanks to Canada’s marijuana legalization, it’s never been easier to uncover how to buy weed in Ontario. Province laws vary, so this guide focuses on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). This online cannabis dispensary operates under strict federal regulations and is the only legal way how to buy weed online in the province. That said, OCS offers a decent variety of buds, so it’s a good option for sourcing your weed. Whether you prefer India, Sativa, or hybrid blends, you can explore various potent products.

Things to Know Before You Buy Weed in Ontario

A smart thing to do before you order is to visit independent sites such as Cannabis Ontario and WeedMaps and you will find listings of some of the best weed dispensaries in Canada.

One great perk of the OCS website is that you can sort items by potency. So if you’re looking for something mellow or something wild, it’s simple to find and purchase the exact level you prefer. Once you know how to buy pot in Ontario, you can discover all your favorite goodies on the OCS site.

Popular Cannabis Products in Ontario

The Ontario Cannabis Store can also help if like more modern options. When you’re searching for how to buy weed in Ontario or how to buy weed online in your home province, you can shop for vape cartridges online. OCS carries a broad range of both THC and CBD vape cartridges, plus vape batteries, disposable vape pens, and other vaporizer accessories. Now that you know how to buy pot in Ontario for online delivery, you can also have your favourite vape tools sent to your home.

The fun doesn’t stop with cannabis flowers and vapes. OCS also carries an exciting line-up of weed edibles, as well as CBD products and tinctures. So if you’re looking for how to buy pot in Ontario for recreational purposes, OCS has everything you could hope for. That’s one reason why marijuana lovers also love this store!


You’ll enjoy a simple but secure ordering process when you test out how to buy pot in Ontario. OCS manages a safe online checkout platform, then uses a comprehensive delivery service. You’ll need to verify your age to receive the delivery. That’s one distinction between how to buy pot in Ontario and other kinds of online shopping. Your delivery person won’t leave your pot on your door for you to find later. Make sure you’re home and can receive your delivery on the first attempt for the best experience.

The only downside we see to OCS is that it’s an online dispensary. It’s easy to place an order over the Internet, but you can’t physically shop and browse through the items. Don’t be tempted to visit a headshop in person and try to buy cannabis. Brick and mortar headshops are full of red flags, so don’t even try them without doing your research first.


How To Buy Pot In Ontario 2

Marijuana Laws in Ontario

Ontario residents are only allowed to buy 30 grams of cannabis at once. This is equal to around one ounce, which is the standard amount of dried marijuana you can purchase at once. This amount was chosen because it’s considered enough for a one-time, personal use. Here are some equivalent amounts of other items you can purchase.

  • 5 grams fresh (not dried) cannabis
  • 15 grams of edibles
  • Around 70 grams of tinctures or other liquid products
  • 1/4 gram solid or liquid concentrates

Other than OCS, your other option for how to buy pot in Ontario is shopping from an authorized cannabis retail store throughout the province. You might be able to find a local cannabis store that’s allowed to sell marijuana products. If you have like-minded friends or acquaintances, see if they have a local recommendation. You can also find great products and deals in online dispensaries in Canada such as Daily Marijuana.

How To Buy Pot In Ontario 3

Legal and Licenses Cannabis Dispensaries in Ontario

You can tell if a store is authorized because they’ll have an official cannabis retail seal on display. This is a black logo with ‘ONTARIO AUTHORIZED’ written on it. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is the provincial regulator that grants store licenses and passes out seals. You should be able to find this seal easily because it’s supposed to be prominently displayed. Ask the staff where it is if it’s hard to find. If a store doesn’t have the seal or can’t show it to you, that’s a giant red flag. Walk right out the door and find an official store on the list of authorized retailers instead.

This authorization applies to more than just dried cannabis. Whether you’re shopping for edibles, topicals, or any other product, cannabis restrictions apply to all forms of marijuana. You can purchase your favorite cannabis goodies from any authorized store if you’re over 19. Remember that you can’t re-sell your purchases to anyone or share them with people who aren’t of age yet. Protect yourself and make sure to stick within the law.

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