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So What Happens When You Eat Weed?

So What Happens When You Eat Weed

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Smoking, vaping, capsules, tinctures, and edibles are the most common methods for modern marijuana users to get high. Its hard to determine precisely which method is most popular, but as weed legalizations impacts keep rippling through Canada, people are looking for even more creative ways to consume pot. There are plenty of innovations out there, but what if you want to try a simpler fashion? What happens if you eat weed instead of smoke it? 

You can eat marijuana and still get high. It might seem like the herb needs to be smoked to feel anything, but thats simply because smoking and vaping are common methods. Eating raw weed can give a different effect from smoking marijuana. If youre more interested in mixing your pot with food, youre probably asking, what kind of high do edibles give you? Learn all about eating weed to see what to expect.

The Rundown On THC And Acids

Marijuana is a psychoactive plant, but it needs to be heated for the magic compounds to do their work. Cannabis contains 113 cannabinoids including the most famous, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC delivers amazing psychoactive effects, but only when its been heated. 


What happens if you eat weed that hasnt been heated up? Absolutely nothing. Straight off the plant, cannabis contains THCa, which is an acidic form of THC. When THCa dries and is cured, it converts into the active form of THC. THCa by itself is a distinct compound and wont cause any interesting effects whether you smoke it or eat it.


Your body can process a large amount of THCa without any problem. This compound isnt broken down or brought into your bloodstream. Instead, its simply processed through your digestive tract like any other plant material. If you want to feel the trademark cannabis effects, youll need to heat or decarb your pot first.


Eating Decarbed Weed

If youve already answered the question what do weed edibles feel like to your satisfaction, you might want to try eating weed directly instead. Eating dried weed, dried flowers, or decarbed weed offers a distinct experience from smoking and other methods. What happens if you eat weed by itself? Here are some things to expect.


Youll feel lightheaded

Eating weed makes many people feel like their head is spinning. This can happen to anyone when you overindulge or try a very potent strain, but its also common when eating the herb. Sometimes this feeling can be so strong that lying down cant make it go away. This is different from what kind of high do cannabis edibles give you, so stay away from eating weed if you hate this feeling.


Youll lose focus

This is another effect that eating pot shares with smoking pot. What happens if you eat weed? You might be asking yourself that question over and over once your mind starts to drift away. This is another sensation that isnt always pleasant, so be warned.


You panic

Panicking, tripping,and feeling paranoid are common among pot users. If your first time trying marijuana is by eating the herb, youll likely hyperventilate, hear things, have a racing heart, and nothing will make sense through your constant anxiety. This can also happen to experienced users who eat the herb, so dont make assumptions about how your experience will go.


Youll get fatigued

Pot often helps people relax, destress, and sleep better, so its no surprise that eating weed will do the same thing. What do weed edibles feel like? Eating cannabis can give you an instant feeling of exhaustion, so dont try this method if you have lots to do that day.

Youll get sick

What happens if you eat weed? Well, the worst possible side effect is vomiting. Your digestive system isnt always prepared for the direct marijuana experience. THC edibles are unlikely to make you puke, but theres a good chance that the raw herb will come back up.

Those Who Want To Eat Raw Weed Without The Effects

If youre set on eating your cannabis, there are some ways to keep it down and enjoy yourself. Make sure to use fresh buds and leaves instead of dried or decarbed products. Here are some fast and easy ways to make edibles anytime.

Smoothies And Shakes

Marijuana can have a bitter taste on its own, so why not blend it into a tasty smoothie? Make a healthy fruit smoothie or mix your cannabis into an ice cream shake. Either way, you can add all your other favourite ingredients to create something delicious.


Cannabis juice is a new product thats poised to make a big impact. Try it yourself with fresh leaves and see what all the fuss is about.

Weed Edibles

Add some fresh cannabis leaves the next time you make a salad. The greens will blend together and you can add all your favourite toppings like dressing, cheeses, nuts, and more. Just imagine: getting in your veggies and a nice dose of THCa at the same time.

Conclusion on Eating Cannabis Edibles

You can explore many modern cannabis products, but sometimes its worth going back to basics. Eating weed edibles can give your body important nutrients while also delivering a novel marijuana experience. You wont get high with raw leaves, but youll still enjoy all the other benefits of the plant. Try raw edibles and see what you think. Order some now from Daily Marijuana and save 15% off your first order, get free gifts, earn rewards points, and more!

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