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How To Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

How To Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a specialized cannabis concentrate that became popular in the early 2000s. RSO is a thick cannabis concentrate with a consistency almost like syrup. You can use RSO topically or consume it mixed with food or drink, depending on your preference. The main thing that makes Rick Simpson Oil stand out is that its inventor claimed it could relieve cancer symptoms. If you’re curious about how to make RSO or want to learn more about this well-known concentrate, stick around. We’ll discuss making Rick Simpson Oil and describe its familiar features.

The RSO Backstory

Rick Simpson was a real person who developed RSO for his own use. The story of how to make RSO began in 2003 when Rick Simpson developed skin cancer. Specifically, Rick found three basal cell carcinoma bumps on his arm. 

Simpson already had some experience using cannabis for medical purposes. However, since he’d previously treated other concerns with marijuana, he was inspired to develop cannabis oil in hopes of treating his skin cancer. So Simpson started making RSO and covering his cancer lesions with a bandage soaked in cannabis oil. 

Lucky for Simpson, his experiment worked. His cancer lumps disappeared within days of his DIY treatment. Of course, Simpson’s doctors weren’t interested in learning how to make RSO an alternative treatment, but he was amazed by his results. After that, Simpson became a huge medical cannabis advocate and told everyone about his Rick Simpson Oil.

The Benefits Of RSO

The Benefits Of RSO

RSO is a homegrown natural remedy that isn’t backed up by scientific research. Medically speaking, there’s nothing to say that making RSO will help any condition. However, knowing how to make RSO does have its benefits. Anecdotal evidence claims that people have seen relief from skin cancer thanks to Rick Simpson Oil. It’s also easy to make, discreet, odourless, and versatile. If you want to learn how to make Rick Simpson Oil, we believe you should have access to the recipe.

How Do You Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

RSO is a solvent-based cannabis extraction, which means that the production process can be dangerous. It’s always best to let licensed professionals handle extractions. If you’re passionate about learning how to make RSO as an amateur, be very careful during the process. Solvents are highly flammable. Avoid smoking, stovetops, sparks, red-hot heating elements, and heat guns. You should work in a well-ventilated area with a fan near your workstation.

If you still want to know how to make RSO, then gather the following ingredients and tools.

  • One pound dried Indica cannabis
  • Two gallons of solvent. (Simpson recommends 99% isopropyl alcohol, but you can also use wood grain alcohol, pure naphtha, ether, butane, or water.)
  • Five-gallon plastic buckets
  • 60 ml plastic catheter-tip syringe
  • Large bowl
  • Stainless steel container
  • Oven mitts
  • Wooden spoon
  • Cheesecloth or coffee filter
  • Dehydrator or coffee warmer
  • Rice cooker

Depending on your strain and amount of THC, one pound of cannabis flower is enough to yield around two ounces of oil. 

RSO Instructions 

These instructions are sourced from Rick Simpson’s official website, so they are standard and reliable.

  1. Place the dried cannabis in the plastic bucket. Add enough solvent to dampen the material. You should expect to use two gallons of solvent for a pound of cannabis throughout the entire process.
  2. Using a clean, untreated wooden spoon, crush the dampened cannabis. Continue to crush and add more solvent until the mixture is entirely soaked through.
  3. Stir for at least three minutes. This helps the THC dissolve from the raw plant material into the solvent.
  4. Transfer the solvent-oil mixture carefully into a new bucket. You’ve already stripped at leave 80% of the THC from your cannabis.
  5. Add more solvent to the second bucket and mix for three more minutes. This step helps extract the rest of the THC.
  6. Pour the solvent-oil mixture from the second bucket back into the first bucket. Remove all of the plant material.
  7. Strain the solvent-oil liquid through a coffee filter or cheesecloth into a clean container.
  8. Boil the solvent in a rice cooker on high heat until around 3/4” of liquid remains. This amount can hold more than half of your mixture while allowing the solvent to boil evenly. Make sure your workspace is adequately ventilated during this step.
  9. Watch your rice cooker. Add more solvent mixture to the rice cooker as it boils away. 
  10. When the solvent is reduced to 1”, add about 10 drops of water. This addition helps release the solvent resident and protects the oil from heat damage.
  11. Using oven mitts, pick up the rice cooker and swirl to help the solvent evenly boil off. 
  12. Once the solvent has boiled off, place the cooker on low heat. Monitor it to ensure the temperature doesn’t exceed 290˚ F (140˚ C).
  13. Remove the pot from the rice cooker and carefully pour the oil into a stainless steel container.
  14. Put the stainless steel container into a dehydrator or a moderate heating device like a coffee warmer. Let it heat for up to a few hours, or until all the water and terpenes have evaporated from the oil.
  15. When the surface of the oil is still, it’s ready to use. Suck up the oil using a syringe and move it into a storage container.

RSO is a thick concentrate with a texture similar to syrup or even thick grease. Now that you learned how to make RSO, you should also know how to store this concentrate. RSO has a very long shelf life. Keep it in a dark, air-tight jar, bottle, or stainless steel container. Your RSO will remain potent for years at a time if you keep it in a cool, dark place. You know how to make RSO now and add this potent concentrate to your cannabis arsenal.


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In Conclusion on Making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Making Rick Simpson Oil is a timely process that requires the proper tools, equipment, and skills. However, the process can be confusing at times and dangerous at others, so another option is to skip the process and buy RSO directly from one of the many trusted Weed Delivery and  online dispensaries in Canada.

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