How to Roll a Blunt

How to Roll a Blunt

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If you are a newbie and wondering how to roll a blunt, you have come to the right place. Even if you are a regular stoner but still looking for other and better ways to roll up your blunt, this is the place for you too.

This article will briefly explain why people prefer this method of smoking, what a blunt is, and most importantly, how to roll a blunt, perfectly.


What is a Blunt? Blunt vs Joints

Similar to a joint, a blunt is a marijuana-filled cigarette. While joints carry plants, rolled inside a rolling paper, blunts are made when marijuana is wrapped inside a tobacco leaf paper. One of the obvious differences between a joint and a blunt lies in their colors. While joints are made of rolling papers, they are kinda white yet see-through. On the other hand, blunts require tobacco leaf paper so they are usually brown or towards the darker side. Also, joints seem smooth to touch and the blunt is pretty dense because of the leaf.

How to Roll a Blunt?

The ones that are willing to smoke blunts like a pro would need to keep an eye on a few things. First up is the will. You should believe that you’re about to make something great. Secondly, you will just need to grab hold of the key components.

So let’s start with picking the cannabis strain of your choice. You need to remember here that it will only be a great blunt when it contains the strain of your preference. So make sure to choose the strain that you like the best.

Usually, the people that smoke blunts, love it. There are chances that once you get the hold of smoking blunts, you might love smoking blunts and if that is to happen, you have to have a reliable grinder. Every time you feel like getting high via blunts, you will need to grind your bud. So going for a quality product would come in handy. And when you do, buy a rolling tray for yourself as well as it will help you in a lot of ways including creating ease in the process and by keeping your space clean and tidy.

Let’s not forget that you will need the most important element of the thing that we are talking about. That’s right, tobacco rolling paper. That’s the heart of the process. So make sure that you’re picking the best option available. Choosing the right strain for your choice and the best tobacco leaf wrap would ensure that you are about to make one great smoking experience.

For that purpose, there are a lot of brands from which you can pick and choose the leaf wrap of your choice. Looking around in head shops or online will give you a clear idea about what you want. But make sure not to get carried away.

Usually, there are two ways to go from here. The first way is kind of a traditional, old-school idea of buying a pre-rolled cigar and emptying its contents. Then the tobacco paper is filled using your weed and rolled back to how it originally was. Seems convenient, you might want to give it a try.

On the other hand, there are tobacco leaf wraps that are available for sale. They are not pre-rolled or pre-filled. You can buy them as they are, come home to fill them up with whatever you want. You can go for whichever option you think will suit you more.

Let’s Roll

Before we start with the process, it’s always a great idea to first make sure that our weed is ground up and is ready to get rolled. Like mentioned earlier, using a grinder to grind your weed is considered the best option. The reason behind that is that the grinder ensures consistent grind. It’s almost the same every single time so you can expect a smooth experience every time. It also helps in burning more evenly. So going for a grinder would be the best option.

However, if you don’t currently own the tool, you can just your fingers to carefully break/grind your weed. Keep going till they are about the same, even size. While using fingers, remember to be super careful as you would not want to damage the trichomes as they are high in cannabinoid. Be as gentle and delicate as you can.

Selecting your leaf wrap is the part we now at. And if you have decided what you’re going for, great. If not, it’s always a good idea to try out and experiment with a few different brands. Have fun figuring out which wrap you think is the best. And if you think you like wraps of multiple brands, fear not. Just pick the one that you feel is going to be ‘right’ for the moment.

Use something sharp like a razor blade to spilt the cigar from right in the center, from the top, till the very end. Now, carefully break apart to empty the contents inside it. Again, be very careful while doing so because nobody would want to tear the wrap all the way through. Keep an eye to ensure that the wrap isn’t cracking from anywhere else as well.

After emptying the wrap, it’s kind of a pro tip to get it to moisten up a bit. You can use water and a brush or you can just use your saliva to slightly moist the wrap so that it’s easier to work with.

Take a deep breath because now it’s time for filling the wrap with your weed. Figure out how you’re comfortable filling your wrap and start already. Be sure not to fill it with too much marijuana. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too empty as well. Find the right balance.

Tamp down your blunt a few times till it seems to be uniform in thickness. Seal your blunt by licking the inside of your wrap and pressing the other side on top of it. Double-check to confirm you have properly sealed the wrap. If you have, the only thing that’s left to do now is to grab the light and smoke the perfect blunt that you have just made.

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