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How to Smoke Wax?

How to Smoke Wax

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Currently, if you’re not aware of how to smoke wax, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people that are unaware of this particular skill. Not just that, even plenty of canna-enthusiast are not familiar with the methods. Sit back and relax because after going through this article, you will get to know all that you need to know about smoking wax.

Let’s get started by getting to know what exactly wax is. Wax goes around by a lot of names like cannabis wax or marijuana wax but it’s weed wax. It’s a substance that is either an extract or a concentrate containing higher THC or CBD levels. The average potency of a regular wax is higher than a regular bud. Other similar concentrates include: Shatter, honeycomb, crumble, etc. Why it’s called wax is because of the way it looks. The final form of wax looks something like really thick honey or coconut oil in its solid-state.

There are a handful of effective ways to smoke wax that is widely used and accepted all over. On the other hand, some ways are a no-go-area.

Although other concentrates are considered wax siblings the main reason that makes wax a bit different from others is the fact that it’s easier to use. The ease in handling, producing, and measuring makes it a great choice for beginners.

However, that does not mean that you should avoid shatter or budder or whatever you’re already doing. You should be sure about what you like better or what’s more convenient for you.

Now comes the part where the primary question is answered: how to smoke wax?



For the people who do not own a dab rig and are looking for ways to smoke wax, the answer is simple: use a bong. Both bongs and dab rigs are not much different and serve the same purposes. Perhaps the only thing that makes them slightly different is the fact that the dab rigs have a tiny nail that goes red hot upon heating while the bong does not involve any such thing.

This hassle-free method is in the good books of all canna-enthusiasts. Probably because it’s the simplest of ways to smoke concentrates and give you an amazing high. The glass bowl method allows you to smoke as you usually do; all you have to do is to add your wax on top of the herbs and you’re good to go.

Like everything else, it too has its pros and cons. The upside of it is that this method is super easy and pretty convenient. The downside of it is that it can be slightly wasteful as you will have to keep hitting just so the smoke isn’t lost in the air. Also, for this method to work, you got to have an herb as you won’t be able to smoke just wax using the bong.

The second fashion to smoke wax is to use the same-old roll-up method. If you’re a fan of smoking joints and you think they give you real pleasure, you’ll be glad to know that smoking wax is pretty much possible in hand-rolled joints.

For this, you need to put the wax around your joint. How most people prefer to do it is in a circular motion. A thin, snake-like structure is made out of wax and is rolled around the joint/blunt. If you’re having trouble understanding how it works, think of how a snake would roll up over a tree branch. While doing so, do not wrap the entire thing with the wax as that would be just too much and would be a total waste. You should roll halfway through the joint. Anything more than that would not be recommended.

Like smoking wax in a bong, smoking in joints causes wastage as the smoke is lost in the air. But that doesn’t mean one would not get a comfy stoney-story feeling. Similarly, the wax wrapped over the joint would tend to get drippy. So you would do better to hold the joint a certain, higher level.



You can also smoke wax using a vape. Although you will have to buy a vape for this that would still be less expensive than going for a rig. You can find tons of vape pens over the internet and in stores. The thing with these pens is that not all of them would be able to vaporize wax. You will have to go through the specs to find out whether the device would serve your purpose or not.

Usually, the expensive vaporizers have the option which can help you increase or decrease the temperature. Such types of vapes are not so easy to use. One would have to spend hours to first understand how the device works because in case you’re not sure of how things work, it will be a wastage of the concentrates, not just time. You will have to use them for a while before you can get to know what exactly is going on.

Similarly, some ways are not recommended for smoking wax. Using the stove, car lighter or aluminum foil are surely not the ideal ways, I’m sure all enthusiasts will agree with me.

Keeping that aside, however you plan to smoke your wax, make sure you’re using the right amount of wax. It’s always recommended to start from small amounts. Plus, the quality of the concentrate is highly important as well. Whatever you’re doing or whatever you’re planning to do, ensure you’re using top-quality products. You can look around to find the right essentials that will suit you the best. Always look for better options and remember that you only have to buy from reputable sources. Buying from shady places can be a nightmare and nobody would want that.

Now that you’re aware of how to smoke wax, go and find out which method suits you the best. Happy smoking!


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