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How to Smoke Shatter: A Quick Guide

How to Smoke Shatter Guide

Shatter is the choice concentrate for cannabis users who want something stronger than the buds but not as overpowering as the edibles. Shatter is the translucent or transparent concentrate that resembles a Jolly Rancher of some rock candy.  It’s no wonder why so many choose to smoke shatter.

Cannabis concentrates are the high concentration cannabinoids or terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant using a solvent. Concentrates have a higher chemical profile and are thus more potent compared to the average cannabis buds. Also, they come in different forms, including shatter, hash, budder, live resin, and THC distillate

Shatter is made by extracting THC from weed buds using a solvent and presenting it in a potent and compact form. The result is a glass-like substance that users can vape, dab, or add to their regular weed in a joint or bowl. Shatter comes in various strains and concentrations, but all of them are stronger than regular weed. Due to this high concentration, stoners are advised to stick to only small bits of it at a time. Its effects could take even the most experienced weed smokers off guard. 

Smoking Shatter

If you want to smoke shatter, there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is only that some methods can give you the optimal experience sooner than others. Also, some methods have less wastage than others. Your choice of smoking method will also depend on the smoking tools available to you.

Roll It in a Joint

1. Roll It in a Joint

Among the simplest ways to smoke your shatter is by rolling it up in your regular joint. Put your regular ground weed on some rolling paper and add some shatter on top of the weed. Roll the joint, light it up, and enjoy. 

Shatter cannot burn by itself. The combination of weed and shatter increases the potency of your joint. You will get a high that’s not easy to forget. It is best to add only small bits of shatter. Small amounts burn easier with the weed. By using small amounts, you also avoid making your joint overwhelmingly potent. 

Since the joint will be stronger than your regular joint, take your time smoking it. Take a puff and rest a bit before you take the next. Listen to how your body feels, and when you feel high enough, put your joint aside and save it for later. 

The disadvantage of smoking shatter in a joint is that it does not allow all the shatter to burn completely. Some part of it is wasted among the weed ashes.

2. Use a Pipe or Bong 

You may also add some shatter to the bowl of your pipe and bong.  Just like when smoking it in a joint, this method involves using marijuana buds between the bowl’s surface and the shatter bits. If you fail to add the weed, the shatter melts, rather than smoke, and settles on the bottom of your bowl, damaging it. 

Once you have laid out the weed and the shatter on top of it, light up the bowl and inhale the smoke. In this case, ensure that you only add small bits of the shatter. The combination of weed and shatter produces smoke with a high THC concentration. It hits more powerfully than regular weed, and you need to be careful with it. Take one hit at a time and stop once you get to your high limits. If there is still any weed left on your bowl, save it for later. 

Smoking using a pipe or bong is an easy and fantastic way to enjoy shatter. It is convenient, and users report having an incredible high after only a few minutes. Remember to use only a small amount of shatter and more weed to avoid an overwhelming high.

Vaping or Vaporizing 

3. Vaping or Vaporizing 

Whenever you vaporize or vape weed, you inhale smoke or vape. It all depends on the temperature to which you are subjecting your weed. But, a vaporizing pen does not produce smoke. 

The best way to enjoy cannabis concentrates is by using vaporizers. Vaping enhances the utilization of the concentrate and produces a stronger buzz. It is also easier and safer compared to using a bong or smoking a joint. 

Get a small piece of shatter and place it on the heating chamber of your vaporizer. Heat the shatter by pressing the heating button on your vape. When the shatter gets to a high temperature, it turns into vapour. Inhale this THC-concentrated vapour. Vaping produces a more substantial effect than regular smoking. The high heat brings out more of the terpenoids in the shatter. Terpenoids add flavour that makes the shatter more pleasant and more soothing when inhaled. 

When using a vape pen or vaporizer, ensure that you only get the kind compatible with the shatter concentrate. Vaporizers are often designed for a specific use. There are some designed for oils, dry herbs, and others. Ensure that the vaporizer you get is compatible with shatter.

4. Dab the Shatter

Dabbing shatter requires a particular instrument called a rig and a glass-like bong with a bowl called a nail. The nail is heated using electric current (using a built-in device) or an external butane torch. Once the nail heats up and is blazing hot, use a pick to place or “dab” the shatter onto the nail. The heat vaporizes the shatter instantly, and the vapour fills the chamber with vapour. Use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapour. 

Dabbing is the most efficient method of smoking shatter, and it produces the most potent effects possible. When dabbing, you should do the first dab,  wait for 10 minutes, and then evaluate whether you need another. The vapour produces an instant effect, but it may take 10 minutes for the effects to climax. 

Whenever you want to smoke shatter, remember that it is among the most potent concentrates in the market. Do not exceed your tolerance limits, even when you are an experienced user. Also, note that with occasional use, your tolerance level goes higher. Therefore, use shatter responsibly. Make conscious decisions about the consumption method you choose and the amount you smoke each time. 

For more information on smoking shatter, contact Daily Marijuana directly through our website. Also, look through our quality shatter and other marijuana products. 

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